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Just to clarify: it's not that having inverted nipples leads to a higher risk of breast cancer, but it may be a presenting sign of breast cancer if they are normally not inverted.

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What is the external urethral sphincter?

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I run the 40 the only way I know how -- classy.


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What were your parents like? Did they push you in to acting at a young age?

And what was it like balancing working and doing rehearsals/shows with school?

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Hi Andy!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this AMA, but more importantly for continuing to fight for access to health care for all Americans.

I am a pediatric resident and see a lot of the underserved in my community. For those that don't know, CHIP and medicaid cover about half of all young children! But CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) expired 60 (SIXTY!) days ago, and I have heard very little push from congress to pass it anytime soon (aside from a GOP bill that rolled renewal in with healthcare cuts for others). I know some states have sent out notices to parents, and my state will start sending them out 2 days before Christmas. My questions are:

1.) CHIP has been a popular program, why has it not been renewed? Is it literally to use as a bargaining chip, or is there some opposition to the program or how it is run?

2.) What happens when CHIP expires to children who NEED to see their provider, either because of their chronic conditions (such as chemotherapy appointments) or because they become acutely ill? Is there a sense that CHIP retroactively cover these services once passed?