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Thanks for highlighting this, I didn't know it was a 'thing' and I'm a Children's Nurse! (I really should know better!) I'm going to make sure our Hospital gets a wish list pronto if they don't already have one.

Also can I make a plea for all the special needs children that can't necessarily play with 'mainstream' toys. Lots of musical instruments, touchy feely, noisy (yep us nurse types, love noisy toys because it gets smiles and laughter :) balloons and things that make bubbles and gentle light changing toys too.

This AMA is up there with the best I've read.

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What food did you really dislike when younger that you now really enjoy and vice versa?

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I hope OP doesn't mind me jumping in here but there is so much you could do to show your appreciation.

Sharing - It sounds like you had a 'positive' experience of your grandparents' end of life care. Telling all those that will listen how amazing the care was at the hospice. The more people that hear the positive side to what Hospices do helps raise the awareness in the general public and make it a less scary place. And I am sorry for your loss.

Donating - Ask the clinical staff what they might need to assist people better (Is there a small thing that could be donated that would help - we are alway losing TV remotes... If someone donated some, it would decrease our time searching for some that worked. You have to be careful if you were thinking of clinical equipment to donate - but ask because they would be able to tell you.

Time - If you have any can you volunteer in some way - either in the hospice, outside in the garden/grounds, fund raising, helping at events.

Hope that helps.

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How many UK childrens' hospices have you been working with?

What have been the restrictions using Chiara? I would imagine most hospices use social media (specific closed facebook groups for families for example - linked to the hospice) How does Chiara differ in providing tailored information to families that FB group / pm wouldn't?

I'd love to know more about memory making and legacy - What have you been able to make for that area.

Sorry I know I'm late and that's a few questions...