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If I'm in my room before lunch, I salivate when I smell cooking.

Does your body know to salivate at lunchtime, even without the smell?

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  1. How the hell do you find work? Is it mostly animators who already know you contacting you personally or like a "voice actress needed" thing on some random hentai blog?

  2. The content of animated porn is often.... harmful to the depicted females. Does that ever bother you? Do you tend to avoid voicing things like ahegao, inflation, loli etc?

  3. Considering the above question, do the creators of these videos ever come off as rape-y or pedophilic? Like do you think they'd ever confuse the lines between what's "ok" in the animated world with the real world?

  4. Not making a deepthroat joke, but does your throat start hurting after like 10 mins of moaning

  5. Assuming you record in private, do you ever get yourself in the mood so that the moaning is less fake? I understand this is weird and potentially creepy so feel free to leave blank

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Here's another one for ya: when I'm exposed to anything rotten or decomposed, my sense of smell warns me.

This can be anything from simple expired milk or something being in the fridge too long, to the corpse of an animal.

So, have there been times when you didn't notice something like this until it was already right next to you / in your mouth?

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How long did it take to find the loophole?

Were you specifically looking for a loophole?

How quickly did they fix it after it was exploited?

Did the bank ever contact you to maybe make sure it was fixed or something?

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The plot thickens