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Your first error wasn't being drunk. That only expedited your stupidity.

The first mistake you made (and where you are at fault) is attempting to mess with the driver's car. If the driver up and left his car running, why the fuck is that your problem? Had you just followed your drunk gf, you wouldn't even be in this mess. Driver wouldn't have thought you were trying to steal his car or something out of his front seat.

And even then, the driver starts yelling at you? Rather than stopping to assess the situation (brilliant tactical mind you have, Mr. Navy SEAL) and try and find out why the guy is so pissed off (because you don't) your first reaction is to grab his phone and throw it after not-so-subtly threatening him? You never attacked him, but you damn well intimidated him and laid hands on him. And yeah, he definitely could have gotten hurt from your big SEAL muscles.

So how the whole thing shook down:

  • You got in the cab. Driver probably didn't want sick drunk passengers and tells you to leave. Your GF tries to change his mind, but he says no, so she gets out.

  • The driver gets out for his own reasons, and you, unable to see him, for some reason decide to reach into his car and go for the keys. You, being one of the drunk people he just threw out.

  • Understandably pissed, he goes after you, and since you really have no good reason for anything you're doing, decide to just try to ignore him. He may even think you still swiped something from his car, and isn't going to just let you walk away, and tries to stop you.

  • That's when you grab his property and throw it, leading to him throwing a punch. Still intent on thinking you can just walk away, you attempt to do so, which then leads to you shoving him into a fountain.

  • Cops come, arrest you.

Honestly, you'd be treated the same way in the states. You were a suspicious person doing suspicious shit, then tried to fade on the scene, but not before escalating it through response. The smart thing to do would have been to let the cabbie wail on your big SEAL muscles so when the cops did show up, all they would have seen was him hitting you. They ask you why you reached into his car, you say I tried to turn the car off. Nothing missing, nothing stolen, you're on your way. Idiot.

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I'd heard that your site isn't all that friendly towards games with non-consensual themes.

I'm currently working on an adult-visual novel that has some light themes of BDSM and non-consensual behavior; would it be an acceptable game to publish on Nutaku?

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Okay, thanks for not answering my question. Guess I'll be going elsewhere.