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What a crock o shit

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Why are butterfly scientists being murdered at that sanctuary in Mexico? Is this a common thing around the world?

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It’s so they have to pay less people to do check in, which in turn helps them keep ticket pricing down.

In my experience people who hate Ryanair are the ones who expect regular service on a discount air service. Don’t want lower levels of service, pay the extra 150 euros to fly with British airways or KLM and then you won’t have to pay to check in at the airport.

If you want the savings buy the ticket and check in online like a normal person.

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I’m trying to get an active travel hotel started in Italy and am wondering what your experience was with regard to return on investment from # of rooms. Does it make sense to start small w few rooms and less debt, or go big at once and aim to keep them filled as best I can from the start?

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Why don’t movie studios produce original ideas anymore? Have we truly used them all up? Seems like everything is a rehash of movies 15 years or older, or the same movie with new genders cast. It’s really sad that the number of original films of note each year can be counted on your fingers. What are your thoughts and how can we get more?