Hey! I made an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style series of DMT trip videos. Each video along a chosen path is from one of my many DMT experiences. Because I've tripped so many times I chose experiences that overlapped.

I was pretty nervous making something like this. I think this is the first time it's been done before.

If you passed me on the street you probably wouldn't think I'm so heavily invested in psychedelics. There's growing acceptance towards psych use for therapy as research continues to expand. Yet these substances have already changed my life in a big way.

One path will take about 10-15 minutes so if you have time to spare check it out!

And if you have any questions about DMT, psychedelics in general , or best practices like harm reduction and test kits, AMA!

Please use the YouTube app or your computer to completely immerse yourself in the videos.

Video link: https://youtu.be/1PaaoB8m-Fk

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieRea_M_YSoT3qtiZXMR5Q

I do not condone or advocate for the use of illegal drug use. Although I have my own views most psychedelics are schedule 1 substances in many places

Proof- https://twitter.com/psychsetc/status/1153849613516005377?s=21

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bear687542 karma

Do you feel that your experiences with psychedelics have actually, meaningfully changed / enabled you to change your life? How? In what ways?

This is a big question but I'd appreciate any stab at answering whatever part of it speaks to you. Thanks for posting OP! This stuff is fascinating to me.

PsychsEtc40 karma

Yeah! The biggest change is that I went from "Yes, there's a God" to "God doesn't exist" to "I don't know but maybe..." over the course of my life. Which I think is a common transition for many. With psychedelics there's a spiritual hue to them - especially DMT, shrooms, mescaline, iboga and Ayahuasca.

I even had one DMT trip where I communicated with the source of DMT. I was presented with some incredible knowledge that doesn't really translate with words or images. The skeptic in me has to take every psych experience with a grain of salt and process it as best I can.

So I learned to examine my life as a whole more closely because of these substances.

asphyxiationbysushi2 karma

The knowledge that doesn’t translate- this can’t be described at least? Like was it mechanical? Maths?

PsychsEtc3 karma

I wish I knew. My mind has since shut it out and left me with an impression. I know what occurred but I can't describe it.

I remember a good amount of lower level concepts. Some I used for these videos. But only a select number of people have been able to convert these high concept ideas into even somewhat coherent messages. And most of the time those people or their ideas were turned into religions and major philosophies.

asphyxiationbysushi1 karma


PsychsEtc3 karma

Some are. It depends on their nature. Many of the entities you'd meet come across as archetypes. The underlying message for the ones who do want us to evolve is usually love.

OzymandiasKoK27 karma

Which Joe Rogan episode were you on / will you be on?

PsychsEtc30 karma

Joe Rogan knows about DMT?

matrix_man22 karma

Not one question yet? Okay, I'll bite.

What was your first experience with psychedelics? What sorts of things would you recommend to make someone else's first time with psychedelics safe and as positive as possible?

PsychsEtc55 karma

I was 19 and went home for the summer. Met with old smoking buddies and one of them was selling truffles by the gram. I had heard of shrooms but had never done any research. I bought 5 grams, went home, put on some music and took 2. Some time had past and I didn't feel any different so I took the remaining 3.

The come up was intense but familiar. Like I was reconnecting with an old, wise friend I hadn't spoken to in a long time. I found my consciousness riding the waves of the music until I became the music. This transitioned into an ego death and for the rest of the trip (~3hr?) I saw the birth and death of the universe over and over again. Like this was how God breathes.

I had a really pleasant but reality-shattering first time that could have ended badly. If I could go back and give myself advice I would have first ordered a testing kit so I knew what I was ingesting. And let one of my roommates know what I was doing. A trip sitter doesn't always have to be in the room with you. Someone supportive is close by can make all the difference.

Good music in a comfortable setting with people you trust at a dosage you're okay with gives you the best chance at a positive experience.

matrix_man12 karma

Thank you for such a detailed and thorough answer! When you say "good music" in regards to having a positive trip, is that whatever type of music you find good? Or are there certain types of music that are just inherently better or worse for tripping regardless of personal preference?

