Some context: I have a rare hormone disorder called Kallmann Syndrome (which affects 1 in 40,000 women and 1 in 10,000 men). Among other traits - some specific to men, and most of which I don't exhibit i.e. cleft palate and kidney loss - the main factors are delayed puberty (treated with HRT) and congenital (from birth) anosmia (untreatable and irreversible lack of smell).

While "anosmia" or "hyposmia" (reduced ability to smell) can be treated in some cases, mine will never be and is caused by underdeveloped olfactory nodes.

Feel free to AMA about anosmia or KS, or tell me something weird about smell that I may have never realised.

Hard to prove a lack of smell, that would be why my mum didn't believe me until I was eighteen, but I did make a video about this a few years ago and it got a few comments from other anosmics:

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Akasazh95 karma

I dated a girl with anosmia. On the first date I took her to a pasta restaurant. That was a bit of a fail as she didn't like pasta, it was bland to her as it lacked texture, which was very important for her in food.

So we ordered an extra large helping of antipasti which had sausages and strong cheeses (she loved blue cheese as it had strong flavour she could perceive).

Are that things you can relate to? Texture and strong cheese?

caseycausley74 karma

yes and no. I definitely love strong meats and cheeses, but not the rest of antipasti. but I really love pasta, but I think that's because I'm just big on carbs. so there's definitely an element of preference.

texture however, does matter a lot. I'm not a fan of anything hard, or overly sticky or slimy.

dendaddy86 karma

I feel for you. I was in an accident and subsequently in a coma for 42 days with multiple tubes down my throat. Since I've been awake I no longer have a sense of taste or smell. I'm also paralyzed and have lost the sensation of hunger. I don't know what's worse? To have had it and lost it or never had it ar all? Can you miss something you never knew?

caseycausley98 karma

omg that sounds horrific and I feel for you. if I'm being honest I would prefer to have never experienced it because loss and grief can be powerful emotions and you can certainly grieve the loss of a sense. to also have it combined with paralysis is just even worse. I hope you are okay and if you ever need a random on the internet to reach out to and just talk about the anosmia, please let me know!

dendaddy34 karma

Its all good. I have a wonderful wife who helps me out.

caseycausley17 karma

I'm glad to hear that!

barzamsr40 karma

If I'm in my room before lunch, I salivate when I smell cooking.

Does your body know to salivate at lunchtime, even without the smell?

caseycausley65 karma

This is such a good question. A lot of the reason for me posting this was to see how other people respond to smell to sort of get to know myself better, so this is really interesting.

I obviously get hungry, and if I see food that looks good I feel it in my stomach (you know when you're hungry at a restaurant and you see food coming and you just get a bit excited), but I wouldn't say that I salivate. I also certainly have a very random eating schedule which may be related to the fact that I'm not responding in a Pavlov-ian way to food (as such).

MaestroWu4 karma

So, you can taste? I’m curious because those two senses are usually very closely linked.

caseycausley21 karma

I answered this one below - but essentially I can differentiate physical tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy) but not olfactory ones for more nuance.

ThisIsSoooStupid6 karma

What different foods taste similar to you that others find to taste differently?

caseycausley39 karma

I can’t really taste the difference between kinds of candy, and all wine tastes the same... disgusting.

ThisIsSoooStupid5 karma

Thanks for replying, this kinda really interests me because I love to cook. Candy makes sense, it's mostly all about caramelization of sugar and added essence.

Is there any liquor you can enjoy? Do rum and whiskey taste much different and not disgusting? I started drinking a bit too late and I just power through them on most days.

caseycausley8 karma

Essentially any liquor or beverage that’s really sweet I can handle, but my go to is alcoholic ginger beer. I was also never much of a drinker so I just think it’s not for me, but yeah, all spirits taste the same and I don’t enjoy them straight but don’t mind mixing them with lemonade or similar.

Cantanky2 karma

Is like, Asian food, with the combo of flavours the most exciting for you?

caseycausley13 karma

Chinese food is my favourite, but I’m not sure why! I think it’s the semi salty soupy texture to be honest!

