Hi Reddit! I’m actor Erick Avari.  I’m that guy from the movies you’ve seen for many years now. 😜

This is my first ever reddit AMA at the insistence of my social media assistant Jaclyn. (Who may point me in a few places while answering questions... ! )  

I’m here today to find out if you’re a kind person. If you’re thinking you are not a kind person, think again because you are being honest and that’s step one towards being kind.  

I’m working on a new crowd sourced documentary called “The Milk of Human Kindness” where I need everyone’s help to create.  I’m here to talk to you about this project and answer any questions you may have.

How do we perceive kindness, both personally, and in society today? How has kindness impacted your life? Is kindness a virtue or a negative quality?  We’re looking to explore these subjects in our crowd sourced documentary “The Milk of Human Kindness.”  I’m looking for YOU to share your thoughts on this topic at https://www.stubatoeproductions.com   You’ll join myself amongst other Hollywood celebrities and personalities in creating this documentary. You can be a star as easily as answering a few questions by making a video on your cell phone. We are taking submissions from everyone! Be a star.  #BeKind #TheMilkofHumanKindness 

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/WhrSK1n

Documentary website: https://www.stubatoeproductions.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/erickavariofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ErickAvari

Update: Thank you all! Erick is out for the evening. Great questions!! If you have any additional questions about the documentary send a message on Facebook.

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justshtmypnts37 karma

Was that really you singing Major Tom in the helicopter in Mr. Deeds?

ErickAvariReal31 karma

Why do you doubt it? ;0

justshtmypnts17 karma

I’m just mashin’ your taters! You’re a great actor with a great purpose.

ErickAvariReal26 karma

LOL! Mashin my taters! Love it. and flattery will get you everywhere with me! Keep em coming!

justshtmypnts18 karma

This conversation is the pinnacle of my existence thus far. Thank you.

ErickAvariReal27 karma

Say it aint so!!! If it is, I can tell you how to beat it...be a part of my documentary! click on the link below to get details on how you can be a STAR in your own right. (and I'm not just mashin your taters either)


Ardentexoxo29 karma

Hi Erick, What made you think of doing a documentary on kindness? People are awful these days.

ErickAvariReal47 karma

That's a great question. I have been feeling like we don't value kindness anymore and in fact some seem to view it as a "weakness". I would not be where I am today without the kindness shown to me by friends, family and even perfect strangers.

casadeparadise28 karma

Do you think that expecting a reward or recognition for your kindness disqualifies the act itself?

ErickAvariReal29 karma


TripNip913 karma

I feel like that is a "crowd pleaser" response, but that's not reality. Acts of kindness is portrayed through social media, news, television, celebrities, etc. I don't see that as disqualifying the act, but in the hope to inspire others. Granted, It can be cringey to see someone too prideful of their good deed.

ErickAvariReal10 karma

Let me retract/qualify my original glib response of "yes". It doesn't disqualify the act itself. If one give a homeless person a $100/- bill because a television camera is filming it the homeless person still benefits from the cash. However, that person could well be aware of the motivation behind it and therefore it diminishes the care, thought and love the homeless person would feel if they knew that it was an entirely selfless act. They would feel less valued even though they still benefit from the cash.

hodlrus8 karma

If you’re doing something and expecting to get paid, you’re not doing it out of kindness, you’re doing a paid job.

JustDroppinBy0 karma

Which is exactly what this celeb is doing. Stub A Toe Productions is not non-profit, yet he wants everyone to provide him with source material for free.

ErickAvariReal1 karma

I notice from your previous posts that you have berated others for not doing their due diligence before slamming you and I believe you have every right to feel indignant. Given your outrage, can you not afford me the same curtsey? Do you have any knowledge of how I intend to release this documentary? Do you have any idea how long and how many hoops one has to jump through in order to achieve a non profit status? Do you have any knowledge how often a documentary even breaks even? Do you have any knowledge of how much I earn in my profession as an actor? Yet here you are, making wild accusations without any knowledge of the facts and assuming the worst of people. Ironicall, it is people like you who assume the worst of people's intentions could benefit most from this discussion.

JustDroppinBy-4 karma

So you've gone through discussions that I've had today, found one where I was wrong and openly admitted I was wrong when faced with evidence that contradicted my position, and you interpret that as "slamming me."

