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edit, this has blown up way bigger than i expected so im answering what i can! If i havent answered your question check and make sure its not been answered. Im doing my best lol I've decided that Monday I'll be recording a video to answer some of these questions with Venus Storm when that is up I will post the link here. In the meantime i am still answering questions!

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ime7833868 karma

Is there an emergency button or something of a dude starts to go cray-cray? What’s security like...

Mollysinn5892 karma

Yes is the simple answer every house has a slightly different system for "Panic buttons" at the house that I work in it's an intercom system with no microphone in the room, that we push the call button to start our time and if at any point things go wrong we push the button again to get help. Also there are multiple girls in the house at any given time and if we hear anything suspicious we have no problem checking on you

BlackAkuma6663305 karma

Do you get sore?

Mollysinn5653 karma

Yes I do, in those situations the best solution is typically Calling it Quits for the day, taking a warm Epsom salt bath and a dose of ibuprofen

beachboxer3242 karma

Do you ever go out for yourself and like getting romanced and being sexually active without money involved?

Mollysinn5413 karma

Yeah to an extent, in my personal life I'm married and monogamish. I'd say because sex is my work the romance and cuddles have become a lot more important in my personal life

Not_A_Weebalo3206 karma

What's the best client you've ever had?

Do you take female clients?

Mollysinn5614 karma

Best client ever I will refer to as Carlton. Super sweet heart, very sexually giving, kind and shows genuine intrest in me as a person. I do take female clients! I love when ladies come in and get stupid excited lol

Radical_R2869 karma

Ever run into an issue where the client was a virgin and had no idea what to do?

Mollysinn5254 karma

I personally have never had a virgin that I know of. Although I'm extremely open to it, because I think it can be really helpful to have a professional such as myself that can be honest with you, teach you, and won't judge you

urbanek25252060 karma

How do you keep from going crazy in a town of 1200 people?

I thought my home town of 5000 was small, but at least there was outdoor recreation nearby.

Mollysinn2129 karma

Hahaha well I travel to Wells for work and live out of state in a town with only 2000 people so it doesnt feel much different, it just has prettier scenery. Plus when I'm there i pretty much only ever leave for food and dunkin lol

kiplinght1692 karma

What would you say to people who disagree with legal prostitution?

Mollysinn3697 karma

It depends on what their issue with legal prostitution is. I always welcome conversation with people that are against it I think the best way to convert people into your way of thinking is to genuinely listen and try to understand where they're coming from

lookingrightone1498 karma

How many clients usually you have a day ?

Mollysinn2365 karma

Every day is different the least I've had in a day was zero, the most I've had was 4.

lookingrightone888 karma

Have you ever faced any problem during intercourse??

Mollysinn2654 karma

Oh Yeah! Everyone does lol. From beginning to end of a visit some of my most memorable have been choosing a condom that was too small, catching foreskin with my nail with putting a condom on 😬, riding a little too enthusiasticly and stubbing a dick... The list goes on. I'm a profession but I'm a real human and humans make mistakes 😅

lookingrightone679 karma

Have you ever faced size problem too. Too big or too small?!

Mollysinn1531 karma

Yes, but not in that it can't be worked with. The issue with size is normally an issue of how the client sees it going in their mind versus the reality of how we can actually accomplish the act. Mainly just different sizes working best in different positions

AlwaysTappin1371 karma

What is the girlfriend experience? How is that different? That always confused me.

Mollysinn2190 karma

The girlfriend experience is typically at least an hour and includes kissing, cuddling, talking, and is all around a much more sensual connection style party (still includes sex!), in contrast to being a highly sexual experience

SaldanhaPedro1319 karma

Have you ever fall in love with some of your clients? And some client fall in love with you?

