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Did you ever wish you had stolen the chandelier from Tiffany's, since it's worth more than diamonds?

Then get caught by a girl, she's Tiffany. You fall in love, make love all night?

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this AMA really backfired on you, how do you feel about that?

I'm honestly asking, because it seems Scott really stole the show without even trying and as a competitor, that had to hurt.

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Yes, i hear this all the time! Sometimes the zapping noise sounds like tv static, with a burst of light, but mostly it sounds like a zap or a popping kind of noise. Sometimes it takes a very long time to fall back asleep because my heart is pumping a million beats per minute.

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I worked at a Walmart in Texas during one of the worst heat waves and every time i looked at that fucking truck, with boxes thrown in there like some mother fucker just didn't give a shit and they packed it so tight we had to get a goddamn FORKLIFT to open the door... I wanted to track that person down and murder his entire family tree.

No, I'm not bitter.

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The baby looked at you?

Sarah, get Super Nintendo chalmers on the phone!