I am not outraged with you. Those are your words, and I'd wager it might describe your emotions right now since someone is questioning the integrity of your intent. I simply don't believe you are earnest or forthcoming.

Starting a non-profit is hardly any more difficult than starting a for-profit organization, except you're held accountable for your accounting by having to make it public. If thousands of churches across the country can do it, and you've gone so far as to hire a social media assistant just to answer some questions on a forum, I don't believe achieving a non-profit status is beyond your ability.

As independent artists, documentary filmmakers earned an average salary of $101,240 per year in 2010 with a median, or 50th percentile income, of $70,780 per year.

That data (further citation: U.S. DoLS, bottom of the article) is almost a decade old. Numbers are likely higher than that now due to inflation, and the advent of cheaper publication through streaming services like Netflix.

I haven't accused you of anything that is not readily apparent, but instead of proving me wrong, you've decided to call my character into question. Ad hominem attacks like that are shallow, desperate, and anyone who can set emotion aside for the most basic of opinion formation can see right through them.

Earlier I wished you luck in your efforts. That wish has since changed.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Typically people who are interviewed on documentaries do so without remuneration. (I know this from personal experience having done so myself) Let me assure you should by some fluke this documentary makes one red cent in profit it will go directly to the charity that I have contributed to for a decade, Ben's Bells whose sole purpose is to promote kindness. I have written them checks in the past and eased my conscience but three years ago I decided I needed to do more than that and began shooting this doc. myself. While I was getting wonderfully stimulating content, I was limited by financial and geographical considerations. I came up with this idea to crowd "source" and not "fund", which I have been attacked for doing so anyway. So when you "call me out" and accuse me of making ad hominem attacks I must simply say, go in peace. I will miss your good wishes and more importantly your views on Kindness. However there is only so much I can do and you are as entitled to your opinion and characterisation of my remarks in defense of your attacks. I don't profess to be kind, in fact I am plagued with rising to the bait just as much as anyone else but I do know it is a conversation worth having unlike the one I have allowed myself to get dragged into over this non issue. Have a nice life and if you chose to respond rest assured, I will not.

Drogon_x-4 karma

That’s a very direct reply that needs more explanation than just “yes”.

ErickAvariReal3 karma

you are entirely correct. it was a quick response and i'm glad you not only followed up on your query but more that it has opened a line of discussion. please know, I am NOT and authority on kindness by any means. I am interested (and passionate about) in having a discussion and drawing attention to this value that seems to be getting short shrifted in society today. My personal belief is that an act of kindness should come from an altruistic point of view. Again. thanks for following up and I hope this discussion continues.

ErickAvariReal20 karma

Many of us think of ourselves as being "kind" but are we only kind to certain people at certain times? Why is it we can hurt the people closest to us in the most profound ways? Can you be kind to your pet and consider yourself a kind person even though you don't have empathy for those who are not like you? So many questions and so few answers...:)

abaz2044 karma

A little too deep for me, but I’ll give it a shot. I just wanted to say your part in the Mummy was one of my favourites and I’ve probably seen it the most out of any others. Sons of the Pharaohs!

ErickAvariReal11 karma

HA HA! but let me shoot you 3 questions:

1, what was the kindest thing someone did for you that you remember to this day and how did it impact your outlook on life?

  1. What was the most unkind thing anyone did/said to you and how did you respond to it?

  2. What was the most hurtful thing you have done to another?

That's all I'm asking of people to respond to and you can either video "tape" yourself or simply write your responses via the website (stubatoeproductions.com) I would love to hear from you!

JustDroppinBy1 karma

Many of us think of ourselves as being "kind" but are we only kind to certain people at certain times?

Some people behave that way regularly, while others try to practice equality most of the time.

Why is it we can hurt the people closest to us in the most profound ways?

Because people expose their vulnerabilities as part of bonding.

Can you be kind to your pet and consider yourself a kind person even though you don't have empathy for those who are not like you?


ErickAvariReal2 karma

Thanks for responding! I hope you will share your thoughts in greater detail by submitting to the documentary, "The Milk Of Human Kindness" by clicking the link below: www.stubatoeproductions.com

JustDroppinBy0 karma

I'd prefer paid consultation, but I can see that's not part of this venture's business model. Best of luck in your efforts.

ErickAvariReal1 karma

This documentary is being made entirely through the kindness of others. You know, kinda circular in that way? Paying it forward in a way...