Mollysinn3137 karma

I have some clients that I do love dearly. None romantically though. There have been two clients that have openly told me that they've fallen in love with me but I do my best to discourage it and make sure we're all in the mind of a service being purchased/sold. One of those clients I chose to stop seeing because he was convinced that he was in love with me and I provide this service as either a fulfillment of need or to help people with their love life growing outside of the brothel, so I don't think it's healthy to allow a client to believe a relationship with me on the outside is a possibility.

mreatstudio1169 karma

What would be trend for sex workers now that social distancing is encouraged?

Mollysinn1659 karma

A lot of girls are turning to content sales. I was already doing that before the covid apocalypse started, and I look at my income more like a buisness would than an employee mentality so it hasnt effected me much thankfully. So I'm not positive other than online sales going up

renodc385 karma

Just curious, in another post you said you got into legal work because it was in the industry and would not leave anything behind your kids could run into. I assume content sales means the onlyfans type stuff, isn’t this at odds with your other comment?

Mollysinn976 karma

Nope, in the previous comment i was refering to not wanting them exposed to my work as a prostitute and minimizing their chance of just stumbling into pornographic images of my online, this is why i use onlyfans and it can only be accessed through paid subscribtion. I realize there is no way to guarantee that they will never see any of it because its the internet so it more about minimizing free access to my content, and not having prostitution around children which to me is a given. Plus by the time theyre looking for adult content online I'm gonna be old news

god76361125 karma

I have always wondered if you have legit orgasms with your clients or are they fake?

Mollysinn2126 karma

I cannot say I've never faked it 😬 however, as long as you express an interest in my pleasure(lets me real not everyone cares) and can take direction you will get a real one. My priorities in order are for you to enjoy yourself, and then for me to enjoy myself because no women like faking-we'd all rather have the real thing, thats just hard or next to impossible if you don't have a team player

brandonrandom91123 karma

Do you think people behave differently when they avail your services professionally as opposed to how they would normally behave in that scenario? Does the money consideration help them overcome their insecurities?

Mollysinn1825 karma

Absolutely, because it being with in the confines of purchaser / seller There is almost no risk of rejection. We deal with human sexuality daily, and even with that we're still professionals. That's why I believe that seeing a sex worker can help you work through confidence issues or insecurities that you may not feel comfortable discussing with your partner or potential partner.

original_greaser_bob1121 karma

I see where you advertise the GFE, I.e. girlfriend experience, do you offer anything along the lines of an ex girlfriend experience? Like where you are kind of friendly to me but still talk shit about me, and feel comfortable enough to use my netflix account but not enough to give me a ride to the airport?

Mollysinn638 karma

I love this question! I don't hide that I hate doing GFE because I don't like the typical touchy-feely mushy yuck stuff. I think you're really onto something there I would much rather do an ex girlfriend experience where we're comfortable, I already have a snarky / dry sense of humor kind of personality, the only thing I'd say is maybe add some hate sex in there too!

FrillySteel1118 karma

You said you were married. How do you keep the sex you have with your SO from "feeling like work"?

Mollysinn1665 karma

Intimacy. I don't offer girlfriend experience so at work I don't kiss or cuddle or do those subtle intimacy, I reserve that for at home so that home doesn't feel like work

Fartmuncher1278928 karma

What's the saddest experience you've ever had?

What's the strangest fetish you've been asked about and also the strangest one you've indulged?

Any funny stories?

Mollysinn1765 karma

Saddest was a newly divorced man trying to heal and move on feeling like he had done something wrong when we were done.

Strangest fetish to me personally (nothing wrong with it, but there's not much that makes me even slightly uncomfortable after more than a decade in the kink lifestyle) is the same as strangest I've indulged and that was some one that got of on being called n****r even typing it like that makes me cringe 😬, but at the end of the day if it gets you off, I don't judge I'm here to help.

Funny stories yeah lots but I'll add them after I get some sleep lol

BitchDuckOff910 karma

Do you ever turn people down because they are too gross? (Not bathed in a while, personality, etc.)

