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I’m not the mattresses guy, but I can tell you that marketing is expensive and those expensive mattresses all have marketing departments.

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Yeah but $300 for 6 years or $3000 for 10. Still an amazing deal on the bed in a box mattresses.

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I had to write a letter to Rome to get dismissed from them

What happens if they don't dismiss you, or you don't write this letter? Will they come get you and force you back into your post?

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Sheesh, that’s horrific! Glad your eye is okay.

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Ricky here: I think most inmates don't really care, but since they are mostly guilty, they probably assume everybody else is.

It’s interesting to hear you say that. My dad was in and out Of prison for half his life. He told me when I was an adult that he was the only guilty person in there. He said everyone there says they’re innocent or genuinely believes they shouldn’t be there, despite their actions. My father on the other hand was very convinced he should be there.