Cantanky5 karma

Yes. They try to make a combo of sweet, salty, umami, hot, and sour, so I thought it might make the most interesting good for you. It is for me anyway 😅

caseycausley5 karma

I’m learning new things today, I didn’t know what umami was!

k80k80k8022 karma

I just got over a case of covid-19 and lost all smell. I was weirded out that I could still taste sweet, sour, bitter, etc., but there was no characteristic flavor to foods. Are you able to distinguish what foods are (for example) sweet or salty?

caseycausley25 karma

this is something I've been thinking about a lot and my next video in my anosmia series, when I heard about the affect of covid19 on olfactory senses it was like "my time has come to spread this news". anosmia is still a thing people don't consider a lot and this has brought it to people's attention.

have you completely lost it, i.e. it hasn't come back yet? or it has and it's now back to normal?

it's very interesting to hear from someone who has sort of, obtained, anosmia as I'm in a congenital anosmia group but this is a different perspective. I can definitely taste sweet and salty, but there's no nuance as someone said below. I couldn't tell you the difference in type of spice from say portuguese spices (Nando's) or indian curries.

k80k80k809 karma

a thing people don't consider a lot and this has brought it to people's attention.

have you completely lost it, i.e. it hasn't come back yet? or it has and it's now back to normal

I have been healthy since April 12th. My sense of taste and smell are back, but I don't think they're 100% yet. My perfumes smell different-less refined.

caseycausley7 karma

firstly I'm glad you're better! secondly, glad to hear it's gone back to normal. I think we're still in the early stages of "long-term COVID effects" but it is good to hear that those kinds of symptoms will pass.

Optrode14 karma

Taste receptors in your tongue and mouth detect sweetness (presence of sugars) sourness (acidity), bitterness (wide range of chemicals, mainly plant toxins), saltiness (sodium), and umami (presence of amino acids / protein). Everything else is detected by your nose. It's different from smelling things in the outside world, though: Smelling things happens when you are breathing in air through your nose. When you eat things, each chew / sip/ swallow sends a plume of air laden with odor chemicals from the food shooting up the back of your throat and into your nose.

Your brain can actually tell the difference between "thing I am smelling because I breathed it in from the outside air" and "thing I am smelling from what is in my mouth" (based on the timing of your breathing in / out), so it knows to associate the smells coming up the back of your throat with the food in your mouth, hence why it's so hard to tell mouth-food-smells apart from taste.

It's also amazing how the way we interpret tastes can be determined by the associated smells. If you taste slightly acidic (i.e. sour) water, like a mild vinegar solution, by itself then it tastes spoiled / bad / wrong. But add a citrus-y smell and it just tastes fruity, even if there's no sweetness. Your brain is hardwired to perceive acidity as spoilage, unless it's accompanied by smells indicative of a "known good" food.

caseycausley5 karma

This is a very well written way to put what I have clunking written :)

Hetstaine20 karma

Why didn't your Mum believe you? Surely through your life there would have been hints that you couldn't smell certain obvious things, fires, dead animals, bad garbage, oncoming rain etc that other people would pick up and comment on whilst you never did.

caseycausley35 karma

for her many many wonderful qualities, my mum doesn't have a lot of patience and was always very busy, so I'm sure she just didn't "notice". that said, when she sat me down to have the serious conversation at 18 she was like "be honest with me", so I think she'd picked up on it a bit, but yes you would think that after many conversations telling me my breath smelt weird that she would have picked up on the fact that perhaps I just couldn't smell it.

SheriffBartholomew2 karma

That’s so weird. My kid has a worse than average sense of smell and it became apparent to me from a very young age. When every time time you ask someone “what’s that smell” or “doesn’t that smell good” and they answer with “I don’t know, I can’t smell it”, it becomes pretty obvious that they can’t smell normally.

I never considered that his lack of smell could be from a treatable condition. You’d said that some of the conditions can be treated. Is there an age cutoff for that? Do they have to start young? I would love to help my son improve his olfactory senses if it’s possible. He can smell, just not very well.

caseycausley3 karma

While there are certainly treatable or reversible conditions, it depends on the source. If his sense of smell is just “limited” I would say there’s opportunity for say steroid injections (maybe! I’m not a doctor, this is just something I’ve heard mentioned before!) and I don’t think that’s age related.

That would be a question for doctors, but not all doctors have experience with hyposmia or anosmia. I would try an ENT or endocrinologist.

barzamsr11 karma

Here's another one for ya: when I'm exposed to anything rotten or decomposed, my sense of smell warns me.

