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That's kind of the point.

He's a bully. And I think the only way to fight back against his rhetoric is to make fun of him even with something as small as his penis size. (pun intended)

And if everything hateful and destructive this guy has done for this country doesn't offend you or piss you off....but him being photoshopped naked with a tiny penis does, then maybe its time to re-evaluate your priorities.

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First, if you read the book on the website, you'll see that the genitalia is censored with a tiny black bar to cover his tiny orange penis.

Second, theres a big difference between pornography and a fat naked orange man with a tiny un-erect penis.

Third, Im not sure why children would be browsing the political section of major book retailers unsupervised.

Fourth and final comment

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The Presidents New Clothes 2: Electric Boogaloo

I'm more so hoping for a movie adaptation and eventual Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay

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Free is just better. We want as many people to be able to enjoy our work without some paywall or premium.

That being said, we do offer physical versions of the book incase anyone so desires one and we encourage sending one to any trump supporter you know if you decide you want a physical copy.

For every physical copy we sell, were able to print two more free copies to leave in local stores in key districts and counties in texas to cause more awareness