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Damn =[

Can't imagine anybody getting bored hanging out with a person who clearly has an amazing sense of humour.

I should've asked a question that could've had a funny answer. Now I'm just sad.

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There's jumping!?

Fuck this game.

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What's the hardest thing you've ever faced in your life, nub-related?

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If it's wrong then why are they there?

Because it's oh so right.

For real though, that sounds like a nightmare. Imagine that at any other job. Working behind the register at a gas station, some dude comes in and professes that he will remove you from this life, take you away from the dirty counters and cigarettes! No more cleaning the bathroom for you! Right? That's what you want, yeah? Sh sh shhhhh baby don't answer, don't answer, I know it's what you want. I'mma take you from this place, you'll never have to see a gas pump again. Don't worry baby, it's gon be alright. Hush, I'm trying to help!