Hi Reddit!

I'm Gilbert Gottfried: Comedian, actor & voice actor (Disney's Parrot IAGO in Aladdin, Digit in PBS Cyberchase, The Aristocrats, voice of AFLAC Duck, Problem Child).

Podcast Host.

Here to answer ANYTHING from the Reddit community and will be answering with personalized video responses via Cameo

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/BLHdnbw

Let's do this......ask me anything!

Edit: Thank you Reddit for all the questions! I am signing off for now, check out my upcoming work and projects!

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DukeboxHiro8626 karma

How do I stop my brain from reading this entire thread in your voice?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried10943 karma

AlphaTangoFoxtrt5172 karma

Have you ever considered doing a full audio-book of 50 shades of Grey?

I saw the sketch and honestly I would buy the audio book (multiple times) for people as a gag gift.

IAMGilbert_Gottfried6423 karma

Hey, if anything, if they would pay me for it, I would do it. I am working on a funny audiobook for Mein Kampf.

I-Should_be_working2658 karma

What is the most memorable experience you have in your line of work?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried3847 karma

liaiwen1790 karma

Whats the meanest thing you've said and have had said to you during a roast?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried4498 karma

I do remember one time Pam Anderson was there, and I described her vagina as being so stretched out that it was like a flailing tube man in front of a used car lot. I don't think she liked that.

KottonKiing1029 karma

How was performing at the 2019 gathering of the juggalos?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried1443 karma

I've done the juggalos a few times, and it is fun to do. Then you can brag and tell your friends afterwards, "I wasn't murdered there!".

pareech1017 karma

Of all the roles you have had, which are you the most proud of or enjoyed the most doing?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried2041 karma

Well there's alot of them I like. If i am pushed against the wall, I'll say the parrot in Aladdin. And the business manager in Beverly cops 2. And the prince in problem child. A bunch of things.

TheGravespawn704 karma

Hi Gilbert. I hear that Bob Saget did some stuff in 1990. What was that again?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried1726 karma

Well I hate talking about it, but he raped and killed a girl in 1990. Ok, I am just kidding. There is no truth that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990. So don't start spreading a rumor that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990.

suaveitguy481 karma

What's the most number of Cameo videos you have made in a night? Seems so crazy you can just sit at home on a rainy day and make $150 every 90 seconds.

IAMGilbert_Gottfried703 karma

Uh yeah, want to know something about it? It doesn't have to be rainy outside. It can be sunny, birds chirping and I can be here making a buck.

superbadonkey470 karma

What's the worst gig you've had and what made it so awful?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried1742 karma

This one right now. Its because I am talking to people like you, and I am surrounded by schmucks like this that don't know what the fuck they are doing. Can somebody get me the fuck out of here?

DeathToUsAllGodBless452 karma

Hi Gilbert, I love you. Will you please tell me a joke?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried937 karma

I was walking down the street. A guy comes up to me and I tell him I'm hungry. He says have a bite to eat. So i bit him.

Faythezeal382 karma

Gilbert, if you could have a redo any decision point in your career, what would you have done differently?

sasksasquatch326 karma

What is/was the best or worse advice you were ever given about doing stand up comedy?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried451 karma

Well uh, I think going to standup comedy. That was the worst advice I've ever gotten.

ajlposh245 karma

Thank you for doing this! I am. die-hard listener to the podcast! I’ve called into the show a couple of times. Now, my question involves Cesar Romero. Where did you first hear the story that he had boy-toys throw orange wedges at his naked ass?

Various-Translator224 karma

Industrial Light and Magic can recreate any dead actors in any kind of movie for you. Budget limitless.

Who would you want as the stars and in what kind of movie?

Gonzagas203 karma

Do you think Problem Child 2 is one the greatest sequels of all time?

PropheticFruit191 karma

What do you think is one of the most admirable traits you see in younger generations? How about older generations as well?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried585 karma

I avoid talking about the younger generation because my lawyer says so. He says if you hang around schoolyards, it may get on TMZ and I still get complaints from parents. I like the older generations because they can't hear what I have to say anyway.

jtormeyx179 karma

Do you get an endorphin rush when you get something for free?

XNamelessGhoulX123 karma

Is Norm the best comedian alive?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried222 karma

Well, that' a strange question, but yes. Norm Crosby is the best comedian alive.

LoBopasses112 karma

You never seemed to cave to PC pressure, even if it ended up costing you money. Did you ever consider changing your material? And was it a hard decision to make at times?

Huge fan, loved you growing up as Iago, and as I got older loved you on Stern.

IAMGilbert_Gottfried183 karma

No, I keep doing offensive stuff. The truth is, "I'm a schmuck".

citicamper105 karma

Can you do some Coronavirus jokes?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried208 karma

I did send one tweet out. What disease hits beer drinkers? The coronavirus. It's pretty fuckin obvious.

paigeralert93 karma

Do I have to pay $99 to get a response?

WorkingClassWarrior63 karma

Have you ever considered doing a series starring a foul mouthed animated duck?

Also are you planning on anymore roasts in the future?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried128 karma

I am staying away from ducks, most of that for legal reasons. If one opens up I will do a roast.

I am doing Carolines in NYC, and that's on March 19th. I am doing Helium in Indianapolis from March 26-29. Doing Improve in Raleigh, North Carolina April 9-11th. I have a podcast called Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing colossal Podcast.

My website is gilbertgottfried.com where you can find my schedule and buy worthless crap from me. My twitter is @realgilbert

I_am_Bearstronaut48 karma

Good day to you! How has your new year been treating you? Anything unexciting that you're excited about? New towels, pots and pans, etc.?


IAMGilbert_Gottfried92 karma

I'm always excited about my pots and pans and towels. It doesn't matter what year it is.

Jon-A-Thon42 karma

Hey Gilbert - I've been a big fan for a while but it seemed that the release of The Aristocrats was kind of a watershed moment. Do you feel that's true and how did it change your life and career?

Nostromo2640 karma

How do you normally deal with hecklers during your act?

stephengiles31339 karma

Hello Gilbert,
Long time fan since I used to watch you on Hollywood Square with Tom Burgeron. Do you have a favorite bargain hunting story to tell?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried70 karma

No. No. I really don't. Do I have a favorite one that I like to tell? Do I like to call people up and ask them about Bargain Hunting? I would say no.

Jaker_b29 karma

Are there any types of jokes that you would consider off limits or legitimately offensive? Like something that would make you draw the line?

IAMGilbert_Gottfried92 karma

Well, one of my favorite lines of George Carlin: it is the duty of the comedian is to find out where the line is drawn, and to deliberately cross over it.