JustDroppinBy0 karma

Yet Stub A Toe Productions is not listed as a non-profit organization, so you'll be profiting purely off the kindness of others. Not so circular in the end.

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Documentaries very rarely break even let alone make a profit. I have chosen to take on this project over more lucrative work because I am passionate about the topic and having this conversation. I appreciate you don't want to participate in the project but you may want to consider the fact that there may be more altruistic minded people who feel the need to address issues that are threatening the very fabric of our society. I'm sorry that your cynicism and lack of faith in the human spirit clouds your vision.

mgush516 karma

How different did you find the Daniel Jackson (James Spader and Michael Shanks) and Jack O'Neills (though in an in joke the move version only had one L) (Kurt Russell and Richard Dean Anderson) when working with them?

ErickAvariReal27 karma

different enough to bridge the gap between the movie and the film in terms of the timeline and the events that transpired yet similar enough to keep the characters believable as the same people.

Cavachon116 karma

Did you think the mummy was going to be as popular as it was?

ErickAvariReal28 karma

No one could predict how huge that film turned out to be...no. Knew it was special though.

ErickAvariReal13 karma

Do you think kindness in our society puts a bullseye on your back and labels you as a sucker and one who can be taken advantage of in the business world?

rational_faultline5 karma

I think it puts you at risk. I believe there are several cases where people have tried to intervene in a bad situation and ended up getting burned; hurt, or thrown in jail. I believe because of this, and the fact that people are aware of the risks of being kind, that people aren't willing to be kind in a lot of otherwise compromising scenarios.

ErickAvariReal4 karma

Great point. There was the Good Samaritan" act instituted a number of years ago for this very reason. Have you been "burned" for doing something out of the goodness of your heart? If so how did that make you feel? I'd love to hear your story. Please submit your thoughts to the Doc.

100nm3 karma

In a professional setting, I think a reputation for kindness can make you more likely to be the target of an acute malicious action by someone who wants to take advantage of that kindness or use it to paint you in a negative light. Someone who is unscrupulous may mistake kindness for weakness and think a kind person is an easy target. I think it takes a little extra effort for a kind person to be aware of this and protect themselves against it. Otherwise, there might be a risk of being chronically taken advantage of.

Ultimately, I think kindness is both a sign of and a source of professional strength. In the long run, over the course of an entire career, people who are unkind develop bad reputations and limit themselves professionally because people eventually can find out how they really are. Many professional communities are relatively small when you get down to it, and word gets around about who you don’t want to work with. A person who spends their career treating others with respect and lifting up those around them will have a supportive network of colleagues who know their quality.

Kindness may put a target on your back, but I think it makes you stronger and more successful if you know how to leverage the fruits of your kind actions.

ErickAvariReal3 karma

Very well put! I just read an article by a person speaking from a business POV that cited kindness as being a more productive instrument than aggressiveness. As a project manager she was able to get more out of her team by being kind, not NICE but showing compassion to her colleagues by simply listening to their needs and what is preventing them from performing to the best of their abilities and addressing those issues. Not only did her colleagues respond and go above and beyond because they felt heard and appreciated but others around wanted to work with/for her because of her reputation as being kind yet firm. Being fair, I guess is another way of saying it but in order to be fair one must have an understanding or be empathetic to others. So, yeah, well said!

sojayn9 karma

Given the tension between self-care (kindness to self) and service ( kindness to others), do you have any ideas about why self-care is seen as a strength and service to others as a weakness?

I mean in the mainstream narrative (motivations/blogs/gym/finances etc) not in movies which have single acts of hero kindness. Is that because of my individualistic culture and how can that change?

ErickAvariReal12 karma

Holy Cow! That is certainly worth exploring. It is a profound question indeed and I don't want to give you a glib answer. It deserves better. Can I get back to you on that please? I've run past my deadline and do have to run but I can't thank you enough for your question.

sojayn3 karma

Thank you for hearing it! It really is a question I think about alot, I look forward to seeing your exploration of it.

ErickAvariReal5 karma

Thanks for the question and let me once again reiterate, I am by no means an expert on "kindness" but am passionate about opening the discussion and having the world at large consider what is really at the heart of this value. I believe your question goes to the heart of the matter and begs answers to the questions, Are we a "me" society or are we an "us" society? Better still, what sort of a world do we want to live in, a dog eat dog or a kinder more compassionate one? Take it a step closer to home, Can a true Democracy survive if we do not respect the collective whole and only consider what's best for ourselves? "Survival of the fittest"... does that mean only one person is left standing at the end of the day, like it does in a monopoly board game?