This can be anything from simple expired milk or something being in the fridge too long, to the corpse of an animal.

So, have there been times when you didn't notice something like this until it was already right next to you / in your mouth?

caseycausley20 karma

hmmm, not exactly. I'm very vigilant about keeping a visual eye on things and assessing things visually before I eat or go near them.

that said I have probably, lazily, left something rotten in the fridge longer than an olfie would simply because I just haven't paid attention to it and couldn't smell it.

caseycausley20 karma

related: I always err on the side of caution when it comes to milk, yoghurt, meat etc. I have probably wasted a lot of money on those things by throwing them out too soon, but I've usually lived on my own as well, so there was no alternative.

schuppclaudicatio9 karma

"Olfie", I love it! Going to call my bf olfie from now on (I can't smell as well unfortunately)

caseycausley5 karma

hahaha, I can’t take credit for this one, I found it on the Congenital Anosmia group on Facebook.

Nashimmi1 karma

Sorry curious, can you taste the tang of spoilt food items? Like milk?

caseycausley2 karma

I usually err on the side of caution and just don’t drink any milk that might be bad 😅

Nashimmi1 karma

That is completely fair enough. I wouldn’t either! Atm I’m getting caught by long life milk cartons (well my daughter is but 🤣) I thought though that sometimes a vinegary acid can tang the nose and tongue, so it could’ve been a way to check. Maybe in a similar way that’s why Asian foods are your fave. It’s activating parts of your mouth which must enhance the experience for you.

caseycausley2 karma

Hahaha I’m certain that if I made it far enough to taste it I would be thrown off, but I’ve probably just wasted enough food in my life.

I’m sure the texture of off milk would not go down well either...

ScarletVillain7 karma

Do you notice the difference in air quality between at home, rush hour traffic and out in the woods/nature? I'm sure you do but how would you describe the difference?

caseycausley10 karma

hmm, good question! I can't say I've noticed anything with rush hour traffic, but also have never really lived anywhere that it's a huge problem, but there's definitely a difference between at home and outside, and again in nature - but mostly nature where it's cold, wet or cloudy. I love forests and hiking and mountains and it all feels "crisp" to me - slightly cool, damp etc. but I guess you could probably say that I'm just "feeling" weather... I'm not sure that makes sense!

masteroffeels6 karma

I am not trying to be insensitive, I am seriously curious if you take offense if someone releases audible flatulence around you?

caseycausley9 karma

Honestly I haven’t come across the situation too often, I think the most offensive part is when people make a big deal of being able to do it?

For example, you wouldn’t get super excited that you could flip a blind person the bird, or call a deaf person names and get away with it.

Farting in general I don’t care about, it’s more the “I get to treat you differently as a private joke about you” kinda thing.

masteroffeels3 karma

got it, I've meant more as an accident. I used to work in an office in which my desk neighbor had a "'holding problem", he would whistle from down under all day long, often times in meetings and mid sentence. It was quite uncomfortable.

caseycausley5 karma

haha as someone from “down under” I find that expression great.

I think my greatest concern is that when I have a tummy ache I’m accidentally fluffing and that that makes people uncomfortable.

BigK566 karma

My mom always said she couldn't smell anything but never really told us how or why (not sure she even knew back then), possibly due to an illness in her late teens because she remembered the smells of her favorite flowers and delicious food; but not much after that.

However, as a nurse back in those days (1940's & 50's) her employers often took advantage of that by giving her the jobs that that had horrible odors and no one else wanted, including people who soiled themselves or awful infections or death where the smell was overwhelming for everyone else.

Have you experienced someone trying to take advantage of your "superpower"?

Thank you and best wishes!

caseycausley6 karma

It’s still something that’s relatively unknown, with lots of reasons to have either been born without it or to lose it! It’s a cycle of people not knowing about it, so they don’t research it, so less people have the opportunity to know about it!

No one (that I know of) has tried to take advantage, although I’m sure a few partners have just... fluffed a lot and I was none the wiser... but for the most part I volunteer for that kind of stuff. I figure... why not. And on the other hand I take advantage of just having an excuse to not have to cook.

adeiner5 karma

Do you still buy things like candles or do you view that as a waste of money like perfume?

caseycausley8 karma

I LOVE the idea of candles, but obviously they’re pointless to me. I have a few hanging about in case I have company (especially because I used to have a dog) or want to have fancy person bath time, but yeah, I think I’d spend much more money on them if I could smell them because I’m a very nostalgic person and they say smell is the best sense for that.

