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  1. Why do you have a nub / how did you get it?
  2. How does it affect your daily life? What things do you find hard that the rest of us might not think twice about? What things are not as hard as the rest of us might think?
  3. If you're struggling to do something due to your hand not existing, do you want help? How long is an appropriate amount of time to watch you struggle? How do I ask if you want help without patronizing you?
  4. Where on earth did you get the idea to draw your reaction on your nub?!

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What's the proper/polite way to shake hands with someone with a nub?

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What do you take those pictures with? I love that the soft-focus background changes all the time.

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What is the first drawing you made on your nub?

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I'm sorry, I know this goes against the whole "ask" thing, but:

Your sense of humor is unparalleled, you've got a unique shtick, and you're pretty much awesome. Thank you for giving lulz to so many of us. I know all that nub washing must chafe after awhile!

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how are you cleaning that ink off your nub so thoroughly

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I would like to know the brand of your soap. I'm fairly sure you are a soap rep of some kind, but I will bite the bullet and ask anyway.

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You are in beast mode. Could you draw something kind of meta: a picture of you drawing on your nub?

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What's the hardest thing you've ever faced in your life, nub-related?

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What do you do for a living? Can you provide proof that this isn't just an imposter with a very similar nub?

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1)Do you ever draw on non-nub surfaces? you seem to be a pretty decent artist.


3)Favorite Movie?

4)Do you sometimes confuse Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton? I like both of them, but I sometimes forget who is who.

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i can't give you enough upvotes. could you draw a chicken? :D

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Can you draw a pineapple on your nub, a la r/trees?

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Was it frustrating when numbers went higher than 6 in kindergarten?

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Can you post a picture of your foot nubs too? You know, for science!

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Make it into a Reddit alien please :)

Also do you hate when people make odd requests?

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Have you ever considered wearing a prosthetic hand? On a related note, what if you stuck some sort of sword-hand or maybe a laser cannon on your nub? Would that be awesome or what?

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I simply adore you :D

With that aside, it would be pretty cool to se something Star Wars themed on your nub, is there any chance of you doing it?

How long does it take you usually to make these drawings and do you do any other drawings, except on your nub, it seems to me that you have a great talent for that.

Thank you in advance, and keep safe.

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Like a lot of folks here, I've just really enjoyed your responses over the past few days. Your drawings are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

My only question is this: boy or girl?

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I'm so confused.

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Can you bend your nub at the wrist?

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Glad I came across this, you are like totally like the coolest. When life give you lemons, you nub life in the sternum and take strawburrys and kiwis. Ausum posum

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You seem to only draw on your nub in reaction to things on reddit.

Is there something you want to get off your chest in nub-drawn form?

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Are you married/ have a significant other? What do they think of your nub?

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Can you move your thumb?

What would you do if you were a Roman emperor watching a gladiator fight?

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If you could, would you trade your nub for a hand?

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This AMA is by far my favorite yet!

  • Does it ever hurt?
  • Is it safe to assume your parents did the awesome "So what if you have a nubbin kid, just figure it out." parenting?
  • Am I mistaken in thinking that's your left hand (sleep deprivation is making me not think so gud)? If so, I believe I saw you have a GF, if so, would you wear a ring on your nubbin if you two ever tied the knot (if you can where you are or could by the time you want to)?

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This is awesome,

I'm wondering, are there are any sports you play that some people would assume you couldn't do?

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Do you use a modified keyboard layout (one-handed Dvorak or something similar)?

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Have you ever given someone a high-nub?

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What role does your nub play in your sex life?

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Actually I thought of another question, where are you from? (You don't have to say the city if you don't want to, but the country or even the region would be cool.)

Thanks once again :)

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What kind of ink do you use, to be able to clean it off so well and repeat so often?

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What's the most interesting way you've had to adapt to a situation? I have a minor disability and I've always wondered what other people do, there's usually a lot of lateral thinking involved.

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A walrus. With an ice cream cone.

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Narwhal with your thumb as the horn/tooth thingy (but only a nub of one).

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I just want to say thanks for being awesome and it's always a pleasure to see you comment.

And I hate to ask because you seem to have a lot of replies and drawing requests already, but could you possibly draw a giraffe for me? :3


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Sorry if this was requested, but can you draw the Ghostbuster logo guy (no red sign necessary) starting at your thumb (assuming it's a thumb...sorry :/ ) ? Pic