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honeyintherock4 karma

Kalen! Hi! The cornbread is my favorite, I absolutely cackle everytime I see it! To me, the time between seeing that video and following you on FB to Ellen was kind of fast, it must have been for you just a whirlwind! What's it like adjusting to such a major shift? You're obviously a really genuine person and I'm glad you're on Ellen where you can stay that way ❤️

honeyintherock2 karma

As a former guard girl, THANK YOU times a million.

I often daydreamed of performing with the musician playing the music live. So even though I can't march , I'll get to see my day dreams in real life!! I'll be at the show in Brooklyn, third row! CANT WAIT!

Since you announced the project, I have tried to figure out what group approached you all those years ago. What song did they use? I want to see the show that got David Byrne into winterguard!?