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You are putting adult emotions and attitudes about sex and genitalia, into a childhood setting.

Children do not come with the idea that sex is dirty and their genitals are something to be ashamed of. There's also evidence to suggest that the child knowing about their own genitalia can protect them from sexual assault, and help young survivors of sexual assault to express what has happened to them.

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My daughter knew about sex in an age appropriate way since she was about 6. She's never had the need to Google anything and come across any kind of weirdo, because she knows it, and she knows she can ask me. Your comment is all kinds of confused.

I'm sorry that you believe that sex is traumatic.

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Hello! What is the newest and the oldest properties under the care of English Heritage?

I've just had a little look through your website at places near me, and I think we might end up visiting a few once we're allowed out.

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Definitely a marketing attempt. But as for the notebooks, we got one for my daughter (8 at the time), because she was going through sketchbooks and notebooks like crazy. It's pretty useful for kids who love to scribble words and draw shit. But kind of redundant for adults.

Edited to add, ours is wipe clean. Because why would you want to put something like that in the microwave?!

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Have you had any backlash from Trump supporters or book stores? I'm guessing you also have a social media presence, has that gained much Trump supporter attention?