Mollysinn1094 karma

Yes, the personality is a typically reason I'll offer you to talk to someone else if were not vibing well I'd rather you talk to somebody else that you will get along with super well so you can leave satisfied even if I'm not the one that makes the money.

m4vis814 karma

I have a fantasy where I get 3 prostitutes for 5 hours and then I run a DnD session with them. There’s pizza and booze, but nothing sexual happens. Unless someone plays a bard. Anyways, how much would you ballpark estimate the cost for that?

Mollysinn385 karma

The comments of this are freaking hilarious. Weights are illegal to discuss online, I've not played DnD since high school so I would definitely need a refresher. If you'd like to play a nerd game my choice is always Magic the Gathering and I normally bring at least two decks when I go to the brothel😜

kak-47759 karma

How does pricing work? Is it by the hour? Activity? Does this type of service receive tips?

Mollysinn1284 karma

Every lady sets there own prices but for me its broken down my type of visit (standard, bdsm, ddlg, ect) and from there then its broken into time For example (obviously not real prices lol): Standard quick visit (10-20 mins) $10 Standard hour$50 Bdsm hour$ 20 Bdsm two hours$ 75

As for tips, yes absolutely tip if you had a great time I never require it but its definitely a great way to show appreciation that can make that girl excited to see you if you plan on coming back

SusanForeman725 karma

(obviously not real prices lol)

why not just tell us the real prices?

Mollysinn2112 karma

Fosta/sesta made it a crime 🙄 I'd love to be able to put my prices out there but because of those laws we are only legally allowed to discuss prices in person in a designated room

warriorofinternets929 karma

What a crock o shit

Mollysinn1594 karma

I think theyre bullshit laws but i do everything within the law so I dont have to agree with it to follow it.

Demibolt49 karma

Why not just give a unofficial very close approximation? Because many people would have no idea what to expect at all and I don’t think is illegal to give a ambitiously accurate approximation.

Mollysinn266 karma

I can estimate price, example of a quick visit may be anywhere between 2 to 300. An hour visit could be anywhere from 1,000 to 1500 it depends on a lot of things, specific acts, kinks, and honestly attitude if you talk to me like I'm a warm blow up doll, or are rude you might pay more 🤷🏼

Anaxor1266 karma

2 bucks a quick visit? Sign me the fuck up! We could even set up multiple quick visits where you help me do the dishes or mown the lawn.

Mollysinn132 karma


Demibolt101 karma

Okay I think in getting a more clear but totally legal understanding of the trade, thanks!

Mollysinn59 karma

No problem!

Lschmookitty276 karma

Do you still have to report and split your tips with the house? I know that was a requirement in the early 2000's.

Mollysinn368 karma

That depends on the contract with the house

Mollysinn366 karma

We do all have to report our tips for taxing purposes but the splitting depends on the contract

Lschmookitty122 karma

Allow me to rephrase that then - in the current place where you conduct business, do you split tips in any percentage with the house and also what rate do they charge you for room/board/food?

Mollysinn474 karma

Where I'm at currently we do split everything so each girls percentage I don't know if they're the same. Our rent is $36 a day and we Supply/cook our own food though most of us cook for multiple people not just ourselves kind of like a little family

kak-47-47 karma

Yea what are the real prices? How much for 20 minutes of standard with a finger in the butt at minute 18?

Mollysinn9 karma

Refer to my previous comment in this thread, inn summary fosta/sesta

PristineBasis-47 karma

I never require it but its definitely a great way to show appreciation that can make that girl excited to see you if you plan on coming back

what are you implying by this?

Mollysinn28 karma

A good analogy is a restaurant, if you always have the same server but never tip they probably aren't going to be very excited when you come in but they're not going to refuse serving you either. Where is on the other hand if you always have the same server and you do tip even a little that servers more likely do not charge you the $0.50 for the extra sauce. Ya know?

trezebees637 karma

Would you support your daughter if she decided to do the same career? BTW, thanks for doing this, it's very interesting.

