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There's a sucker born every minute.

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The whole "extra authenticity" excuse is dumb. Not one single person would ever give a shit about whether or not a guitar being played in a movie is actually from the mid 1800s where the movie is set. An exact replica of the guitar would look and play just like the real thing. It makes absolutely no sense to use a "priceless" guitar for any reason.

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From the looks of things, you idiots have no idea what's going on, and just lie about stuff to make yourself look cutting edge and helpful in some way.

We can all see through your bullshit.

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Were all the sets made of reclaimed lumber from the 1870s? Were the horses the original horses from 140 years ago? What about the guns? Were those all original and authentic? Are the costumes made from cloth produced back then? A guitar used for 2 minutes is such an insignificant piece of the puzzle compared to everything else that could be truly authentic. Why no emphasis on any of the other stuff? Why is it only the guitar was so crucial to be a real guitar from the mid 1800s? I'm just not buying the whole authenticity argument. It makes no sense.