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hotrox_mh112 karma

Do you have a sequel planned for Trump's next 4 years as PotUS?

TrumpsNewClothesBook40 karma

The Presidents New Clothes 2: Electric Boogaloo

I'm more so hoping for a movie adaptation and eventual Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay

Sedentary108 karma

Are you secretly turned on by Trump's genitals?

TrumpsNewClothesBook52 karma


comedygene34 karma

Are you concerned that people will be too engrossed in your book about tiny penises to go out and vote?

TrumpsNewClothesBook24 karma

It was a major concern, but a risk we knew we had to take.

We staked out to watch people at the stores (especially barnes and noble) and the wtf reactions from strangers finding the book on public display has made this 100% worth it alone

comedygene6 karma

Looks lie you put your book in the propaganda section of the store. I didn't know they had a section like that

TrumpsNewClothesBook25 karma

the biggest surprise was seeing just how many people formerly of his administration and associates that now have a "tell all book"

like sarah sanders' speaking for myself'....uh now you want to speak for yourself? not all the times you spent lying to the american public?

same goes for john bolton and michael cohen

MariusGB17 karma

If I wanna read can I do it online?

Not from us and curious.

masaya1816 karma

Why are you just giving your book away for free online? I would think the point of doing something like this would just be to make money

TrumpsNewClothesBook42 karma

Free is just better. We want as many people to be able to enjoy our work without some paywall or premium.

That being said, we do offer physical versions of the book incase anyone so desires one and we encourage sending one to any trump supporter you know if you decide you want a physical copy.

For every physical copy we sell, were able to print two more free copies to leave in local stores in key districts and counties in texas to cause more awareness

djm12315 karma

If Biden wins will you do an updated version for him too? Or Kamala if Biden steps down and give her the presidency?

TrumpsNewClothesBook5 karma

Yes we're currently working on 'Nighty Night Sleepy Joe: A Bedtime Story'

TittyBeanie4 karma

Have you had any backlash from Trump supporters or book stores? I'm guessing you also have a social media presence, has that gained much Trump supporter attention?

TrumpsNewClothesBook25 karma

We staked out at the Starbucks at one of the barnes and noble.

A couple customers picked up the copy of it, it has a "FREE BOOK" sticker on it, and each of them had the biggest 'wtf is this' look on their face.

An older lady (probably in her 60s), was giggling to herself and took a copy home with her. So that was really fun to see.

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TrumpsNewClothesBook7 karma

I'd say about tree fiddy

TheLonelyScientist-2 karma

I'm trying to rebrand Covid-19 as Trump Fever to my friends and family. So far, the response has been lackluster. What are your thoughts on this mini-campaign of mine?

TrumpsNewClothesBook-2 karma

I think you keep fighting the good fight! You should post in trump related reddit threads with that so others can call it the same with their friends and family

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TrumpsNewClothesBook9 karma

my proof has a bunch of our books with our username and the date. is this not sufficient enough? I can also send proof to mods of our admin panel on our website

relaxlu10 karma

While we don't doubt that you are who you say you are, the photo you've posted could have been posted by anyone. A line on your website would be sufficient however.

TrumpsNewClothesBook10 karma

Just added a line to the website - http://trumpsnewclothes.com

Can we get the AMA back up?

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TrumpsNewClothesBook19 karma

Thank you for the question! We've spent a few thousand to print hundreds of books for random free drop-off giveaways in Texas.

And since we sell the physical copy on our website, for every copy we sell, we're able to print two more to give away for free. So it becomes a cycle of amplifying more awareness.

Blfrog19 karma

You do realize this kind of thing only works for those that Already agree with your view, right? I don't know what kind of centrist would be convinced or won over by a literal picture book of a naked guy.

TrumpsNewClothesBook17 karma

It's all in good fun.

Here's the thing. We knew this book would be completely ridiculous and raise a few eyebrows.

The goal was to pique curiosity, and by reading it (despite the naked content - - - which again is a play on the classic Emperor's New Clothes), we could remind readers of the endless amounts of issues he has caused in a simple and humorous way.

socialmeritwarrior14 karma

The goal was to peak curiosity,

I've seen you say this a few times.

Peak means "to reach the top, greatest, maximum".

The word you're looking for is pique, meaning "to excite or cause interest".

TrumpsNewClothesBook14 karma

i am not a smart man.

QuailButtCocoNutt-11 karma

Has Commander in Cheeto sent a cease and desist your way as a thank you card?

TrumpsNewClothesBook5 karma

No, but someone in this thread mentioned sending him a copy to the White House. Maybe I'll do that today after this.

BobKattersHat-13 karma

I've seen a really disturbing trend lately in Australia where people are putting up Trump flags, wearing MAGA hats and Trump shirts and generally just thinking we're the 51st state. Have you ever thought of sending any over here? Because we might just need them...

TrumpsNewClothesBook13 karma

They're wearing MAGA hats in Australia?

Please tell me they at least say Make Australia Great Again instead of America because that would make zero sense

schvrzi-17 karma

not one to ever post on reddit, but i love this.

are you planning on sending a copy to the white house?

TrumpsNewClothesBook20 karma

Hadn't even really given this much thought, but I guess it could be fun to send one over to Donnie at Pennsylvania Avenue. Doubt he would actually get it, but its worth a shot

schvrzi-1 karma

does the book come with eye bleach? its hilarious and yet i still don't know if ever wanted to see the image of donald trump like that and now i cant undo lol

TrumpsNewClothesBook1 karma

here you go r/eyebleach