Mollysinn492 karma

I would definitely support them but I would have the same conversation with them that I'd have with anybody that came to me about it. This job is not for everyone they can be extremely taxing emotionally and if you are not prepared for people to say horrible things about you you shouldn't get into it. And if your only motivation is that you think you'll get rich quick stay far far away from it, like any business it takes time to build up Revenue and you as an individual worker are your own business

BlueEyesWhiteBaggins627 karma

I’m assuming that in this line of work you’ve seen a lot of different kinks and fetishes. Would you say that’s what the bulk of your clients come to you for? To like try new things or maybe they aren’t able to fully indulge in them with their partner. Like do you have a lot of clients that come to you just for like normal vanilla sex?

Mollysinn834 karma

The vast majority of my clients come to me for vanilla sex, i am actually the link go to girl in my house so i can say for sure most people that come in for kinks are interested in some simple power play and with that we get into subsections of ddlg or role-playing. Most though are happy to just get to be the one in control of the situation

phelie_ro365 karma

Jumping onto this but what’s the main demographic of client you get?

Mollysinn746 karma

Truck drivers, Perks of being right off of i-80 As for race or age it varies greatly so the job is the rad first demographic to break it into

phelie_ro243 karma

Ooh, nice. What’s the most unconventional/unexpected client you’ve ever gotten?

Mollysinn415 karma

Victory Tischler-Blue, she did a photography project with some of us ladies who not a client but I can't say I've been suprised by a type of client or anything

DrunkCanadianGuy587 karma

Obviously without exposing them, have any celebrity came to where you work?

Mollysinn843 karma

Not to me personally, I know girls that have had celebrities but I've never seen one 🤷🏼

statist_steve511 karma

I’ve watched the Bunny Ranch on HBO (I believe it was HBO) back in the day, and the thing that would make me uncomfortable is having to pick someone from a lineup. I’d be afraid of hurting feelings. Is that an issue? If you’re not picked for a couple days, that has to bum someone out.

Mollysinn343 karma

Absolutely not! It does not hurt our feelings to not be picked, and on top of that if you're just not getting along well with your first choice a girl you can ask to talk to another girl and we won't be upset with you we would rather you enjoy your time no matter who is its with then have a mediocre time and not want to do it again

hiraxslam441 karma

This isn’t meant as a judgmental question, but I think it will sound that way. How do you avoid STDs, or do you just assume you have a bunch of them? Why do you think your clients aren’t concerned about STDs? My knowledge about STDs isn’t all that great, I’m just making an assumption it would be a concern.

Mollysinn1044 karma

Your question Honestly made me laugh out loud, but I don't take it as judgmental. Unfortunately I think this is an area that people are least informed about when it comes to legal prostitution. Every girl that is a legal prostitute in Nevada has to have a monthly blood test, and a weekly cervical swab STD screening. On top of that it becomes illegal prostitution if there is not barrier protection I.e male condoms, dental dams, female condoms. For this reason I genuinely have little to no concern about STDs nor should anyone else when visiting a legal prostitute. We also do what we call "dick checks" which consists of checking for crabs, sores, abnormally colored penile discharge really any sign of infection or issue.

GoBehappy21382 karma

Weekly cervical exam? I hate my required time with a gynecologist now- that’s more than I could deal with. What is a dental dam - rhetorical question- I don’t want to know. And no way do I want to look for crabs - and then find any. So, I think what some of us are saying is we wouldn’t put up with that shit. But good for you If you’re making the $$ and liking it

Mollysinn239 karma

Hahaha this comment is awesome! ❤ it 🤣

Loolo007406 karma

How did you get in to the industry?

Mollysinn1035 karma

I started as an escort because I was a spoiled upper middle class kid that when I went out on my own had no money and it seemed fun and easy, then I tried stripping and found out that being able to dance does not mean you will be able to strip well lol. I took a break for about 5 years and when I decided to go back into some form of sex work I decided I wanted to be legal because I have children that I don't want to risk negatively impacting their lives so I Googled brothels and applied for all of them

mentu1357 karma

Do you children know about your profession? If so, how did you talk to then about it? If not, do you have plans to tell them?