PsychsEtc23 karma

Like in any setting, music sets the tone. So pick based on what "vibe" you want for your trip.

That said, there's psychedelic music for a reason :)

smittyK18 karma

Im 27 now and when i was 21 maybe? I watched a documentary on DMT on netflix and piqued my interest about DMT.

What is a DMT trip like in simple terms? Or specific terms?

PsychsEtc32 karma

Watch the videos to find out!

But in simple terms, I had one trip where I was experiencing the trip in 6 dimensions and thought to myself "Of course this is 6D! How could I forget!?"

Batherick2 karma

I watched one of your videos, can you really still think thoughts while in that state? It just seems like an explosion of geometrical chaos. Is there still a ‘you’ in all that, body and mind?

PsychsEtc7 karma

It really does depend on the psych and the dose.

On DMT, even high dosages, I've been fully present with fractaling chaos surrounding me. But it's hard to process while it's going on so there's a tug and pull of me trying to let go and embrace the trip while also seeing a magical room and thinking "wow, this is awesome!"

But like the other user said, once you've hit ego death you're one with everything.

_Born_To_Be_Mild_2 karma

What's in the 6th dimension?

PsychsEtc4 karma

I wish I could use words to explain that. I'll butcher it but you'd need 6D words to explain 6D concepts. Which makes no sense until you see it yourself.

najing_ftw16 karma

What is your opinion about microdosing?

PsychsEtc24 karma

It's awesome! For anyone like me who has social anxiety, depression (clinical, etc), or trouble relating to others - microdosing is a godsend.

It's not a cure but it does show you your potential. Microdosing is at its best when you have all the perks without actually dosing. It shouldn't be a crutch but it can steer you back in a positive direction.

Finding the balance between feeling more neuroplastic without psychedelic effects can be tricky. That's my biggest gripe.

twcochran7 karma

What do you microdose, and how much/ how often?

PsychsEtc19 karma

I've microdosed shrooms and DMT because dose control was easiest.

For shrooms it was 0.2g every Monday and Friday for 2 months followed by one month off. I did this for a total of 8 months. I think 0.1g is recommended but everyone's a little different.

DMT was 10mg vaped, eyes kept open. Microdosing DMT should not be treated like lsd or shrooms. It only lasts around 5 minutes at this dosage. It sounds really strange but I microdosed for about 2 weeks every other day to work with a medicine woman who was definitely not from this plane.

USMC_048118 karma

We're going to need some specifics on your two week co-op program with this otherworldly medicine woman.

PsychsEtc6 karma

Step 1 - injure your back.

Step 2 - be just broke enough.

Step 3 - be desperate.

Step 4 - take DMT and she'll randomly show up and telepathically communicate with you.

No but really, go to a physical therapist or whatever reasonable medical professional you need. I don't know why she showed up, and it helped a little, but those two weeks I was really desperate to relieve any pain.

franklloydwrong11 karma

What if I want to try psychedelics but am anxious about how to acquire them?

PsychsEtc14 karma

Great question. I can talk about the dark web or growing/making it yourself but really you should feel comfortable about the whole experience - from acquiring the psychs to experiencing them and into the afterglow.

So if it's hard to find a connection organically and buying online/making it yourself makes you feel uncomfortable it may not be the right time.

I do have to say, psychs do somehow find a way to show up at funny times.

Blissful_Backpacker8 karma

I don’t see you mentioning anything about LSD. Do you stay away from it? If so, why?

If you have consumed it. What makes it unique compared to the others?

PsychsEtc11 karma

I've taken LSD a handful of times and will make videos about it in the future.

I stayed away from it for a while because my first trip was incredible, bought some from another guy but this time it felt off. Ordered a test kit, bought from him again and it wasn't LSD but one of its derivatives. It was hard to find quality LSD for a couple years.

Besides the longer duration compared to psychs like mescaline, shrooms and DMT - LSD made the simulation theory feel real. For better or worse I felt like I was in "the matrix" which hasn't happened on other psychs. The headspace also felt more manageable compared whereas something like shrooms has an agenda.