I don't have the answers but I do know where my beliefs lie. I hope your question leads to further discussion among smarter people than me (the bar is low) to explore and debate on the pros and cons of this value we call "Kindness" and what it means to society in general.

gogmo6 karma

What do you think are the motivation to continue to be kind in an unkind world?

ErickAvariReal5 karma

Just that! It seems more imperative to have people talking and thinking about the value of kindness. You put your finger on it my friend.

naxdol6 karma

Hi Erick, which film was the most fun to shoot?

ErickAvariReal22 karma

sorry, I'm a little backed up so thanks for your patience. I've been very lucky in this that I've been involved with a number of really fun projects with some amazingly talented people. I have enjoyed learning from them immensely. But perhaps the one that is nearest to my heart because not only was it a joy to work on but it was the film that gave my "Hollywood" career the boost that every actor needs to get over the "hump" and that would be "Stargate" (the movie). Mr. Deeds was another that definitely stands out...if only that Sandler fellow were a nicer, kinder human being...(NOT) I have a special place in my heart for him. He is the kindest person in Hollywood, bar none!

artcorevandalay5 karma

What has been the most unkind thing you've seen happen in the movie business?

ErickAvariReal10 karma

How child actors get turned into...what's the word...ego driven and ego centric by the people around them. They are kids and don't have the maturity to handle fame and fortune but yet expected to behave better than adults...IDK

twinvariable5 karma

What are your thoughts on the relationship between sincerity and kindness?

ErickAvariReal5 karma

Wow. good one. In my uneducated opinion I value sincerity almost as much as kindness. A sincere person is one who does not lie, deceive or cheat but may lack empathy while a kind person (in my defination at least) is one who acts on those principles and is empathetic.

daGonz5 karma

Has any one every come up to you and “baddiway”(sp)?

WickedCurious1 karma

I always heard “bani - baniwei”.

Came here late to the questions hoping someone would ask/say this. :)

ErickAvariReal3 karma

Well, they did! I also get, "If this isn't the most beautiful woman in the world...I'm hanging up"! And perhaps my least favorite, "No, No wheezing the Juice!"

xtthew4 karma

If you didn't get into the movie business, what do you think you would be doing?

ErickAvariReal4 karma

laying in a ditch somewhere? I think I would have been so frustrated with life that I would have been my own worst enemy.

dg4vdo4 karma

Favourite condiment? Thank you.

ErickAvariReal3 karma


TrainerTol4 karma

Hi Erick! We’re all divided by labels and beliefs and politics and everything. In your experience, do you have a favorite topic that bridges communities, that breaks the ice to get people talking?

ErickAvariReal9 karma

Hi and thanks for that question. I stay away from politics simply because it very quickly becomes an argument and not very much of a conversation about values. Who are we as humans? We all have very much the same needs, to be fed, clothed, educated and an ability to care for our families or those we love. It doesn't matter what country, religion or party one belongs to. I have been travelling in circles where there would normally be sharp divides in political and religious beliefs. I try not to step on those "landmines" but talk about matters that are deeper and closer to the needs of our everyday lives. I don't know if that answers your question but that's been my rule of thumb and for the most part when I've stayed "the corse" I have fruitful and meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life. I enjoy that a great deal!

QuinstonChurchill3 karma

Hi Erick! First I just wanted to say The Mummy is one of my all time favorite movies. Question, has this project changed your views on human behavior at all? Thank you!

ErickAvariReal3 karma

That's a tough one. The project is just getting off it's feet and I am hopeful that it will lead to a positive outcome even if in a small way it can change the way one person feel about life, what else can I ask for? I know it is changing my life for sure. I'm more aware of the times I fail to be kind and am uplifted when I can overcome my baser instincts and behave in a more respectful manner in the face of adversity.

QuinstonChurchill1 karma

Thank you so much for answering me!!

ErickAvariReal1 karma

My pleasure and thank you for taking the time to talk about this simple yet elusive topic.

rational_faultline3 karma

How have you approached acting as a craft? Is there one particular style you prefer over others?

ErickAvariReal10 karma

listening. acting is reacting and if you don't listen as an actor you can not react. my theory anyway...for what it's worth.