Mollysinn948 karma

My oldest knows what I do in an abstract sense. She knew the term whore from the In This Moment song so I started there and just answered the questions she had which mostly consisted of 'what other than money do you get out of it' 'does daddy know, and is he ok with it' and 'are the people nice to you' My youngest (I only have 2) doesnt know yet because she doesn't understand the concept of sex outside of reproduction but I plan on being honest with her as well when the time comes

blooming_violet378 karma

Are you married? How does your husband/ the father of your children feel about your job? Has your job affected any of your past relationships?

Mollysinn817 karma

I am married, when i first got into the industry as an escort i was with someone else there was a lot of jealousy issues around my work. For how my husband feels about my job ill just hand it over to him " I really been able to compartmentalize your job. So it doesn't really affect life at home or my feelings about your job and our relationship"

Darakia59 karma

You listen to In This Moment? That's dope af.

Mollysinn84 karma

I do, im loving the new cd!

nossy_hg338 karma

How long are your shifts usually?

Mollysinn522 karma

We set out own shift hours I normally do 12-16 hours a day (the whole time I'm awake basically) that I go to lineups

nossy_hg212 karma

Ah, got you. Do you commute back and forth every day or live in-house? What do you do in your off-time when you’re not booked?

Mollysinn550 karma

When I'm at the house I live there, normally 2-3 weeks at a time and then I fly home- I actually live across the country in ohio. When I'm at the house I normally spend my free time hanging out with the other ladies, taking photos, or watching tv.

camelholocaustt334 karma

Can I ask your yearly income?

Do certain times of the year have more/less clients?

Mollysinn582 karma

Yearly is hard because it depends on how much time i spend in the brothel, i personally normally average between 1500-2000 a week that i am in the house. Sometimes is more, sometimes its less. While there isnt really a busy or slow season there are definitely times that are slow and times that it feels like the doorbell never stops ringing

tigerfam1271 karma

Do you or any of the other courtesans do pegging? Is that a popular fetish?

Mollysinn385 karma

I do and i know of quite a few girls that offer it. It is not one of the top fetishes that i have requested but not everyone asks for exactly what they want.

onmywaytocpa20249 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this. Do you file taxes as an independent contractor (1099)? Or are you an employee of where you work? Thank you!

Mollysinn422 karma

No problem! I file as a sole proprietor buisness. I am an independent contractor with my own buisness license

onmywaytocpa2068 karma

Pretty cool! Thanks!

Edit: Do you think legalization of prostitution in more places will lead to less human trafficking? I have this theory that it would due to regulations in place, but what are your thoughts?

Mollysinn47 karma

I do because if you're able to be independent and in control of your own money you don't need a pimp and what people don't like to address is that most human sex trafficking is boyfriends coercing their girlfriend or people that we know not scary kidnappers

the-wraithery239 karma

You said you were an escort in the past; what did you find to be the pros and cons between that and straight prostitution?

Mollysinn526 karma

In my personal experience the only difference between the two where as an escort sex was not guaranteed but highly encouraged by whoever was booking your appointments as I was not independent. I am far more in favor of legalized prostitution as I believe that it has more security, more safety and more freedom over making your own choices of who you'll see, when you'll see them and what you're willing to do.

SaldanhaPedro237 karma

Your family knows about your work? How was your family reaction when you told them? And how you feel about that?

Mollysinn786 karma

Yes I've chosen to tell me family and friends. For the most part everyone accepts it but some still make comments that they think i could do better. It does frustrate me a little because i love my work and the impact I make on people's lives just by giving them a safe non judgemental place to honestly express their sexuality but at the end of the day i genuinely don't care what anyone else thinks. I'm the only person that has to like my decisions

wontrevealmyidentity392 karma

I’m the only person that has to like my decisions

Damn right! Cool AMA, btw. Glad you did it.

Mollysinn327 karma

Thank you! I'm loving it, there's so much people are normally afraid to ask us

Loring200 karma

Are you considered an essential employee right now?