Jevia3 karma

I can agree with the nostalgia. I live on the other side of the planet from where I grew up/my family, and having not seen them in years with the chaos going on I’ve had a lot of homesickness. Candles and perfume with scents similar to home have brought a lot of comfort to me lately. I can close my eyes and pretend I’m there for a bit, or have memories brought up.

caseycausley4 karma

Aw, that’s probably the thing I feel I’m missing the most out on. But I’m big on photos and videos, so I guess I get my nostalgia from that.

I am glad you have those comforts though. Especially with the world as it is.

bd4865 karma

How do you know what the concept of smell is? I would have no idea how to describe this concept so how did you learn what it is?

caseycausley4 karma

Good question! And definitely why it took so long to diagnose. My mum was always impatient or indifferent to my inability, and that always made me question myself. Most of my memories pre-diagnosis are fuzzy as that was almost twelve years or more ago now and I was a kid, but I certainly remember second guessing myself a lot? I always would test myself to no avail.

Essentially I had an MRI as part of diagnosing the KS which indicated physically that I had underdeveloped olfactory glands and that’s when I was sure.

You’re right though - when you’re born without something, you have no scale of reference. Like when people ask me about taste - how would I be able to compare my experience? But I know I’m not tasting nothing.

bd4861 karma

Thanks for the answer, I had no idea you could physically 'see' this on an MRI.

caseycausley2 karma

I imagine it would depend on the cause, ie some people just lose their’s and doctors don’t know why. But “luckily” mine can be explained.

Titpainfromhell924 karma

Thanks for doing this!

Do you find your any other senses being sharper than others around you?

caseycausley6 karma

you're welcome! I like to see what other reactions people have to smell to see where I could learn something and this seemed like a good way!

None of these have been measured but when I was younger my family was always like "wtf your hearing", and I've never needed glasses when most of my close family members do. but these are all anecdotal circumstances. I definitely have a weird relationship to texture though.

Cantanky1 karma

Food related textures only, or all textures?

caseycausley2 karma

Mostly food related textures, but there are definitely squishy things I do not like to touch in general.

Entropic13 karma

Do you feel solidarity with other disabled people/ do you consider the societal model of disability and the fight against ableism important?

caseycausley5 karma

I’ve been waiting for this question because it’s important!

For a long time I would have said “no way, I’m not disabled” but for a long time I didn’t know what “disabled” meant. I thought it meant you couldn’t do everything you wanted and since I’ve always felt relatively normal, I figured I couldn’t be disabled.

But now that I’m older and more mature (or less ignorant) I am happy to admit that it is a disability and also more open to that solidarity.

There’s two sides to the disability discussion - accessibility and that idea of ableism. Both of them need more attention.

(I also know this probably isn’t the best answer, it’s almost midnight. But basically I’m less dumb about knowing that everyone has specific needs in one way or another now.)

WackyJackal3 karma

So a random though popped into my head. Since you can’t smell, that means that you cant smell something burning right? But you can see the smoke coming from it. So, more of a concern than a question, you should really check your smoke alarms every other month.

caseycausley4 karma

Haha, yes and no. There are certain odours or ... reactions I guess, that I can feel? And breathing in heavy smoke, or ammonia or menthol are among them. But no, it would take a lot for me to realise.

And I am definitely too blade about my detectors - both smoke and gas.

tg10242 karma

What do you think about alcoholic drinks? My coworker doesn't have a sense of smell and says that anything with alcohol in it, beer, wine, mixed drinks, etc. just taste like rubbing alcohol to her.

caseycausley2 karma

You got it in one. I liken it to tasting like deodorant and it’s wine especially, but yeah, not a huge fan.