ChuckEye3 karma

Was there a particular framework, philosophy or belief system that was instrumental in your focus on kindness at this point in your life? Or has it always been something you were mindful of?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Oh wow! I thought I had answered this question but I either missed it or hit the wrong button, as I am prone to do from time to time. But without further ado and a simple apology for the delay: I was taught by my father who by example showed me the importance of kindness. It was something I always took for granted and considered myself a kind person but on looking back on my life have come to realize that I have been terribly unkind in certain situations or toward some people. I regret hurting people without even giving it a second thought and with time I have noticed how unkind we as humans are to each other and the things around us. We treat people, pets and the planet with a sense of disregard or just lash out because we are unhappy with ourselves or a perceived slight in the hope that we will feel better by hurting others. I see how the advent of social media has exacerbated these tendencies and it's my belief that we are fast approaching a breaking point if not already well past it. The rash of mass killings leads me to believe that it is a profound lack of empathy and a callousness that drive people to feel so hurt that they must lash out in such an unspeakable manner. I am of an age where I can clock the changes in how we interact with each other and civility seems to be a thing of the past. I'm no expert in the field and don't profess to be one. However, I don't believe we need a "professional" to tell us that we need to at the very least bring the conversation to the forefront and listen to our hearts as I think the answers are within each and everyone of us. I have pondered this question and a possible course of action for several years but didn't know how to go about it. It is my hope that out of vigorous debate, we will collectively question ourselves and perhaps help bring about a positive outcome.

childeroland793 karma

What are you most proud of, professionally?

ErickAvariReal7 karma

That I'm still here! Ha HA. But to answer your question more specifically, I have been involved in some littler projects that have not seen the light of day but were challenging, rewarding and fulfilling as an actor/director, including numerous stage productions that I treasure the memories.

DennisNedrey3 karma

The movie business is often depicted as a rather unkind industry. Did you ever feel jaded about human decency from the industry? Is the industry part of why you decided to do this documentary?

ErickAvariReal3 karma

In a manner of speaking, sure. However I have also been the recipient of much love and kindness within the industry and that has had just as much of an impact on my decision to embark on this venture.

DennisNedrey2 karma

It's good to hear that Hollywood isn't completely terrible. Also I'm surprised you're still responding to questions. Most people doing an AMA never bother coming back after a few hours. You're a pretty cool dude.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

:) like the energizer bunny...:)


How many minutes for the burrito again?

ErickAvariReal3 karma

Oh! I just got it!! Ha Ha. It may be one and then again it could be two...who's to say?


Hot on the outside. Icicle in the middle! Thanks for the reply! Never expected one for my nonsense question. Some friends and I still work this quote into our lives from time to time lol. I've always enjoyed your characters and look forward to the documentary!

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Ha Ha!

alexs0012 karma

No wheezing the ju-uice.

ErickAvariReal3 karma

True dat!

alexs0011 karma

This comes from a time before we had tools like imdb and google image search where we could just ask the machine, "Who is that guy?" So thanks for being 'that guy' in countless productions I enjoyed growing up. Your often small roles were always memorable to me.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Thats very kind of you to say. It is often said (usually by producers who want an actor to accept a "small role") "There are no small roles, only small actors". ;)

lancehol3 karma

I only have a simple question. I've simply enjoyed all the roles I've seen you play. Do you ever get tired of hearing that? I spent just shy of 20 years working in radio and sometimes it would become tedious if someone brought it up. I don't want to sound ungrateful but to me I was just doing the job I loved, playing music every day of my work week. I'm happy that people enjoyed what I had done. May be that I'm a pretty shy person and attention left me a little uncomfortable. Of course this has all been decades ago. Thanks!

ErickAvariReal5 karma

Never tedious. I greatly appreciate and value what my "job" has meant to so many people around the world. I am humbled by some of the sentiments that have been expressed to me and it gives me a sense of being a part of something much greater than the self glorification of "performing" for the cameras.

Karmanger3 karma

Do you play fallout? Because that’s what one of the characters are chasing in fallout 4.

ErickAvariReal3 karma

No sadly I'm not a gamer but I will try to find out more on the character. Sounds cool:)

lswank2 karma

What was your experience like as The Grand Inquisitor? (Or was that such a small speck in your amazing history of acting that it has faded from memory?)