I prefer other psychs and for now only take LSD to trip sit others.

DrHivesPHD7 karma

This sounds very creative

Did the mushrooms tell you to make this?

PsychsEtc17 karma

Mushrooms told me to show my family and myself more love. DMT told me to start being creative and pull down the info it showed me.

RyCalll6 karma

How old are you? I used to manufacture and smoke DMT on a regular basis when I was 19-22, but now the appeal has been lost on me.

Also, do you think "the knowledge that you have gained" is real, or based on the idea as reasoning for using an incredibly strong, debilitating psychedelic. Looking back on my past experiences I view my previous thoughts and reflections as an excuse for heavy drug use.

Do you think any of this applies to you?

PsychsEtc5 karma

It's tricky because I do think it's real but a lot of what I've been shown on psychs, especially DMT, is total nonsense. It's not that some things can't be helpful, like DMT telling me to become more creative, love myself more, etc.

But a lot of it makes no sense until you're tripping again in that higher headspace. Then the information as a whole comes back and it all adds up. It's kind of like explaining 3D to a 2D person. They may get it but it may not be useful.

Where DMT really got helpful was once I started meditating on concise intentions/questions before tripping. I got a pretty clear response at the end. Every time.

Will escapism always be a reason behind drug use? I think so. But we all crave an escape from reality somehow. I choose to tinker with DMT and other psychs as a mind altering tool to better myself.

K1ttredge6 karma

I have been interested in trying psychedelics for a number of years now and have been very hesitant.

I tend to be an incredibly logical person and have never hallucinated (or anything similar) minus hitting my head when I was very young and seeing literal stars before waking up in the hospital.

I am afraid I might "fight" the effects. That my brain will not accept what I'm experiencing and it will ruin the experience or leave me in a fight or flight loop.

Have you been aware of anyone like this? Am I being a fool because my inhibitions will be destroyed by the dosing?

PsychsEtc4 karma

I agree with u/consciousx. Any personality type can enjoy psychs.

The best defense against your mind fighting the trip, especially when you want to submit, is mindful meditation. It's like a muscle and the more you work it out the better you can navigate the headspace of a trip.

And start with a lower dose so you can dip your feet into the psychedelic headspace before you go for the deep dive.

palestanianWarrior4 karma

What are some ways I could re kindle a positive experience with psychedelics? I just feel like since my last 3 times I’ve ended up on the boat that I’m just not cut out to use them anymore.

PsychsEtc3 karma

What substances did you take?

For me, LSD is my least favorite psych while shrooms felt like an old friend.

All psychs aren't for everyone but I do believe there is a psych for everyone.

Also, microdosing could be a better fit.

JuanCSanchez4 karma

I always wanted to try DMT. I don’t know why I didn’t tried psychedelics before. I may be afraid if what I’ll find inside myself.

Classic question.

Did you encounter the mechanical elves. If so, how did it change the vision of your own life?

PsychsEtc6 karma

Unfortunately, no. I was told by the source of DMT that I would never meet other entities. That was life-changing in a way because it's the one trip I think about the most.

murlinsaintjean3 karma

I've seen you mentioned something about how mushrooms told you to love yourself and your family more. I've had a similar experience on LSD. I want to know, have you experienced "hell" on any of these drugs? Like, the ego death that shames you for your attachment to the ego with flashbacks of your wrongdoings? If so, do you have any insight?

PsychsEtc3 karma

I haven't experienced anything like that. The closest I've come was falling into a negative thoughtloop on shrooms. I dug my way out and continued the trip in a mostly pleasant headspace.

After that trip I now start all my trips facing any issues and coming up with solutions. Not only is this manageable during the come up but I feel more confident, free and alive for the rest of the time. I haven't had a bad moment since dealing with my issues first.

