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Hello! What is the newest and the oldest properties under the care of English Heritage?

I've just had a little look through your website at places near me, and I think we might end up visiting a few once we're allowed out.

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Definitely a marketing attempt. But as for the notebooks, we got one for my daughter (8 at the time), because she was going through sketchbooks and notebooks like crazy. It's pretty useful for kids who love to scribble words and draw shit. But kind of redundant for adults.

Edited to add, ours is wipe clean. Because why would you want to put something like that in the microwave?!

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The price does seem incredibly reasonable for what it seems to do. I'm actually quite excited for it now, after looking at the sub. So I've put it on my own birthday list. I'm not a massive gamer, I really like Minecraft. But this seems to appeal to me as a creative.

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Hi! I apologise for the length of my comment!

Do you have any tips for kids meditation and anxiety? My 9yo daughter has some anxiety issues, she also gets angry easily. We know that it's likely caused (in part) by some grief we experienced a few years ago. She was seeing someone through school but that was cut short with schools closing.

She has particular trouble with sleeping. She lays down to sleep and all her anxious thoughts come through. Her main anxieties are based around loss (of precious belongings, but sometimes pets and people); house fires, burglary, that kind of thing. She also dreams about being lost in crowds and not being able to find me.

She does Headspace before sleep, and that helps a little. But on really bad days she had terrible focusing on it.

Thank you for any input you have.

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Also interested in this question, as we are looking at getting it for my daughter.