Mollysinn198 karma

I am not

AT2Argus179 karma

Saw your ama on /rising, what's your favorite book?

Mollysinn398 karma

Oh god, that's the hardest one yet! I'm a book worm. I can pick a single so, everything by Anita Blake series by Laurell k. Hamilton books 5-current, Hannibal rising by Thomas Harris, and Abarat by Clive Baker are my top picks

RecycledThrowawayID146 karma

Upvote for my favorite necromancer detective with a penguin fixation.

Mollysinn113 karma

She is the best! ❤

securitysix168 karma

I'm not sure how to word this, but I'm going to try. Also, if this has already been asked and answered, I apologize.

Have you ever had a client who, despite not asking for anything out of your ordinary comfort zone, you just couldn't go through with it?

If so, how is that handled? Presumably, worst case, they'd get a refund, but is there some system where the other girls are offered a crack at the client before they get a refund?

Mollysinn437 karma

As a typical rule we don't exchange payment until we know can provide the service they're looking for. I have had only one person that i refused to book due to him continuously trying to pull my skirt up, grab my tits and pussy and that man was handled by (after multiple times kindly asking him to respect my boundries) me telling him to go fuck himself, and letting the bartender know that he was a leach and not worth anyones time. Other than that, if I a potential client and I are not vibing i refer him to another lady that I think he'll hit it off with. I hope that answers it for ya

Tenebrousoul159 karma

What is the proper etiquette for all of it?

Mollysinn605 karma

When you come in the person behind the bar will ring bell to let us know we have company,we'll line up and introduce ourselves, you choose who you are most attracted to and we you on a tour to show you around and get to know you a little. At the end of the tour we go to the negotiation room to discuss specific services and price. Some pointers if your only interested in a tour let the lady know, and tip even if its only $10-20 to show that you appreciate her taking the time If your not able to find a price your comfortable with, with your first choice ask to talk to your second choice, this is ok! And always, just treat us like people not toys❤

COD_Fabn152 karma

I've seen varying answers from non-prostitutes about this. Do clients eat you out? I feel like there might be some hold-up since oral is unprotected. What percentage of clients do?

Mollysinn295 karma

Yes and oral sex is not unprotected you can use dental dams, or female condoms (that cover the entire outer areas as well) I'd say about 20% request it

baaje146 karma

When you tell about your profession to other people for first time, what are the stereotypical responses you get and how does it differ as they get to know you better?

Do people (who are in a relationship, happy one, may I add) come in to try out new things with you before they go ahead and try it with their own partner?

What is your personal thought on pornography and prostitution? (Like, do you think one is better, of yes, then why?)

That’s a lot of questions😅

Mollysinn246 karma

That is a lot of questions you are not wrong there! Let's see if I can cover all of this. When I first tell people about my profession typically they think that it's a temporary thing for me or that I'm younger than I am. Once they get to know me they realize that I'm just me I guess. A 28 year old married mom not nearly as exciting as the pornstar fantasy that they had in their mind.

I only know about my clients what they volunteer, so I can't say for sure if they try things out with me before trying it with a partner if that has happened to no one's ever told me. LOL. The closest to that situation would be when couples come in to try new things with me together which I love having and getting to be a part of.

Now, pornography vs. Prostitution I think they feel different needs. Pornography typically something that is a solo activity prostitution is where you bring in another person instead of Performing that so activity of masterbaition I don't think one is better than the other I think it's more about whatever floats your boat

callmemintjelly1145 karma

Do you think that prostitution will ever be legal in all 50 states?

Mollysinn350 karma

Not in my life time, I do see a few states going towards decriminalization but i see that as a horrible idea. While my beliefs lean toward less government involvement i dont believe decriminalization takes safety into account

Neato_Queen135 karma

When you're in casual conversation and people ask "what do you do for work?" What is your reply? Also does your spouse just outright say "This is my wife, she's a sex worker!"

