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If someone contacts a girl can they schedule a specific time and day? I live in Los Angeles and I've considered visiting a brothel but I have a busy schedule and a kid so I'd have to schedule on specific weeks/weekends etc. Do you have a scheduling app or site?

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🤦🏻‍♂️ here we go lol

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Actually I do believe this to a large degree and I believe you are just a pawn in a larger game. You may not be personally contributing to the demise of his re-election efforts by running your state in the manner you have chosen, yet indirectly and by political association you are doing just as I describe.

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We all know that the numbers are inflated and you're using the pandemic to further hurt the Trump presidency and upcoming re-election. Why would you put your state at risk economically only to harm the president and further perpetuate a false pandemic?