That said, mixing spirits with orange juice or lemonade is just fine, and alcoholic ginger beer is good too. As long as you make it super sweet it’s fine.

catcher62502 karma

I saw a great documentary called 'Walk Hard' that was about someone like you. Have you seen it?

caseycausley2 karma

No I haven’t! I’ll add it to my list! There is also apparently a tv show about using smell to solve crimes that I’ve been suggested to watch.

youarepotato2 karma

Is there any food that you find delicious? And do you ever eat until you're stuffed. That's something I'd do (always regrettably) because the food was delicious to me

caseycausley6 karma

Haha, I think that’s more a reflection on my relationship with food and let’s just say I do that too often. I’m a big fan of sweet and salty.

judenNOR2 karma

Have a friend that lost his sense of smell. Have you ever done something dumb or weird because of this? My friend once mixed petrol with washer fluid. His five did not like that one very well.

caseycausley2 karma

I’m trying to think, I don’t think so? Definitely some oversights on not washing my socks enough but I don’t think anything drastic!

SoutheastBackpacker2 karma

If you go to a movie theatre with friends, do you notice you are less likely to buy popcorn than them?

caseycausley3 karma

hmm, yes. But that’s more because I’m stingy and also because I associate movie outings with choc tops than popcorn.

danoit2 karma

So, by definition, you have never been "the one who dealt it"?

caseycausley3 karma

Innocent as charged!

Skraximuz2 karma

Are your books in the background sorted by color?

caseycausley2 karma

YUP! They’re not at the moment because I don’t live there, but when I move back they will be again

Norgeroff1 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

caseycausley2 karma

It came in a pack with the charcoal toothpaste so it’s black and orange like lit charcoal.

gtnclz151 karma

Do you think this at all effects your ability to taste foods like others? I know they’re different senses but aren’t all senses linked in some ways?

caseycausley1 karma

I answered this one down below, but in short: it definitely affects it but not in the way of having zero taste. I can taste the difference between sweet and salty - but not between different types of sweet (except where texture is concerned).

The_Paul_Alves1 karma

What are your favorite foods?

caseycausley2 karma

I’m not sure about specific favourite foods, but I love anything that’s sweet, salty or sour.

JustPassingShhh1 karma

You....cannot smell...bacon????

I just cant right now. Thats tragic

caseycausley1 karma

Believe me, that is definitely a source of sadness. At least I can still taste it!

[deleted]1 karma


caseycausley7 karma

Hmmm, just like I'm sure every fart has a smell, it also has a different ~feel~ right. I'm sure those wet ones that are borderline poops also smell wet? But I've never really thought about this so I'll try to in the next 24 hours and respond better later hopefully!

sharpie_head1 karma

How do you pick your perfume?

caseycausley17 karma

To be honest, I don't use perfume a lot because it seems to me to be an expensive but pointless pursuit. Sometimes I'm given perfume by others, and I'll wear it when I'm feeling fancy (I have what is apparently a ~good one~ at the moment, which I was given for Christmas). This has only happened twice though, so I don't consider it to be a "hint". Deodorant on the other hand I do try to use.

That said, I once asked a boyfriend if he had a preferred scent for bodywash (to be nice), and he was like "if in doubt, pick one that's pink or purple" and that's stuck with me ever since.

sharpie_head7 karma

Pink or purple bottles of body wash or shampoo are guaranteed to smell good. When did you realize that you lack your sense of smell?

caseycausley7 karma

haha, I am glad to have this reinforced. every now and again I'll get a green one (or this one particular one made from crushed mint leaves because I can ~feel~ the menthol) but I always return to the pinks and purples.

it was officially diagnosed when I was 18, but I had been telling my mum for years beforehand without her listening.

sharpie_head1 karma

It doesn't affect anything apart from smell?

caseycausley1 karma

I think it affects my sense of taste too, but not too much!

sharpie_head1 karma

Thanks for answering my questions. It's nice to learn new stuff.

caseycausley2 karma

you're welcome! thank-you for asking!

NorthernScrub1 karma

Does anosmia change how you see things that might be perceived as nasty or dirty?

caseycausley1 karma

It has definitely required me to learn on my own a lot of concepts that olfies would inherently know.

Without getting into details, there’s certain hygiene stuff that without experience I wouldn’t know needed to happen. And since I never really had a parent who was involved in my anosmia, it’s really just me eventually putting two and two together.

I am generally a very tidy, clean and probably overly hygienic person because I overcompensate, but I do probably wear my socks a few too many times in a row sometimes.

taytermuffin1 karma

How do they diagnose you? And besides not having smell, how'd they diagnose the congenital issue?

caseycausley1 karma

My lack of smell was diagnosed with an MRI which showed underdeveloped olfactory glands.