Mollysinn442 karma

Unless I really know the person I typically tell people that I work in sales and marketing. I'm not lying I Market myself and I am doing sales LOL

miss__c132 karma

How was you experience stripping/getting into that industry? Like did you learn pole beforehand, or did you learn as you went?

Mollysinn281 karma

It lasted 3 hours.... It was a bad day of learning I had zero skill lol

Silhout121 karma

What is your favourite, "whoops, that was not supposed to happen" moment in sex work?

Mollysinn196 karma

My very first day working in a brothel the first person that picked me I started walking out of the bar area with to take him on his tour and immediately tripped and almost pulled him down on top of me.

bay5tich97 karma

What would you want to tell/advice a girl who has never had sex before? And what would you like to educate guys about sex in general?

Mollysinn122 karma

Good girls first time having sex I would say the best advice is find somebody you can truly relax with that cares about your well-being and they will handle it well. The guys on sex in general could be the same as what I'd want to educate girls about, accept your sexuality and and remember that as long as you keep it safe sane and consensual there's nothing wrong with it

blacktreacle10196 karma

How did you decide that's what you wanted to do? Very interested!

Mollysinn196 karma

I hate to say it but I don't think that I have an absolute answer to that. I think it was multiple things throughout my life. I've always been extremely interested in human sexuality and somehow through a course of experiences decided that this would be a great way to learn more about sexuality while also helping others accept their sexuality

get_that_ass_banned65 karma

What's your favorite restaurant in Nevada and what's your favorite thing to get there?

Mollysinn123 karma

I tend to be very frugal and I don't really ever leave the brothel so I've only ever gotten food from two restaurants in Nevada. My favorite thing to get pretty much everywhere is extra crispy fried wings

brandonrandom948 karma

The human brain, IMHO, is chemically engineered to feel attracted towards the other once you’ve ‘exposed’ your insecurities. Have you ever felt a connection or attraction towards a client?

Mollysinn128 karma

Yes I have, typically a visit is not about me or my preferences insecurities what have you. On a rare occasion I have definitely experienced chemistry and opened up any very honest and meaningful way. Those parties are particularly difficult for me personally because at the end it does feel a little bit like a heart break or break up. It's because of that feeling that I don't typically offer the girlfriend experience even though I could make more money with that service

Knowone_Knows47 karma


Mollysinn104 karma

Genital warts would disqualify both at a working lady or customer. I have only had one person ever fail with me. And I can't say they clearly had anything, they just had a suspicious mark and I wasn't comfortable with it

heffeto8944 karma

Bananas. Yay or nay?

Mollysinn53 karma

I love bananas

filtersweep43 karma

Are any of your coworkers‘trafficked’ into this business?

I live where prostitution was legal until recently. There were no ‘locals’ working- mainly Africans and E European women. The govt tried making ‘pimping’ illegal to stop it. That never worked. So now the purchase of sex is illegal- to avoid going after the women.

Mollysinn73 karma

I don't personally know anyone, I do no of one girl that's went through trafficking when she was young and then chose to do prostitution on her own when she got out of it. She has an amazing story and you should look her up her name is Kourtney Chase

Ambitiousahsan42 karma

Do you wake up every day excited to go to work? And how do you cope with comments made by people on your choice of profession?

Mollysinn71 karma

I wake up excited most days, some days I just don't feel like doing anything. Coping as comments people have about me or my profession is really just I know that they wouldn't say these horrible mean things if they knew the truth about me or my profession so I typically chop it up to ignorance

MiaKatRio33 karma

I'm almost too embarrassed to ask this, but what about soft-core services? Like making out, groping, fingering, only oral? Have you ever received 'second-base' requests from other females?

Mollysinn40 karma

No need to be embarrassed! I don't offer these types of intimate Centric parties with men however I find with women this is more with thereafter and does not take me out of my comfort zone. They're definitely women that offer the services for men I personally only offer them for women

ckjm30 karma

How do you stay healthy, as far as STD/STIs and other unpleasantries go? How do you decompress from a stressful day at work?