SuccessPastaTime3 karma

How do you do it? I used to be a little psychonaut in my youth, but I come to realize I just can’t handle the negative/intense experiences very well. You say in the 60mg video you were just happy to be alive and you after the experience. For me, I’d be panicking because the intensity.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a psychedelic experience (I do have some DMT I’ve been holding onto if I ever come to a moment in life where I feel I’m willing to do it). I’ve tried it in the past, but was too hesitant to have a break through experience (did enough to where I was having strong visuals in the room it occurred, but didn’t go further. It was actually not bad, just worried if I went further. I’ve done Salvia to an extreme level, and that was a traumatic nightmare (I know they’re totally different beasts, but their sudden onset is similar).

Anyway, very interesting experiment you got going on here. Good on you!

PsychsEtc3 karma

Thanks! I think there's a fine line between nerves, bliss and appreciation. Bliss usually follows nerves after you submit. Like when you're in line for a rollercoaster, on the ride, and then the afterglow once it's done.

I was so confused by the chaos in the 60mg headspace that being stable and grounded made me appreciate my life so much more. But there also familiar beauty in that chaos. It's hard to describe.

It sounds like your salvia trip is holding you back from a DMT breakthrough. The way most take salvia there's no way to find bliss. It's not in its nature. On DMT the other side is bliss beyond words.

One thing you can do is take a high enough dose to force a breakthrough. Or process the salvia experience to the point where it's no longer holding you back. Not even just to trip but to move on.

3wdppb7fub2 karma

I've taken a lot of LSD. I had a bad trip around a year ago, and I tried two more times after that to have an enjoyable psych experience again, but every time goes terribly. I have rather severe flashbacks periodically and mild HPPD at all times. There are some other weird and scary symptoms as well that line up with some other disorders.

I'm not sure if this is the start of some kind of psychotic break and my heavy psychedelic use triggered a mental health problem or if this is just the result of frying my brain and I'll slowly recover if I stay sober. Do you have any thoughts?

PsychsEtc1 karma

I don't think all psychs are for everyone but I do think there's a psych for everyone. LSD is my least favorite of the more common psychs but shrooms felt like an old friend.

That said, it does sound like psychs isn't a good match.

Maybe hold off for now and if there comes a time when psychs are legal in therapeutic settings you can try them again with someone trained to handle situations just like yours.

Either way, staying healthy and on top of your symptoms gives you the best chance at a positive trip in the future.

TheSinningRobot2 karma

You've referenced some pretty out there experiences you've had while tripping and I'm having a difficult time trying to tell if its sincere or tongue in cheek about the kinds of things you see and believe while tripping.

Basically my question is, do you actually believe that you "communicated with the source of DMT" and "worked with a medicine woman from another plane"?

This question comes form curiosity and not aggressive skepticism if that makes a difference.

PsychsEtc2 karma

I enjoy these kinds of questions so no worries. Especially because I have no idea.

Everything I've talked about has been my own, genuine experience. Which is why I'm so fascinated by psychs. And it's not just that I've had these experiences but they've felt more real than reality. It's very hard to describe.

But do I believe there's really other planes of existence that we simply can't interact with because our subconscious filters it out? Maybe. When I'm tripping I instinctively believe what I'm seeing is actually happening but my sober mind can't process it without skepticism.

TheSinningRobot1 karma

So if I'm understanding it basically you choose not to analyze it soberly because it's basically impossible to in such a different state than how you experienced it?

PsychsEtc3 karma

I process and integrate as much as I can as long as it's helpful.

On one DMT trip my wall looked like it opened up and on the other side was a guy in a lab coat working in a lab. There's nothing to really gain from that. But when shrooms tells me I need to love myself more, it's still abstract but it's something I can work towards.

TheSinningRobot1 karma

So I guess my question then is, do you in a sober state believe you did actually connect with a medicine woman, see the source of DMT etc?

PsychsEtc3 karma

I don't know. Everything beyond that answer is my opinion.

My guess is that reality is more complicated than what we can typically sense. If the brain is this mix of different operating systems sending messages to other parts of the brain and body then there's a base state that allows us function normally. I think this base state exists so we can survive.

I also think the chemical process of psychs shuts some brain systems off and enhances others and now we're operating in a new way. Whether this new way of operating actually gives us the ability to see more of the color spectrum, interact with entities and see in 6D? I don't know but it sure does feel like it.

