My name is Lisa Foiles, I was on Nickelodeon's All That for seasons 7-10. I know almost every member of the original cast (seasons 1-6) personally from our huge 10th Anniversary Special, so I'll do my best to answer inquiries, confirm suspicions, and, you know, just disenchant the entire experience.

To start things off, yes, I have hugged the Big Ear of Corn.

EDIT: Holy f*ckin asscrackers! I had no idea how much fun this would be and how many people would show up. Thanks for the warm welcomes to Reddit. I'm going to go mix myself a drink and finish watching Blazing Saddles. I'll check back later, and feel free to hit me up on Facebook/Twitter! Thanks again.

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lfoiles1021 karma

Holy boob shot, Batman.

remmycool752 karma

To be perfectly honest, I've never heard of you or All That, but imdb says that your cat Spice had a twin sister named Sugar who died, and I just wanted to pass along my condolences.

lfoiles748 karma

Oh, good. Glad THAT'S the info on my IMDB page.

remmycool123 karma

Did you have any role in the writing of your imdb/wikipedia pages, did your agent do them or were they completely fan produced?

lfoiles433 karma

Completely fan-produced, I haven't touched them. Half the information is wrong, lol. But I did enjoy when Wikipedia said I had a child named "Sabrina Angel." Totally what I would name a kid.

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lfoiles655 karma

I HAVE AN AWESOME REPAIRMAN STORY. I've been dying to tell this:

You know how Repairman's catchphrase is shouting "MA-JIGGY!!!" ? Well that wasn't supposed to be the line. The original line was "I'm gonna go fix that thing-a-majig!" But during the table read, Kel read it wrong, and said "I'm gonna go fix that thing! MA-JIGGYYYY!!!" And everyone burst into laughter. So they changed that to be his catchphrase. Hilarious.

forthewar435 karma

Does Kel really love orange soda? This is vital.

lfoiles502 karma

FCK I never asked him. I need to go back in time to remedy this. Fetch my DeLorean

corybidan269 karma

You can swear on the internet, we won't tell anyone.

lfoiles659 karma

But my mom will find out. And then she'll adjust the parental controls on my Xbox again.

Tokenblack334 karma

I remember coming home so drunk that "All That" was the only thing i could tolerate. Cause it wasn't so fake and egotistic like other late talk show were like. Grade 5 was an interesting year.

lfoiles470 karma

Then we were both drunk! Fantastic!

[deleted]314 karma

Was Josh the funniest dude of all time? Did Danny Tamberelly suck? Were you pissed Kenan and Kel got their own spinoff that happened to be the greatest show of all time? How's the pay?

lfoiles532 karma

  • Josh is a hilarious human being, and totally hit on Chelsea during rehearsal.
  • Danny is a cool guy and all the other old cast members liked to mess up his hair. I demanded he tell Pete and Pete stories.
  • Kenan and Kel totally deserved the spin-off, Kel especially. That guy is a class act.
  • Pay? ...Decent. It's better if your last name is Spears.

Im_more_ignorant251 karma

Oh fuck, did you actually have to work with that little twat lovely human being?

lfoiles636 karma

IT WAS A COMPLETELY NON-FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. You can convey secret messages via Caps Lock, right?

xarabas269 karma

Hi Lisa. I think i speak for everyone here when i ask - how come they weren't any dinosaurs(especially velociraptors) in any season of All That? Every show could use some dinosaurs once in a while. Another thing, were you also a gamer back then?

lfoiles423 karma

I'm pretty sure if we had a Velociraptor as a cast member, we would be the best show in existence. Too bad those prehistoric dickbags SUCK at memorizing lines.

And yes, been a gamer my whole life. There was always an Xbox in the All That green room, but I rarely played it because Nick just gave us really crappy sports games.

sealfon267 karma

Can I get Amanda Bynes number?

lfoiles374 karma

Can you believe I wrote it down on a script page during rehearsal with her one time and then lost it? I want to go back in time and slap my 16-year-old self.

davelandry263 karma

Any run-ins with Pierre Escargot? Ever get to go in his bathtub?

lfoiles316 karma

Haha, an AMAZING sketch. I'm sure I was in that same bathtub at some point, since we reused every single prop/set piece over and over and over. For ten years.

zimpirate213 karma

Best and worst moments?

lfoiles875 karma

Best: When Kenan came on "Sugar and Coffee" as Miss Piddlin, and rope swung into the side of the set, almost breaking it. Live audience went wild. Worst: 17-year-old Avril Lavigne demanding booze in her dressing room and then being all cranky when Nickelodeon said no.

noseatbelt8207 karma

Lisa - I used to be a member of an online club/message board dedicated to the cartoon orbit game website and neopets called techman's, and there was a girl who said she was you - was that you then and is this you now?

lfoiles238 karma

HA! No way!! That was totally me. I was obsessed with that. I think about it every now and then. So crazy we've run into each other again. I loved that message board.

