Lisa Renee Foiles

has appeared on Seasons 7-10 on the popular Nickelodeon series "All That"

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Holy boob shot, Batman.

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Best: When Kenan came on "Sugar and Coffee" as Miss Piddlin, and rope swung into the side of the set, almost breaking it. Live audience went wild. Worst: 17-year-old Avril Lavigne demanding booze in her dressing room and then being all cranky when Nickelodeon said no.

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Oh, good. Glad THAT'S the info on my IMDB page.

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But my mom will find out. And then she'll adjust the parental controls on my Xbox again.

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I HAVE AN AWESOME REPAIRMAN STORY. I've been dying to tell this:

You know how Repairman's catchphrase is shouting "MA-JIGGY!!!" ? Well that wasn't supposed to be the line. The original line was "I'm gonna go fix that thing-a-majig!" But during the table read, Kel read it wrong, and said "I'm gonna go fix that thing! MA-JIGGYYYY!!!" And everyone burst into laughter. So they changed that to be his catchphrase. Hilarious.

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Today's shows are surprisingly bad. Especially on Nick. I said this in a different reply, but it's like the humor has gone from quirky/unique to just being completely dumbed down. Go back and watch Salute Your Shorts, and then try to get through an episode of that f*cking Lil Romeo show without suplexing someone. UNPOSSIBLE.

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IT WAS A COMPLETELY NON-FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. You can convey secret messages via Caps Lock, right?

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  • Barenaked Ladies was by far the coolest band ever to perform. After their sound check, they performed a full concert for the cast and crew.
  • Jesse McCartney asked me to feel the hair gel in the palm of his hand in the hair and makeup room. It was awkward. PRETTY SURE HE WANTED TO HIT THAT amirite.
  • Debbie Gibson performed on the show and it never aired because the producers remembered that kids have no f*cking clue who Debbie Gibson is.
  • P. Diddy requested white lilies, full-length mirrors, and candles in his dressing room(s) for a 2 min performance. Also he kissed me on the cheek onstage and being 14, I was totally grossed out.
  • One of Tony Hawk's lines of dialogue was to brag and say "BUT I'M TONY HAWK!" He told the writers he wouldn't say it because he didn't want to come across as cocky.
  • Tom Green pounded about 8 Red Bulls before doing his scene. It shows.

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  • Josh is a hilarious human being, and totally hit on Chelsea during rehearsal.
  • Danny is a cool guy and all the other old cast members liked to mess up his hair. I demanded he tell Pete and Pete stories.
  • Kenan and Kel totally deserved the spin-off, Kel especially. That guy is a class act.
  • Pay? ...Decent. It's better if your last name is Spears.

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FCK I never asked him. I need to go back in time to remedy this. Fetch my DeLorean