Mollysinn79 karma

Std/sti safety we use condoms for every act, do health checks that we charmingly refer to as dick checks and get a cervical swab weekly and blood test monthly for std/sti screening. Expand on what you consider unpleasantries and ill tackle that next lol. Decompressing for me is daily whether its stressful of not, and typically consists of a hot shower or bath, slathering myself in lotion and then laying in bed and watching cartoons 🙃

ckjm42 karma

Efficient! Glad y'all look out for your health.

Unpleasantries meaning like throwing off your body's pH or just your body not jiving with some of your clients' bodies. Like... (TMI but it's the internet), I work in fire service and working a big fire with a yeast infection is actual hell. Stuff like that (without the fire obviously haha).

Aw, that sounds peaceful!

Mollysinn66 karma

Ah, gotcha! So I'm one of those crazy lucky women that has knock on wood never had a yeast infection, I am however super prone to bacterial infection (for the men that means too much good bacteria dies, normally what we mean when we talk about vaginal ph) to prevent it i daily put coconut oil on my labia minora to slowly makes it way to the vaginal, a gyno gave me this advice when I first started and I've not had a ph problem since! 🙌 As for not vibing with someone, i normally recommend they talk to at least one other lady before we book because I'd rather they book with someone else that they'll have a great vibe/time with than book with me and leave feeling unsatisfied

ckjm42 karma

Does that work?!? Omg I'm totally trying that this wildland fire season. Something about moist clothing and 2-3 weeks in the woods... game over. haha Thanks!

Mollysinn48 karma

You're most welcome it is a life changer and if all else fails, vaginal probiotic suppositories 👌

Lurch2Life29 karma

What is defined as illegal sexual harassment in a brothel?

(Everything I know about Nevada brothels I learned from HBO’s Cathouse. Sorry.)

Mollysinn52 karma

It's okay I would rather you ask whatever questions you have then assume everything showed on TV was the whole truth. I have never heard the term illegal sexual harassment. I assume that all sexual harassment is illegal, the harassment part is where you would find the boundaries for any brothel there are much wider boundaries than in the real world but if it hits the point of being harassment you're just going to get thrown out

redstonesky1321 karma

Do you like puzzles? What are some of your favorite songs right now ?

Mollysinn28 karma

I do, mostly word puzzles. And favorite songs arm are Show and tell- Melanie Martinez The in-between - in this moment And witch image- ghost

Whosebert20 karma

Have you ever found that you couldn't "perform" and how do breaks work?

Mollysinn45 karma

It took me a tease but I was too sore to continue and chose to quit for the night. Or times that I'm just sick and same thing I just don't work during that. We don't really do breaks because you're living there so your whole day is like a break just waiting on the next person to come in. And you can always choose to remove yourself from the floor at Bella you never forced to do 12 hours straight or sit in the bar for an extended amount of hours you just hang out in the house and come to your lineups

[deleted]11 karma


Mollysinn23 karma

Absolutely! I'll take a listen tomorrow but dm me and we'll talk about it

masturkiller7 karma

If someone contacts a girl can they schedule a specific time and day? I live in Los Angeles and I've considered visiting a brothel but I have a busy schedule and a kid so I'd have to schedule on specific weeks/weekends etc. Do you have a scheduling app or site?

Mollysinn26 karma

Absolutely appointments are never required at the brothel I work ( Bella's Hacienda) but they're definitely something that we offer. With ours we schedule via email by clicking me the "contact me" link on our profile on the website www.Bellas.us

[deleted]1 karma


Mollysinn12 karma

I think sex is kind of like riding a bike in that you might not be as great when you first hop on but you pick it up again really fast. I think the best way to have amazing sex is to have openness and honesty with your partner. As long as you have a comfort between the two of you to discuss what it is you like or don't like, and can take that advice from the other as well you will figure out the best way that works for you two! And if you have a good partner he will be putting your pleasure first and you'll be putting his pleasure first and I'm sure you'll both cross that finish line❤