FarFromAmusing188 karma

Lori Beth Denberg always seemed like the funniest of the original bunch. Would you agree? (also, has she lost weight since appearing in Dodgeball?)

lfoiles358 karma

She was hysterical. I was always super jealous she got to be on every episode of Figure It Out. REMEMBER THAT SHOW? So good. Summer Sanders was hot.

Anyway, the new cast members and I were all pretty heartbroken that Lori Beth didn't show up for the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special. :/ Still don't know why.

Im_more_ignorant78 karma

I was gonna ask about that stuff. Did you ever do other shows on Nick besides All That? I didn't get around to watching much Nick as a kid...And on a side note, when you say Summer Sanders was hot...?...

Also, did you get around to dating/fooling around with any other cast members? I just sometimes wonder who in TV shows are seeing each other (like SNL, etc.)

lfoiles319 karma

I was on Wild and Crazy Kids, Slime-Time Live, U-Pick Live, Snick Sleepover Jam, On-Air Dares... probably a ton more I can't remember. (I was SO drunk!)

As far as cast members dating other cast members, not really. We were all basically brother and sister. That being said, I totally had a crush on Jack DeSena. But he had a girlfriend. (BITCH.)

robjustice185 karma

Lisa. I love you. How do I win your heart?

MosesInvests182 karma

What's your opinion of today's TV aimed at younger audiences? I guess, what made All That so epic in our minds and what makes today's shows suck so much?

lfoiles638 karma

Today's shows are surprisingly bad. Especially on Nick. I said this in a different reply, but it's like the humor has gone from quirky/unique to just being completely dumbed down. Go back and watch Salute Your Shorts, and then try to get through an episode of that f*cking Lil Romeo show without suplexing someone. UNPOSSIBLE.

Leftvote177 karma

I loved that show so much. That, and the Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel. All of those.

Any surprising facts about the guest stars, or your cast mates, from behind the scenes?

lfoiles588 karma

  • Barenaked Ladies was by far the coolest band ever to perform. After their sound check, they performed a full concert for the cast and crew.
  • Jesse McCartney asked me to feel the hair gel in the palm of his hand in the hair and makeup room. It was awkward. PRETTY SURE HE WANTED TO HIT THAT amirite.
  • Debbie Gibson performed on the show and it never aired because the producers remembered that kids have no f*cking clue who Debbie Gibson is.
  • P. Diddy requested white lilies, full-length mirrors, and candles in his dressing room(s) for a 2 min performance. Also he kissed me on the cheek onstage and being 14, I was totally grossed out.
  • One of Tony Hawk's lines of dialogue was to brag and say "BUT I'M TONY HAWK!" He told the writers he wouldn't say it because he didn't want to come across as cocky.
  • Tom Green pounded about 8 Red Bulls before doing his scene. It shows.

intersectv3171 karma

It says here you were on even stevens as well, was there a big difference in working for disney or nick?

lfoiles325 karma

Only Union-wise. Disney is SAG and Nick is AFTRA, so all the Disney kids get royalty checks from reruns and we... don't. (Thanks, AFTRA.) Other than that, the filming environments were very similar.

nt9945131 karma

Do you have any Vital Information for my everyday life?

lfoiles369 karma

One of my favs: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When a truck backs over your foot, go AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH."

Norfonz120 karma

Not to be weird or anything but you were always the hottest cast member.

Also, what is Kenan Thompson like? Kel Mitchell? Is Amanda Bynes a stuck up bitch?

lfoiles275 karma

Kenan: Super chill, very nice. Kel: A TOTAL sweetheart. Amanda: Beautiful, always nice to me, always had her lines memorized. It was really an honor to meet them. SORRY I DON'T HAVE DIRT. ;)

namanert119 karma

What was it like... working? I can't imagine having to go to a job at the age of however old you were.