So I'm not sure if I could ever give a yes or no answer to your question. It's a good one, one of the timeless kind.

tvizzle2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA.

Given your experience, do you believe altered states of concioussness are literal and explained via chemical induction? Or do you believe they're inaccessible existing 'realms' for lack of a better term?

Secondly, curious to hear how much you've learnt about the history of psychedelics, their old shamanistic purpose, any accounts or correlations to altered states of concioussness etc

PsychsEtc2 karma

Really, who knows? My guess is that it's a mix of both. If the brain is this mix of different operating systems sending messages to other parts of the brain and body then there's a base state that allows me function normally. I think the chemical process psychs shut some systems off and enhance others and now we're operating in a new way. Whether this new way of operating actually gives us the ability to see more of the color spectrum, interact with entities and see in 6D? I don't know but it sure does feel like it.

And I learned about psychs through books, videos and talking with more experienced psych users. Shamans have an incredible gift of balancing and integrating spirituality with this reality. That said, I think anyone with an open mind has the ability to better their life from what they learned in an altered state of consciousness - even if it's simply the message of love more.

Dinal1082 karma

Jeeeeeeeeeesus how long did this take? I ive tjought of doing one but the sheer ammount if time it takes to make all the splintering branching paths endings and possibilities would be astronomical and I simply dont have the time or patience lol, that said what was your expirience with it?

PsychsEtc2 karma

It took a week from coming up with the idea to writing to shooting to editing. What made it easier was choosing paths from overlapping trips.

But it was a huge labor of love. I wrote a loose script and stopped writing for two days because it seemed too daunting. I stopped filming it 3 times because I was so nervous and kept messing up. I was constantly fighting that part of me telling me to just quit because it wasn't actually worth it.

I've never done anything like this and my next video may not be so labor intensive but I'm so glad finished it.

Dinal1081 karma

Good for you! Followup, what kept you going?

PsychsEtc1 karma

I'm used to giving up - especially with anything creative that involves uncomfortable problem solving. I want to push past that unhelpful thinking so I can mature and see proof of it.

darrendewey2 karma

Thoughts on Saliva Divinorum? Personally it's my favorite psychedelic, although I've only done 2 others (lsd & shrooms). I've always experienced a wild laughing fit inside a cartoon that was narrated by Willy Wonka.

PsychsEtc1 karma

I haven't done it yet! But I want to.

It's a completely different beast than DMT from everything I've researched about it.

What makes it your favorite?

360walkaway1 karma

Is it true what they say about taking micro-doses of mushrooms... that it will change your values / open up new horizons of thinking?

PsychsEtc1 karma

Microdosing mushrooms is a good way to dissolve a lot of ingrained societal pressure so it can see what it's like to function as you. Because you're less influenced by social norms you may find that an idea or behavior you thought was yours actually wasn't.

So I see it more as clearing away values that aren't in your nature and for most people this new way of thinking feels liberating.

Poppintool1 karma

I only see three videos on your YouTube channel. Am I missing something? Super interested to check it out!

PsychsEtc2 karma

Click on the INTRO video from my channel - using either the YouTube app or computer - and in the description box should be 2 links that let you move forward. Hope this helps! If not I'll see if something needs to be fixed.

stankn00dle1 karma

I see you used the yocan. Do you pulse or take it all in one hit? Also great description of the surgery man I had an almost Identical experience! Great informative video brother! Much love ❤️

PsychsEtc1 karma

I use the quartz coil (I know, I know) and heat the coil til it's red all over, pack it, pulse the coil and liquify the DMT. Then pulse for 2-3s, inhale and count to 10, and repeat until I can't anymore. So usually 3 times but I can never hold the third hit in very long, if at all.

Thank you! ♥️

gurlswurld1 karma

Are you thinking about upping the production value of the show once the ball gets rolling more? I feel like tighter edits can really help the smoothness of the show as it seems to be shooting for an educational vibe, I could deffo see myself coming back to this often, good job! :)

I'd love to see footage of you whilst under influence rather than an a re-enactment, although I understand that it might be insensitive to suggest that as people under the influence can embarrass themselves or endanger themselves. I guess its a perversity in all of us to wonder how different act.

