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How do you keep from going crazy in a town of 1200 people?

I thought my home town of 5000 was small, but at least there was outdoor recreation nearby.

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Isn't there already a case where a person had his head in a particle accelerator and it got turned on?

IIRC, you could see the particle path through his brain in the scans. Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: Yeah here it is. Also here.

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Where is you funniest story about staying overnight in a hotel during a layover? I've seen some funny behavior from flight crews at one of our local hotels.

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A man working with young kids is creepy? At first I thought that was an odd comment, but then I think if Fred Rogers. Personally, he's a person I aspire to emulate in so many ways. He was so focused and driven by care and compassion. To me, that is exemplary.

Yet, I have heard from many people that they thought he was creepy.

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Have you considered asking Sally Yates if she'd be interested in joining your team?

I'm sure she'd love to take a few more cracks at this administrations over-reaches. She might do it just for shits and grins.