Also, re: Even Stevens, was Shia Lebeouf a douche? He seems pretty douchey nowadays, but I liked him as Louis way back when.

lfoiles254 karma

I did spend a huge chunk of my childhood on set. We would shoot All That during the summers, so I'd go from school to All That then back to school, for four years straight. Wouldn't trade it for the world, though.

No comment on Shia.

Padraic752114 karma

Was there a lot of swearing when somebody screwed up their lines? Any real adult humor in any of the scenes that we never picked up as a child?

lfoiles240 karma

No examples off the top of my head, but I do remember watching some old sketches recently and my jaw dropped at some of the adult humor that was slipped in there, haha. And surprisingly there wasn't a lot of swearing, except from Kyle Sullivan. He had the foulest mouth of all. I used to punch him every time he cursed in front of the live audience.

cooper3rd111 karma

bear fighting! unethical or extreme?

Im_more_ignorant145 karma

For every hour she doesn't answer this, I will forever dislike one of her movies.

Edit: Starting with "Master of Disguise". I don't kid around here, Lisa

lfoiles289 karma

UNETHEXTREME. Is that a word?

andclaws109 karma

I thought "Sugar and Coffee" was the funniest thing I had ever seen when it aired.

lfoiles209 karma

FUN FACT. I choked on that GDAMN sugar every single time. And the coffee was actually flat Coke, so it made everything very sticky.

forgotpw2main105 karma

Want to get a coffee sometime?

lfoiles159 karma

I can't tell if this is a Sugar and Coffee joke or if you're just asking me out.

yoda2088103 karma

What's the deal with everyone hitting on Chelsea. At first I thought you were annoying, then I got older and developed a crush on you, then i started stalking you, i got a few locks of your hair from ebay, which developed into a few more things, now I'm president of your fan club, and devoted an entire room of my house to things you've touched, then I lost my job because I constantly watched re-runs of nick and snick and nick at night. Then my gf left me, and now I'm left with a room full of your miscellaneous things, no job and the hope that one day you'll notice me. If you're wondering, I'm here, I'm here!

lfoiles144 karma

OH! That was YOU in the back seat of my car the other night! Wow, you are a stealthy stalker. Best I've encountered. High-five!

keethantom98 karma

Ms. Foiles, from what I've read in this AMA, you are my new benchmark when it comes to finding a significant other.

lfoiles133 karma


CivilBot94 karma

Dearest Lisa Foiles, What videos have you planned for the next couple of months?

lfoiles424 karma

I'm going to be in the Fallout: Nuka Break web series. Probably scantily clad. Should be a good time!

socr8s87 karma

Your IMDB says you're from Spokane. If this is true, then I would just like you to know that this was the first and last city in which I ever convinced a train hobo to buy me alcohol.

lfoiles87 karma

That. Is amazing.

crash780087 karma

How many hours a week did you have to put in?

Did you contribute to the writing process at all?

lfoiles226 karma

We worked from Mon-Fri and did promos on Saturdays, usually over 10 hours a day, despite CHILD LABOR LAWS stating that was illegal. But I didn't say that. Ahem. And no, we never really had a say in the writing. We'd suggest lines of dialogue occasionally. That's about it. Ad-libbing was frowned upon.

backwardscarrot76 karma

Was Lori Beth Denberg nice? Please say yes, she was my favorite. Except the librarian sketch annoyed the shit out of me.

lfoiles124 karma

Never met her. She didn't show up for the 10th Anniversary Special. :( We were sadface.

jackarroo75 karma

When you were doing children's TV shows how often were you told that everything had to be more expressive? Did you go into All That with any other acting work and learned the over the top nature, or were cast members naturally that energetic?

lfoiles197 karma

Oh geez, we were constantly told to be MORE excited and have MORE energy. It helped that we were already rambunctious tween hellions, but holy crap. We'd lose our voices every live show. Sugar and Coffee nearly killed me every time we filmed it. And I had prior acting experience, but nothing can prepare someone for being on All That. It's like theater times ten.

[deleted]73 karma

I don't have anything interesting to say or ask, but I just discovered we share the same birthday and I've never met/talked to anyone else born on 9/29. So, yay!

lfoiles156 karma


[deleted]67 karma

Confirmed via her Twitter! Read her Kotaku Posts + Watched the Top 5 on Escapist. I never watched all that. Big fan :)

Question: At What point in your life did you realise your love for games? Would you prefer to Act or to continue writing articles if you were paid the same regardless?

lfoiles140 karma

Thanks! :)

Both. Acting is my first love, but all things video games is a close, close second. And I realized my love for gaming when I first plunged Mario into lava in Super Mario World.

babylertry57 karma

Did they really drench you in sugar and coffee?

lfoiles127 karma

YES. PRAYED FOR DEATH. Sugar always made me choke and the coffee was super sticky since it was Coke. Fun sketch but I'm amazed I made it out alive.