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Ha Ha. I enjoyed doing it for several reasons, a. I wanted to get some experience working in front of a green screen (reacting to things that weren't there for example) as it was a relatively new technique of filmmaking at the time but I had a good idea it would become more common with time. b. I got to say, "I am the boss of you!" numerous times:)

lswank1 karma

My siblings and I grew up quoting that, along with "Floss regularly! Floss meaningfully! Floss athletically!"

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Ha Ha! I forgot about that one:)

voidoffish2 karma

When it comes to measuring the kindness of an action, do you think intention or outcome is a more important factor?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

This is an interesting and much debated question. In my uneducated opinion it depends on whom we are talking about. If we are talking about the giver, then intention outweighs the outcome (as the age old saying goes, It's the thought that counts) while the opposite may be true for the receiver.

voidoffish1 karma

I feel that a good outcome (regardless of intent or effort) is generally better regarded, as it's made a direct impact on a situation. However I feel that from a broader systemic level, intent needs to be more rewarded, as that way you encourage a society of kind people acting with sincere intent, and will grow a kinder society in the long term.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

you said it better than i did or could!

100nm2 karma

Do you think kindness is something that can be taught after someone reaches adulthood? Do you think there are effective ways to incentivize an unkind person to learn to be kind and change their behavior?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

There is a wonderful charitable organization, Ben's Bells (Be Kind) that spends a vast amount of their funds in outreach programs to teach kids to be kind. Their belief is that compassion is in our nature (in varying degrees to be sure and covers the spectrum) and kindness is nurtured. I would think it's more effective with kids because they are less set in their ways but sure, I believe adults can learn how to show kindness in a more productive manner.

bush-2 karma

How has being a Parsi or Zoroastrian affected you personally or professionally? Does it shape your idea of being kind?

ErickAvariReal6 karma

No I don't think that had anything to do with my interest in kindness. My father was a particularly kind man and I admire him for that. I don't profess to be a kind person myself but want to open up the conversation about the subject.

noshore4me2 karma

What are your thoughts on wheezing the juice?

jizzmaster-zer03 karma

no wheezing the juice!

noshore4me2 karma

Thank you!

ErickAvariReal2 karma

welcome :)

legion4it2 karma

Kindness. What a strange word and human invention. Most kindness stems from wanting to feel like there is some meaning or to create a self centered absorption of emotions. ( Do it to feel good. ). If we can step away from the ego driven motivation and break it down to 2 basic elements of philosophy. Does it benefit us to be kind? Will it change our reality or potential? Obviously the answer is yes to all. Even if someone does it to secretly ( or otherwise) to make the kindness an act of effort. It's still based in a need to want to feel connection in one way or another. Empathy. To affirm that there is good in the world. That in that moment of kindness. We can make a difference. And in that "hope" of making a difference we "hope" that it will become contagious and others will follow suit. So the benefit is hope. When we embrace "hope" it opens doors of possibilities that can give us new directions, even new beginnings. We like hope. We want hope. Desire it, fight for it. Will even create great acts of violence to secure it. Which leads me to the second element of kindness. Reality and potential. In simple acts of kindness we change not only our reality but others. We change moments in time where true connection becomes the link that bonds us in potential. It can change a mind, a direction, a feeling or a life. Pay it forward is a great example of contagious kindness. It's important to feel like that in life we have moments to be something we are not most of the time and be kind. We make up justifications of that, we are to busy, we want more, or life isn't fair. When in reality it's the individual responsible for their own kindness. If we were kind to ourselves first, it would be easy to be kind always to others. We need to take moments and give ourselves a break. Be honest to ourselves. Work hard to grow, learn and embrace nature more. When we are kind to ourselves and it becomes the norm of our daily routine. It's easy to step outside of ourselves and outwardly express kindness to others. Including nature, animals, people and places.
So my question to you Erick, ( and by the way thank you for the hard work you have done over the years to being interest and joy into our lives.) What does kindness really mean to you? I mean the core of it, the act of it. Will it help is past this stage of chaos we are in now? How do we motivate a world of people to be kind?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