My KS was diagnosed essentially by delayed puberty (so I had to go on HRT), but they also tested bone density, and checked my kidneys with an ultrasound.

Ben-Stanley1 karma

Can you still taste? I was always under the impression that if you had no sense of smell, you also had no sense of taste. Or is your taste just severely dulled?

I noticed earlier you mentioning texture is huge, and I’m also big into texture. Do you like iceberg lettuce or mushrooms? I despise both due to their texture and very minimal amounts of flavor.

caseycausley1 karma

I answered the taste one below - but essentially there’s physical taste (salty, sweet, bitter, umami) which i can differentiate between, but then there’s the olfactory based taste and that’s more difficult and more nuanced.

I actually love both of those things haha. I have been known to just eat either on their own. But texture is definitely important - hard things I don’t like (possibly related to KS because we have teeth and bone issues so my teeth aren’t super strong).

Pmmesmallboobz1 karma

Does it mess up your taste? Smell is so big for taste. Do you find you dont love certain things like regular smelly people do because of this?

caseycausley1 karma

I’ve answered the taste one below a few times - but basically smell is only part of taste, the tastebuds do the rest, so I can certainly taste some things.

And while I do love food, it’s not in the same, experimental or experiential way that others do.

hey_there_sunshine1 karma

Do you enjoy cooking for yourself and/or others? I know I’m guided a lot by smell when I cook, so I’m curious if you employ other strategies. Also, thanks for sharing all of this info!

caseycausley2 karma

Hahaha I am not a big fan of it. Mostly because I have no idea what they heck they’d be tasting!

spicyferretballs1 karma

Do you think a Peugeot 2.2 HDI turbo will fit on the 2.2 HPI?

caseycausley2 karma

Trick question!

TheAncientYouth1 karma

As they say taste is associated with smell, how is it with you, can you taste food like everyone else does or is there a reduced taste? (*unknown guilt when I'm asking this*)

caseycausley3 karma

I’ve answered this one a few times below! There are two types of taste - physical (salty, bitter, sour, umami) and I can taste those, but the nuances are caused by smell, and I can’t differentiate between those!

Dendritic_Bosque1 karma

I'm interested in hearing about what foods you enjoy and why. Edit: I can read below.

Have your friends ever challenged you to eat durian or anything else that can have an offensive odor and impressive flavor? I definitely would if I knew you.

Lindbergh cheese too.

caseycausley2 karma

hahaha I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of trying durian, but I would definitely be curious to try.

For the most part I just love food. But I am very fond of sugary, sour or salty foods, and my doctor pointed out that I probably like peppermint so much because it’s a strong, sharp taste.

Rolling_on_the_river1 karma

Did kids test you when you were a kid?

Like did they stick things under your nose just to see if you were telling the truth?

caseycausley3 karma

Hahaha, I luckily grew up in a small town with a small school. No one paid enough attention to me to do that!

FriendlySockMonster1 karma

Do you have a normal reaction to chilli? Do you like spicy food?

caseycausley2 karma

If by normal you mean it’s really spicy and burns my mouth then yes I think it’s normal. Although I can’t tell the difference between types of spicy? Like, hot Nando’s would taste the same as a Thai Curry really (except for texture).

I’m not super against a tiny bit of spicy, but it’s not my favourite.

karouh1 karma


caseycausley1 karma

I, luckily, live in a very remote location so the chances of me ever finding out are slim. But I don’t think I would be.

LnxBil1 karma

Do you fake to have smell sometimes? A friend of mine is also anosmic and he does things like coming into the kitchen and saying that it smells good and inhaling air over the stove. He is very polite, so I think this is some kind of social adaptation and the expected thing to do for him. I just realize, I should also ask him 🤪

caseycausley2 karma

Haha, I have lied before but only as a reaction, I wouldn’t put on a performance of it, but can see why people would.

My friends never remember, so depending on who it is, and whether I deem it worth it, I’ll either go “haha yeah” or they’ll get a deadpan look and “I can’t smell”.

AllieFalcon071 karma

What job path will you take to best use your superpower?

caseycausley3 karma

Well, if all turns out well then my film critic career will take off and I’ll be able to work from home and not have to worry about people smelling my potentially stinky feet* unless it’s in the cinema, although we seem to be moving away from cinemas because of C*VID.

*just kidding, I probably overcompensate when it comes to hygiene.