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That's the problem though; the legal age is called the "age of consent", thus legally you cannot consent before that age. The way the law treats it, even if it was consensual, if a person is below the age of consent, it doesn't count and is still illegal. I suppose it comes down to whether you could reasonably have been expected to be able to tell she was under 18, but the law doesn't see it that way.

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At what age would you say you stopped ageing mentally? Essentially, what age do you feel in your mind?

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It was consensual in that she didn't object, but legally she doesn't have the ability to make that decision. It's kind of a messy area.

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"We jumped into this together with my brother, just the two of us. We didn't know much about developing games when we started, my brother had coded a couple of simple ones using Flash in his spare time. I myself had no experience what so ever. We were gamers, we thought we could be great game developers."

That's where you went wrong. You attempted to start a viable business with two people, one of which had zero experience, and the other having limited experience in an almost irrelevant technological field. I guess my question would be: What did you expect to happen?

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When you say "English", are you based in the UK? I teach game development and I'm looking for companies outside of the ones students (all the students are adults) might think of for potential places to go work. You're on the uh... "spicier" side of things, but I've heard of you.