PsychsEtc1 karma

Yeah! Definitely. I'm still learning about the production process and the level of detail needed for each step. Right now my main focus is creative content but if enough people enjoy what I do I'll up the quality so I can move beyond content that was shot on an iPhone and edited in iMovie :)

And maybe I'll do a live trip report in the future. From what I've been told my re-enactment wasn't too far off from I act while tripping.

AltoRhombus1 karma

Any recommendations for an evening with my friend Cid? Last time I did my usual "watch all the old TooL music videos and envision all life as connected" but was pretty much lost in the sauce otherwise.

PsychsEtc2 karma

Haha I like that image.

No real recommendations though. Reading is pretty crazy on the come up. So is meditating.

If you're lost you're lost. Bring a spoon and hope it stays a spoon.

ac-361 karma

How much do you think psychedelics have been used in the past?

PsychsEtc1 karma

Natural psychs like mescaline, ibogaine and Ayahuasca have been used for thousands of years (maybe more) in their respective cultures. For many it's still an ingrained part of spiritual healing and growth.

Playisomemusik-1 karma

What do you mean pick your dosage? I've done DMT quite a few times. So please educate me.

PsychsEtc3 karma

Watch the video :) If you have questions after that I'll answer them.

Edit: The interactive part of the videos is that I made 2 paths to choose from. So you can pick a 30mg trip report or 60mg and more choices branch off from there.

bonesonstones5 karma

Isn't the point of an AMA to have questions answered, rather than being told to get the information some place else?

PsychsEtc1 karma

True. I'll edit my response to answer the question more directly.

[deleted]-3 karma


PsychsEtc3 karma

Codifying DMT as a whole will never happen. It's too personal, too vast, and too ineffable. I agree with you there.

Try writing down or documenting as much of the trip as you can once you're able to. Like a dream journal. You'll remember more and can look back on your own journeys.

DomesticApe23-11 karma

Hey buddy, in my country DMT had a lot of attention brought to it by a local celebrity.

As a result, a whole new category of drug legislation was implemented. What wasn't illegal previously is now, all because some attention seeking idiot thought he was the guru.

Perhaps you heard of Timothy Leary? Some consider him to be the biggest reason the first psychedelic movement was quashed. He was another guy who thought he had such a unique insight into psychedelics that he would spread the word! What was a grass roots phenomenon became a mainstream media outrage overnight.

So given the repetitive history of loudmouths screwing it up for the rest of us, my question is 'Just what the hell do you think you're doing?'

This is a cheap spectacle that has nothing to do with DMT and everything to do with you.

PsychsEtc21 karma

In some ways you're right.

I made videos on YouTube and then brought attention to it through Reddit so how can this not be about me?

What I think you're missing is the bigger picture. I have 23 subscribers, 3 videos and no followers on any other social media platform. So I have no influence on the psych movement. I'm no guru and I'm no Timothy Leary. I enjoy making creative videos about psychs.

I don't know which country you're from but in America there's a growing acceptance of shrooms and lsd for therapeutic reasons. This is an important time in the psychedelic movement and I believe educating and normalizing psychs will ultimately the best tactic.

DomesticApe23-11 karma

Well which is it? Are you culturally irrelevant or will your videos educate and normalise psychedelics in the greater community?

The drugs that are being normalised now are weed recreationally and medically, and some psychotropics like MDMA and LSD for varied therapies. The reason they are being looked at is because they've been around in the popular consciousness for a long time. DMT does not share this common awareness.

I just really can't believe you think this is appropriate. This kind of learning is supposed to happen between people and plants, not through computer screens. You have made of your experiences an idol and here you are to bask in the praise of your creation.

Dude you need to smoke some more DMT.

PsychsEtc4 karma

The beauty of psychs and maturing is realizing two opposing ideas can both be true. Forming an opinion either way is what builds your personality. I don't mind arguing but this is no longer constructive.

I'll smoke DMT with you any day.