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What were your criteria for an "extremist" group?

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Here's a list of all the group names I could find in the article linkedby OP:

  1. White Lives Matter
  3. Oath Keepers
  4. Three Percenters
  5. The White Privilege Club
  6. Any islamist insults infidels, I will put him under my feet (group closed before they could search it)
  7. Stop Radical Islam in America (Not clear if they were able to join this group)
  8. Confederate Brothers & Sisters (Not clear if they were able to join this group)
  9. Anti-SJW Pinochet’s Helicopter Pilot Academy
  10. Crusades Against Degeneracy

I'll also take this chance to highlight that while this reddit posts refers to the groups as "extremist", in the article it mostly talks about them being "hate groups" and "far-right" groups. They explicitly say: " We ran those two datasets against each other to find users who were members of at least one law enforcement group and one far-right group."

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What do you mean when you say you started programming at 4?

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This is a very shallow, dismissive answer for someone who is supposed to be an expert.

You seem to be mostly addressing criminal asset forfeiture (where property forfeiture is tied to a criminal conviction) rather than civil forfeiture (where the property itself has action brought against it). Why do you not clearly make this distinction?

If you truly are talking of civil forfeiture, I'd be very interested in hearing of the history of it being upheld. Perhaps there are cases I'm not aware of. My current understanding is our current usage of civil forfeiture is justified under a single case, 1996's Bennis v. Michigan. Prior to this, civil forfeiture was only really used against those outside the reach of the law (aka, aliens not in the USA) to combat piracy and smuggling. Sure there were some drug laws on forfeiture passed in the 70s and 80s, but the 96 case is the first I'm aware of the SC hearing to test the use of forfeiture outside of its historic use.

Do you have more information on this? Do you have an opinion on this?

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Right? Like, show your work so I can verify it and if it holds up I will stand with you against it. But a few spicy memes in a Facebook group that the cops might not have even been aware they were a part of let alone seen (from their article:)

Several officers claimed that they didn’t even know they were members of the closed groups we identified them in. And that’s probably the case for at least some of these officers, due to Facebook’s policies for joining groups.

is not exactly the sort of thing that's going to win me over.