Some people know me from reacting to food and some people know me from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Whichever one brought you here today, I just hope that I brought you some joy! If you are a stranger, feel free to look me up! You can literally find me anywhere @thekalenallen! In the meantime, let’s answer some questions!


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radioactivehornet520 karma

Wheres your 11.5 fingers now?

thekalenallen286 karma

Hahahahaha! One of them was cut off and the other one just stopped growing so I have a small bump on my finger.

Jearil233 karma

How do you feel about Inigo Montoya?

thekalenallen50 karma

I'm not familiar.

Aerron205 karma

He killed my father.

thekalenallen132 karma

My condolences!

UtahMama4209 karma

Wait! Mac & Cheese Kalen?! Amazing!!! You have made my day turn around with the laughter you bring. You definitely make the world a better place.

thekalenallen108 karma

Awwww well thank you!!!

Unluckylucy8373 karma

You have the best laugh! What was the scariest dish you’ve ever seen made? The adult Mac and cheese?

thekalenallen118 karma

Potato Salad Cake

thekalenallen69 karma

Alrighty folks! Well this has been fun! I better get on to work before Ellen calls looking for me! Until next time! HOLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA!

bennyktm66 karma

How was your life with 11.5 fingers? Or did you get them removed?

thekalenallen63 karma

I didn't even get to spend a day with them!

Double-Parked_TARDIS43 karma

Does polydactyly run in your family? Is Ellen really as lovely a person as she appears on TV?

thekalenallen169 karma

Chile I thought you were calling me a dinosaur hahahaha! No it does not and yes, she is exactly like you see her on tv!

Scareball42 karma

At what point did you decide to make your reaction videos? Did you think you'd be as big as you are, or was it just to have a little fun? Did your popularity increase by a lot when Ellen had you on, or was it steady?

Thanks for making your content! It's quality and I've enjoyed them immensely. :)

thekalenallen47 karma

Awwww thanks! It was all for fun! It increased drastically. However, I really only care about leaving a mark on this world! Everything else is just fluff!

audesapere24734 karma

Hi Kalen! Philly local here. What were your favorite eats here? Do you miss the east coast?

thekalenallen55 karma

Ms. Tootsies on South Street!!! I miss it so much!!!

MrsClare201624 karma

What’s the worst dish you’ve ever tasted?

thekalenallen43 karma

Chitterlings. Terrible!

maynardsgirl1321 karma

Kalen!!! Whats something your gonna be doing in the future that you are most excited about?

thekalenallen75 karma

Becoming more of a business man and creating platforms that uplift and motivate marginalized communities!

LordOfSevenKingdoms21 karma

Hey Kalen do you have family in the Caribbean? Your sentiments about salt and pepper not being sufficient seasoning resonates loudly here. I feel like we grew up together each time you bash white people for that. Also I know quite a few persons with 12 fingers. Some removed at birth and some not.

thekalenallen24 karma

I don't, at least I don't think I do!

LordOfSevenKingdoms16 karma

You should come to Trinidad and try some of our foods and do reactions. Do a Caribbean tour.!

thekalenallen27 karma

Done. I'mma come!

spiffy121220 karma

You've met some pretty famous celebrities. Is there someone you haven't met yet in person that you're dying to meet?

thekalenallen43 karma


ElleMB051220 karma

When will you be posting more food watching videos? LOVE them!!!! And, how is it getting to work with Ellen? Isn't she the best?

thekalenallen49 karma

Yeah, when the food video makers stop reporting me!

navymurseAU19 karma

What’s your favorite thing to do with your time away from work?

thekalenallen38 karma

Lay on my couch and binge watch tv!

navymurseAU7 karma

Favorite show rn??

thekalenallen52 karma


JavierLoustaunau18 karma

Have you seen any food 'atrocity' that you just had to try for yourself?

thekalenallen33 karma

One time I made some Thanksgiving balls. They were really good!

WinterText16 karma

can you play the piano?

thekalenallen26 karma

I can actually!

toeaway-12 karma

What’s your favorite food?

thekalenallen27 karma

Pasta! With chicken in it!

m00nf1r311 karma

As a fellow Kansas Citian, what's your favorite thing about Kansas City? Are you gonna watch the Super Bowl on Sunday?

thekalenallen30 karma

BBQ!!! Indeed, I will be at the Super Bowl! TOUCHDOWN Kansas City!!!!

VictorVoyeur9 karma

How many pinkies do you hold out when you want to pretend to be the Queen drinking her tea?

thekalenallen11 karma


hgska8 karma

are you done making food reaction videos and on to different things? i'd love to see one of you reacting to a salt bae video or something like that.

thekalenallen19 karma

Every now then as they come my way. However, I do like applying myself to more stable and purposeful endeavors!

treatsy7 karma

My daughter and I love your food videos!!

What is on the horizon for you? Any dream projects coming to life??

thekalenallen24 karma

I really want to write a cookbook. Also, I'm about to start making more Youtube videos from home!

emilyntyler6 karma

When are you going to Disneyland again? I wanna ride Space Mountain with you!

thekalenallen17 karma

Did you know it's actually called Hyperspace mountain now! Idk. I have a season pass. So, I can go anytime really!

SavioVegaGuy5 karma

Have you ever been in a submarine?

thekalenallen18 karma

Yes, the finding Nemo ride at Disneyland. Wouldn't recommend!

