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Have you ever had to report pictures to the police?

Do you have many regular customers that still use film?

Funniest picture you've ever developed?

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I recently started researching Lasik and have found that all the places are offering something called "custom Lasik" for more money. Do you know what makes it different? Is it better than traditional Lasik and worth the extra cost, or is it just marketing?

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Do you have to practice that "NPR voice" that everyone on NPR seems to have?

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A couple things:

  • Tandem masters jump all day long, especially at busy dropzones. It's a job for them. They'll often have more than one rig so they can get even more jumps in.

  • Packing a tandem parachute is harder and takes longer than packing a regular parachute.

  • The packers at dropzones are good at what they do -- it's their job.

People who don't jump always act surprised when they find out that jumpers don't always pack their own rigs. Most people pack their own rig most of the time, but having a packer do it for you isn't really that big of deal. It just means you're tired or hot or just lazy enough to pay the $5 (which is what it cost at the place I learned).

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Tandem masters almost never pack their own parachutes. Every DZ has packers that'll do it for them.