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Do you ever think the real reward were the friends you made along the way?

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My most valuable heist was friendships

ZealZen3551 karma

You son of a bitch, i'm in.

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Great question or comment, Yes, I have met some interesting and good people. I met some great men in prison. I never had that question. Thanks, check out my youtube videos you will see a lot.

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Agree, such a great statement

JHKtheSeeker2234 karma

What was your closest call without actually being caught? How did you get away?

Dariendesigns3066 karma

You never know how close you got to being caught, my last robbery was a hairy getaway, I didn't get caught at the store but I did later with good police work.

madbadenglish661707 karma

What sort of mark down do fences give. You say you stole $15 million but what did you actually pocket?

Dariendesigns2160 karma

Depending on what it is, you get about 30%

MarkoWolf1470 karma

How did you "know" whether or not someone new was someone you could trust?

Dariendesigns2020 karma

That is the most important part. Usually, you have something over them, they messed around on their girl, been with a guy, or something. Then it is all about reading their body language. People think they can do it, but freeze at the end. I am reading my book on YouTube and I just summarized that.

someredditgoat1439 karma

This is something I've needed to know. When you steal recognizable valuables do you steal first then find a fence, or do you do it more like contract work where you steal something because you already have a guy that wants it?

Dariendesigns1871 karma

Any good criminal has an out for what he steals or don't steal it. I was offered to steal millions in artwork. Picasso, Rembrandts, etc. I couldn't get penny's on the dollar. It wasn't worth th erisk

Toupebyday1050 karma

Have you secretly kept anything...or wish you did?

Dariendesigns1202 karma

No, most criminals do.

vincentkahrune1042 karma

Did you ever wish you had stolen the chandelier from Tiffany's, since it's worth more than diamonds?

Then get caught by a girl, she's Tiffany. You fall in love, make love all night?

Dariendesigns2691 karma

And then in the morning, the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms? I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada? I don't trust her? Besides, I like the cold? Thirty years later, I get a postcard? I have a son and he's the chief of police? This is where the story gets interesting? I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadero? She's been waiting for me all these years? She's never taken another lover? I don't care? I don't show up? I go to Berlin? That's where I stashed the chandelier you mean?

Dariendesigns196 karma

LOL Great scenerio

richterscale09715 karma

Forget the market value of diamonds; do you personally feel like those suckers are worth anything?

Dariendesigns1864 karma

I think it is the biggest scam on the planet.

NippPop652 karma

What's the LEAST exciting and interesting thing you've stolen. Toothbrush? Apple? Single sock?

Dariendesigns2333 karma

People seem to think I stole their time the last time I did this.

Ze97PBL623 karma

Is there a retirement plan for Jewel Thieves? When enough is enough?

Dariendesigns1407 karma

Never. John Gotti, famous gangster, once said if he ever saw one of us had a 401k plan or started saving up, he'd kill you. Saving up only leads to people ratting people out 'cause they have a way out of the crime scene. Once you're in, you're never leaving unless you're dead or go to prison.

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That is the million-dollar question, we all are driven by adrenaline and there is never enough until you get old and get caught.

sunburntdick622 karma

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Never start stealing? Only do a few jobs and retire early? Skip the one that got you caught?

Dariendesigns987 karma

I would have stayed away from the crime scene altogether. Would've loved to stayed in the Coast Guard but I ended up hurting my back real bad during a storm so I couldn't stay.

KamenAkuma493 karma

How do you sell diamonds that you stole? I mean im not looking for tips but iv heared its crazy hard because they can be marked as stolen

Dariendesigns925 karma

A fence. The jewelry business is shady to start. They rob more people than me. They buy hot stuff all the time.

i_am_the_badger439 karma

What led to the FBI going after you? We’re you part of a bigger operation?

Addition to: typically there is a court case that lays out the evidence against you, so if it was a snitch, a set up, etc this would be on display at court

Dariendesigns746 karma

They start to get a little curious of you when millions of dollars in jewellery gets stolen

wzl46409 karma

Can my mom get her earrings back?

Dariendesigns989 karma

They were fake anyway ;)

Dfarni292 karma

The casing, executing through hawking and selling of - how accuratley is that portrayed in tv/movies?

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That is pretty close. I used to sp[end a lot of time knowing everything. Right down to when the cops in the area got coffee and where. They didn't even know they were being cased and they are the cops.

krischon241 karma

How did you find buyers? We’re they small time buyers or we’re they large quantity buyers?

Dariendesigns309 karma

I had a fence. That is who gets rid of your stolen stuff

charliethemandog238 karma

How did you end up getting into the crime life?

Like if I decided I wanted to turn to a life of crime I still couldn’t just do it because I don’t know anyone deep enough in that world, unless I just started holding up 7-11s or some petty shit that wouldn’t even be worth it

Dariendesigns332 karma

Being raised in the Bronx, when I was a kid, you're around that stuff all the time. Started off with sports betting at 13 years old and taking bets from the folks in my neighbourhood.

Mint-Z224 karma

Did you get to keep any money from this heists after you got out of prison?