I have not addressed your question till now because clearly you are a thoughtful, kind and compassionate person. Your willingness to put out your thoughts are in and of themselves an act of kindness, to me, the project and the viewers at large. I have wanted to sit on your question and give it the thought it deserves. As I have stated many times I am no expert on kindness but it is something I have pondered over for many years. Let me begin by playing devil's advocate to your notion that we need to be kind to ourselves first before we can be kind to all. One may argue that an unkind person is one who puts themselves above all else whereas a kind person is more of a selfless person. I suspect you have a different view on the term "kind to ourselves" but I did want to throw that out there as a topic of debate. but to answer your question: Kindness, to me represents an outlook on life. It's not an act or a word or a gesture. It's how we interact with each other, including as you so rightly point out, the planet and everything on it. It's treating everything and everyone with respect, understanding empathy and consideration. Do unto others...is the shorthand version of what I'm trying to get at. However, the notion of compassion must stem from an understanding of the other being. Cliches like, "Never judge a person till you have walked a mile in their shoes" or "One person's food is another person's poison" or "never judge a book by it's cover" are only cliches because the underlying values and significance have been belied. If we really gave them the the breadth and scope of their underlying significance one could write books on any one of them.

As to the second part of your question, your guess is as good as mine! I believe that first of all we need to acknowledge the issue at hand. We need to have a debate on the value of kindness for starters because if we don't acknowledge that then there is no going forward. I am hoping to show how much kindness (and conversely what unkindness) has impacted individual lives when sharing their stories. I want to appeal to the viewers of the documentary on a visceral level. Emotionally charged stories can be more impactful than a studied thesis on the subject. Sometimes it's the smallest of acts that have affected people profoundly and on hearing those stories we may get a better sense of how weighty our words, actions or inactions have on others. Thank you for your thoughtful post and I hope you will continue to engage in this debate. It's been a pleasure!

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Hi there, I'll get Erick to reply to you soon. You have some fantastic thoughts, come share with us on a video at https://www.stubatoeproductions.com.

legion4it1 karma

No thank you. I appreciate the invite. I truly do But I'm not seeking any attention or anything like that. I liked the projects he's working on. And got me thinking. If he decides to walk that path with me. I'm open. But I really don't do it to gain anything. I like the mindfulness of the ideology. And encourage it to be more. Thanks for your time.

ErickAvariReal1 karma

I'm sorry to hear that but I respect your choice. I would have loved to hear your thoughts and experiences as clearly this is an area of interest for you. Should you change your mind, you know whaere to find me! Again thanks for your thoughtful and insightful observations and questions.


Does your documentary touch on the fact that many people take kindness as being “fake” these days?

ErickAvariReal1 karma

I wouldn't use the term "fake" so much as misinterpreting one's motives. Yes. I believe an act of kindness is a two part thing. If an act of kindness is not received in that light then the act becomes skewed in a sense. An ulterior motive may be attributed to the act and therefore the act itself turns in on itself. I don't know how to combat that situation but it's worth pondering, no?

zombie93932 karma

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

ErickAvariReal4 karma

If I told you I'd have to kill you and that would not be kind at all! :)

zombie93931 karma

Haha good response, thanks for the laugh!

On kindness, to me it’s the will and motivation to do something completely selfless. No expectation of any reciprocation. Sometimes being kind is telling a lie, or hiding a thing. Sometimes a kindness can stand on two different sides; is it better to carry on with a thing hoping it gets better or to end it in an instant?

ErickAvariReal3 karma

Great question and I did get a submission the other day speaking to this very point. He made the distinction of being "nice" and being "kind" and sometimes being kind is a matter of "tough love" (I'm paraphrasing here) over platitudes and smoothing things over.

makenzie711 karma

What kind of car do you drive?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

A Tiffin Phaeton and I tow a Chevy Sonic behind it :) I am a full time RV'er :)

chugonthis1 karma

Do you think people let personal beliefs interfere how nice they are in crisis scenarios? Times of tragedy or Disasters?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

I'm not sure I know what you mean? I believe people are in inherently compassionate even though to varying degrees ranging from the sociopath that has very little compassion to a truly altruistic person and would respond differently in a crisis situation accordingly. Kindness however is something of a learned behavior. A child, for example may be bestowed with compassion (as most are) but needs to be taught how to engage with others, be it people, animals or plant life in a kind and gentle manner. Again, not an expert in the field but I do have many questions:)

chugonthis1 karma

I believe people have the ability to set aside beliefs they have ingrained in times of need, those times help people overcome preconceived notions about groups they previously disliked.

