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When you were doing children's TV shows how often were you told that everything had to be more expressive? Did you go into All That with any other acting work and learned the over the top nature, or were cast members naturally that energetic?

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Jimmy why the hell can the White Sox not hit this year?

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Tons of questions!

  • What's the biggest field disaster that you've seen?

  • How big is your standard crew?

  • Do you have like a rotating part time crew?

  • If you absolutely had to how long would it take to re-sod a field?

  • Does the grass type vary by field?

  • How many hours of maintenance does your standard field need per day?

  • How is the field serviced during long road trips?

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I love the Real O'Neals, but my question is more about your choices in life. You've been surrounded by acting and theater from your earliest moments, did you ever feel like you could be anything else? Or when was the last time you thought "maybe I can do something else?"

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Who is the funniest non-comedian you've met?

I've heard comedians in the US talk about working for 10 years before even feeling worthy of putting out an album, but all the accounts I've heard from UK comedians seem like that progression is much faster; is this true?