Dave_Paker5 karma

How often do you get confused for Karen Allen?

thekalenallen15 karma

All the time! I do that myself! Damn autocorrect!

womanscorned525 karma

Who has been your favorite celebrity to meet or work with so far?

thekalenallen20 karma


honeyintherock4 karma

Kalen! Hi! The cornbread is my favorite, I absolutely cackle everytime I see it! To me, the time between seeing that video and following you on FB to Ellen was kind of fast, it must have been for you just a whirlwind! What's it like adjusting to such a major shift? You're obviously a really genuine person and I'm glad you're on Ellen where you can stay that way ❤️

thekalenallen12 karma

I keep myself separate from all the Hollywood stuff! I do it sometimes because it's a part of the job. But mostly, I look at my job as just that, a job! I do my work and I go home.

PettyNiwa4 karma

Kalen I love you!!! I've been following you forever and I am enjoying your success! I've noticed you've been working out a lot as well! When are we going to see you in a Beyonce video!?

thekalenallen17 karma

When she finally acknowledges my existence hahaha!

Eddie-DH3 karma

What was Mariah Carey really like? Also, I always see you getting mad props for being yourself and having fun, is there any negative experiences you’ve had since joining Ellen?

thekalenallen6 karma

Honestly, a dream! She was so funny and collaborative! I was in a dream! Also, no, nothing out of the ordinary of a job!

Tinkfly883 karma

Will you be going to Ellen's Q and A?

I will be. 😊

thekalenallen8 karma

I'll be there!

FaeOrFoe3 karma

If you were scheduling the guest list for an Ellen show and could have any 4 guests you want, who would they be?

thekalenallen26 karma


Okay, I would pick Beyonce, Oprah, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama.

Clarabel743 karma

What food did you really dislike when younger that you now really enjoy and vice versa?

thekalenallen10 karma


TrickiiBobbii2 karma

Kalen, how do you make working at Ellen fun and what kind of food is served during Black History Month? Lol 😂

thekalenallen5 karma

I mean, I don't have to make it fun it's kind of inevitable! Hahahaha! Soul food I would guess!

manicpanit2 karma

Who are your favourite comedians or shows?

I also just want to say that I saw your videos around Christmas and they cracked me up! Thank you for being yourself and I hope that you reach all of your goals and achieve everything you want out of life. Looking forward to seeing what you do next! Take care.

thekalenallen16 karma

I don't watch many comedians. But shows, I love Grace & Frankie, This is Us, Sabrina, Once Upon a Time, That's So Raven, Proud Family, to name a few!

ditzyzebra2 karma

What is your favorite social media platform? How’s working out going?

thekalenallen12 karma

Facebook because I don't really have to use it in order for it to do its job. If that makes sense. Working out is going....

legolover3262 karma

Do you sign autographs? :)

thekalenallen8 karma

Indeed, but I prefer pictures. I've never kept an autograph I've ever gotten. It always just ends up in the trash!

iupvotegood1 karma

When will you cut your fingernails?

thekalenallen6 karma

Lmaooooo I just haven't made the appointment. Are yall watching me???

oooriole091 karma

How many jokes do you get about chicken fingers or finger food?

thekalenallen5 karma

I don't think people know about my extra fingers so none really lol.

MINKIN21 karma

How many words per minute can you type?

thekalenallen6 karma

Idk, but I can type really fast. I should take a test!

[deleted]1 karma


thekalenallen18 karma

I mean I don't necessarily consider myself "famous" (contrary to the title), but I am associated with famous people. I prefer well known! But, I also feel as though me not saying I'm famous is partly so that other people don't get butt hurt about me proclaiming something that they deem to have a bad connotation!

neuromorph7 karma

curious about the metrics of fame and popularity among social media participants. What threshold "follower" number would you think is necessary to consider one's account/ persona to be "famous"?

previously being on TV was the mark, maybe repeated exposure, becoming a household name. Now you get retweets without people knowing the original source or legions of bots inflating numbers.

in my career we have a direct number for fame. the Impact factor. it lets you flex your work/publications against your peers.

I wonder if anyone has tried to make anything similar for influencers? hmm maybe I will.. Where do you see the mark of fame these days?

also, what is your perfect burrito?

thekalenallen17 karma

I love this question. First, I honestly don't believe that fame has anything to do with follower count. There are plenty of very famous people who don't have social media at all, yet that doesn't discredit their fame. I think fame and popularity are two completely different things. I think we focus too much on who is the most famous, rather than focusing who are just genuinely kind people!

k8biwi1 karma

Where do you get your undying energy from!? Btw it's contagious and helps other.

thekalenallen3 karma

Idk, I guess I've just held on to my innocence!

RodgerTheBadger1 karma

How do you bring yourself to eat more than a small meal once or twice a day?

thekalenallen5 karma

This is my ultimate struggle! I'm starting to get better though. I'm just too lazy!

NAHBISH19880 karma

Do you wanna be my BFF? I live near LA.

thekalenallen6 karma

We are already BFF's!

APicketFence-4 karma

Did your family come from South America?

thekalenallen17 karma

I'm black. We were stolen from Africa.

Bribbe-4 karma

Do you really belive that being on that TV show makes you a star like you claim? :)

thekalenallen9 karma

No, not necessarily! Nor do I think I'm a star in this moment! However, I do know that work ethic is going to make me one!

ShutTheMuck-6 karma

Do you actually think you're famous, and why should anyone care about who you are or what you do??

thekalenallen17 karma

I mean, you're here aren't you. But, in regards to your second question. I chose to care about any and everyone. I could care less how famous you are, or what you do. I believe that everyone on this planet has purpose and value! Maybe if we focused less on who we think deserves value in this world, it would be a happier place.

zippitydoodiddly-9 karma

Who are you supporting for POTUS?

thekalenallen8 karma

I honestly don't have an answer to this. Haven't decided. I think we know who I'm not!