ChildishStrandberg55 karma

Alright you probably want to talk about All That, but my questions is did you talk much with the people on Leverage? How are they all in real life?

lfoiles102 karma

SO sweet. The entire cast and crew was absurdly nice. Christian Kane made a point of thanking me during my last day of filming. I love when actors are real people.

[deleted]53 karma

Did you ever meet Cousin Skeeter???

I need to know this.

lfoiles52 karma

OMG THAT SHOW. Totally forgot about that. No, never had the pleasure of meeting that puppet. Shame.

[deleted]51 karma

Do you have a real reddit account? How did you find reddit, and find there was interest in an AMA from an All That cast member?

lfoiles144 karma

Over the last few days I've been getting all these messages on FB and Twitter that Reddit wanted an All That cast member for AMA. I REFUSED. ...Until today, stupid crash7800 made me sign up for an account. So here I am!

IamChicharon48 karma

Firstly: All That was one of the greatest shows of my childhood.

question 1: Did any of the kids you worked with come in with or develop a larger than life ego?

2: what was your favorite sketch to perform?

3: Has being on the show ever had negative repercussions during your adult life?

lfoiles95 karma

All That was definitely my favorite show growing up, way before I was ever privileged enough to be apart of it.

Q's in order: 1. Hm. We had a few ego issues, but hell I'm not naming names. The egos usually came from the celebrity guest stars/musical guests. Most were very kind, but a few... yikes. Pretend I subtly said 'Avril Lavigne' and 'Aaron Carter' mid-cough because I don't want to type it. 2. Fav sketch was definitely 2-Gether 4-Ever. Jack and I were basically best friends, and the fact that I got to tackle him out of his chair, resulting in both of us always getting hurt, was way more fun than it should've been. 3. Nah, not really. People always get a kick out of learning I was on that show.

killgoon39 karma

Jack DeSena used to hang out at my house quite frequently. He was friends with my old roommate. Thoughts on Jack?

lfoiles58 karma

LOVE HIM TO DEATH. He was my best friend on the set.

peeringwound32 karma

What's Frankie Muniz like?

lfoiles145 karma


Kirin14431 karma

Are you still in touch with any of the cast members you worked with and what happened to the big ear of corn? You didn't eat him did you?

lfoiles71 karma

I want to make a distasteful big-ear-of-corn-bathroom joke, but I'll refrain.

I still talk to Kyle Sullivan, Shane Lyons, Jack DeSena, and Chelsea Brummet occasionally. The other day I ran into Alisa Reyes! We had a chat - it was a crazy little reunion. And I saw Kenan at an E3 Bulletstorm party last year. He remembered me and I felt heaps special.

kroneland30 karma

Oh! You were also in that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois imagines having all girls, huh. What was it like shooting an episode of that show? I like to imagine that Bryan Cranston is hella hilarious. Tell me any and all stories.

lfoiles64 karma

Bryan and Jane were two of the nicest people I've ever worked with. It's amazing how sweet they are in real life and how they can just flip that neurotic switch when the cameras are rolling, haha. Not a ton of stories from Malcolm - it was a smooth shoot. Frankie showed up in a new car one day. Probably worth hundreds of thousands. HE DID NOT OFFER TO GIVE ME A RIDE. Jerk!

Margra25 karma

What were your parents like? Did they push you in to acting at a young age?

And what was it like balancing working and doing rehearsals/shows with school?

lfoiles71 karma

My parents never pushed me into acting - in fact, they picked up everything they had and moved to CA for my career even though they couldn't afford it. Super thankful for them.

And the balancing act of school/All That was NUTS. Every minute we didn't spend on set rehearsing, we had to spend in the school room. Where we drove our set teachers crazy. We'd bounce around that place like jack russell f*cking terriers.

MegaWolf24 karma

Thanks for taking over my elementary school when I was little. It was a lot of fun.

lfoiles28 karma

No problem! Sorry if anyone got hurt from the tanks and missiles!

sethzard22 karma

When will top 5 come back?

lfoiles30 karma

For all Top 5 inquiries: