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what makes you spell it "tiddies" and not "titties"?

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Was Gawker the worst, or the worst?

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I've now written 2 novels and am working on a third. I have sent out countless queries and received some compliments, but all ultimately resulting in a "no". At this point, do I keep adjusting my query letter and get back on the horse of submitting, or is it time to consider paying an editor and self-publishing?

Each book has progressively gotten better and better. My thoughts: Pnce I can get this 3rd book completed it has the best chance of being picked up/published. At that point, I could potentially work with my publisher on getting the previous 2 improved and published.


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Do people in north korea realize that they are being lied to, and that the world is vastly different than what is being sold to them by their "leaders"? Will the people ever revolt?