Mainly I'm wondering if after tragic events incidences of antagonistic behavior went down, its just something that may be worth looking into because deep down most of us hold the same beliefs even as some in government and media try to drive a wedge between the people.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

You are definitely on to something here! Interestingly enough on this the 75th anniversary of D Day, a war in which my late father served, would often times speak fondly of the comradery among the allied forces and a time when people set aside their prejudices and differences to fight a common enemy.

chugonthis1 karma

I just think deep down we arent that different and if good people are around each other issues work themselves out.

My favorite story is my father hated hippies back in the day, well when we moved to Georgia our van broke down and what would be called hippies pulled over to help, they even drove my dad to the store to get parts and back. After that day my father always said "Believe in a man until he gives you a reason not to believe"

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Great story and even better moral. Love it! Another adage I try (but often fail to follow) is, Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

2Krunch1 karma

Human kindness.

Is this a fantasy film?

ErickAvariReal9 karma

No, it's a documentary on the value of "Kindness". It's the first of its kind, a "crowd sourced" (not to be confused with "crowd funded" doc. I'm looking for people from all walks of life and around the world to submit their points of views on the topic. you can go to www.stubatoeproductions.com to get details on how you can submit and be a part of the film!

MortalWombat19741 karma

Is this documentary safe for people who are lactose intolerant and also lack empathy?

Asking for a friend.

ErickAvariReal2 karma

funny that you should ask, I'm lactose intolerant and so far i haven't been hurt. So yeah, tell your friend...go for it:)

Sethmeisterg1 karma

One of my favorite roles of yours was in Zork: Grand Inquisitor-- any plans to do more video games?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

I am the voice of the cryptarch in the Destiny series and although I don't play video games, I'm told Im hated among gamers for not giving them the "tools" they would like. Sorry bout that:)

KlystronSeeker1 karma

Hey fellow Erick (ck enigma? ha), Thank you for being here! I'm late but maybe you are still answering. I just got through watching Stargate SG 1 and it was nice to see you get a few appearances on the show. I saw the original movie back in the day and just rewatched it with my fiance along with that first series. Loved it all!

Did you ever think the Stargate concept was more than just a show? Perhaps some kind of disclosure or disinformation campaign on some level? With the Air Force's involvement and seeing the fact that RDA was made an honorary Brigadier General, it made me think.

Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you get into some sci-fi movies!

ErickAvariReal1 karma

Thanks for your comments. Gosh I have fielded several questions on the show but this is a new one to me. No, I never considered the possibility of the show being anything more than pure entertainment.

limpiff1 karma

Hi Erick do you drink milk?

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Lactose free only:)

CrazyDuck1231 karma

Are you lactose intolerant like me????

ErickAvariReal3 karma

I am indeed! :)

PsychYaOut1 karma

I’ve always felt it is crappy that multimillionaires like yourself expect/have regular people foot the bill for your passion projects. If you want it made why not use your own funds?

ErickAvariReal1 karma

And I believe you have every right to feel that way. Please know, this is a "crowd SOURCED" not crowd "FUNDED" documentary. Even though I'm not a multimillionaire I am funding it myself but would like you and others like you submit your thoughts and ideas by "video taping" yourselves (using your cell phone, tablet or camera, just as you would while facetiming a friend) and you can do that for free by clicking the link below. Please follow the simple instructions on how to format the video and how to upload it to the website. www.stubatoeproductions.com

PsychYaOut1 karma

I see, my apologies for the misunderstanding. Good luck!

ErickAvariReal2 karma

Dutifully noted but hope I can guilt you into submitting your honest thoughts on "kindness" and contributing to the Documentary? I'm only half joking because what "kind" of person would do that to another? It's as simple as 1,2,3 by clicking the link below and following the guidelines. What say you? www.stubatoeproductions.com

fuibaba1 karma

Does your documentary explore why some people find it most difficult to be kind to themselves, even if they regularly show kindness to others?

(Also, loved you in The Mummy! Still one of my favourite films)

ErickAvariReal3 karma

It will if you submit your thoughts on it! :) Remember this is a crowd sourced doc. and your submissions will help shape the corse of the film. I don't have the answers only the passion and the questions. please click the link below to find out how you can contribute your thoughts and feelings on the subject. www.stubatoeproductions.com

sglville-1 karma

What do you have so far?

ErickAvariReal3 karma

Not sure I know what you mean?