Dariendesigns500 karma

No, I was actually $67,000 in debt when I got out of prison.

tapcha189 karma

Any tips for an aspiring Jewel Thief? Asking for a friend. :)

Dariendesigns505 karma

LOL Yea, don't do it. You will get caught. I was asked to do a score with someone and I said I would kill the whole team. He didn't realize I wasn't kidding. Three can keep a secret if two are dead

Isawablackcat175 karma

Where there any other thieves you knew who retired peacefully/ never got caught?

Dariendesigns241 karma

Yes, enough said

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but 99% get caught or something bad happens. Looking over your shoulder your whole life is no way to live.

DatPCgam141 karma

What got you into stealing?

Dariendesigns273 karma

I think the only answer is my upbringing. Not my family, my environment. I grew up around gangsters.

8urfiat126 karma

If you were in a literal food fight to the death, what food would you choose as your weapon?

Dariendesigns285 karma

Probably a salami and use it as a bat.

luri755599 karma

We’re you ever hired to rip someone off as part of insurance scam?

Dariendesigns234 karma

That was actually how I did my first robbery. A guy we knew, wanted me to rob his store so he could get the insurance money and I could get the jewels. I had to do it like it was a real thing so the worker didn't know and it seemed believable.

hardlinerUSA84 karma

Did you ever do anything in VA?

Dariendesigns107 karma

NO, all around it. Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut

Jake1702_80 karma

Have you ever raided a fridge in a place you were stealing from because you were hungry?

Dariendesigns96 karma

No, but that is funny

sirius477871 karma

Were you concerned that being huge guy would draw attention? Any apprehension over gains in the gym in favor of staying inconspicuous in the jewel heist game?

Dariendesigns117 karma

My MO was that I was a construction worker/contractor so being buff isn't an unrealistic thing for those types of jobs.

SupaKoopa71471 karma

How many times did you steal some jewels by performing acrobatic ninja moves while wearing an eye mask and a skintight black catsuit?

Dariendesigns96 karma

LOL only twice

AlexHimself70 karma

Did you ever have to hurt anyone to commit the crimes?

Dariendesigns166 karma

Never, I had to threaten of course, but never physically hurt someone. I did do a lot of psychological damage and I reget that.

outlawsix58 karma

If you decided to get back into it, how confident are you that they wouldn't catch you again?

Dariendesigns129 karma

I would say there would be a good chance I get away with it for a while. It would all depend on how greedy I would get, I think that is the human flaw. Greed.

SalsaSavant52 karma

Nicholas Cage comes to you and tells you he needs help stealing the Declaration of Independance. Do you do it?

Dariendesigns87 karma

Are your crazy? Of course! He’s never failed.

bizzabois43 karma

How did you find a fence? Where they a friend? And how did you convince them to handle stolen goods?

Dariendesigns89 karma

Pretty easy in NYC and in the jewelry business. It is a shady business to begin with.

Trajer43 karma

You said the FBI were "real good." What was the most impressive thing that stood out to you that they did?

Dariendesigns82 karma

Just their attention to detail and their resources. They've got about all the time and money they need to crack down on anyone. Especially with today's technology, it's hard for anyone to do any big heist without them catching you.

JacuzziBirth35 karma

Have you ever downloaded a car?

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VictorKutepov30 karma

What advice would you give to a 15 year old like me?

Dariendesigns71 karma

Stay in school. Do what you love and be nice to others.

Optimyst9328 karma

Now that you are out, how much do you value your freedom and what do you do for a living now?

Dariendesigns102 karma

OMG, freedom is so precious. I try to work with kids and families to help young people not make the mistakes I made. I also want to change law enforcement. They need to start policing themselves or they are no better than the criminals they chase. It is all bs.

Naive_Drive24 karma

Did you make sure to steal from the rich?

Dariendesigns67 karma

I stole from wholesalers, although it was wrong, I know for a fact some of them made money on the robbery. They claimed more in insurance than I know I got.

csidebot24 karma

Did you do all the casing yourself or did you ever farm that out? How do you go about not being noticed and what do you look for? Have always been curious about pi work.

Dariendesigns63 karma

I would target stores in plazas. That way you can just sit in your car. People don't know if you're waiting for your wife or just talking on the phone or something like that. It's mostly about confidence. If you believe you should be in a particular place, people usually won't question it.

krischon20 karma

So this might be a stupid question, but, if you had a time machine would you go back and tell your former self not to follow the path you did?if so what things in particular

Dariendesigns36 karma

Absolutely. I would tell myself, "you're going to miss out on priceless memories with your family and kids being raised and it's not worth the money or thrill."

Luuklilo17 karma

Heya! I caught a vid where you broke down heists in movies, etc. While doing this sort of content, what do you keep in mind as to not be promoting others to follow in your footsteps?

Because, well, you do make it seem pretty interesting!

Dariendesigns43 karma

I can't lie, it is interesting and exciting, but I don't condone or encourage crime. The end result is always bad. If you think I am making it interesting, what does GTA V do? Everyone has the ability to make a choice, just make good choices.

boundunbound13 karma

Do you think the Kim kardashian diamond heist in Paris was a scam?

Dariendesigns30 karma

I called it on TV first that it was an inside job. I think it was proven that way already.