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Hello, James. I️ didn’t quite see my questions so here goes.

Full disclosure: I️ live in one of the two blue metros and I️ work in emergency management

1) What are your plans to address White supremacist violence when you win?

2) What are your personal thoughts on the Missouri football protests and the backlash the mostly AA team received from the majority White politicians and donors?

3) Missouri receives federal grant dollars for terrorism and emergency planning. Rather than help the two biggest cities (KC and StL) prepare for threats, they give money to their friends in small, rural counties. This does not help MO be more prepared but rather encourages an unhelpful “chicken in every pot” attitude. Everyone doesn’t need a chicken! No one is coming from your cows! Ballpark Village, however, is a real target. -How do you plan to you advocate for the equitable and sensible allocation of grant funds to keep Missourians safe?

Thanks for reading. Truly nice to meet you. This is my first AMA, as I’m new here, and I’m glad it’s you.

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Kalen, how do you make working at Ellen fun and what kind of food is served during Black History Month? Lol 😂

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You might have just earned yourself a vote but first, let me keep scrolling to see if you already answered my question and if not, see how you answer once I️ post.