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Hi Stephen, I'm a huge fan of all you have done for mathematics, and computation. You've obviously spent a lot of time dealing a huge gamut of personalities, egos, and intelligence of both known and up-and-coming scholars. Using that as the boundary conditions, where do you see the next unique breakthrough?

Side question: I heard that Feynman frequented strip clubs to focus on his work, did you ever join him or have heard of any unique discoveries whilst among the lesser clothed?

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How are you able to stay profitable if so much of your business is underwater? But in all seriousness, where do you think would be the best place to use a tourist sub? especially since the great barrier reef now officially a goner.

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What’s the most hilarious thing a dolphin has brought back during training?

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Do you see a future in car parts? I ask because I restore classic cars on the side for fun. Right now i'm restoring a 67 Camaro which is a labor of love. What I have found with these classic cars is that frequently there is Part A that is only made for Model Year Z and finding Part A is damn near impossible.

Do you see trim pieces and non-load bearing coming soon? How about suspension pieces?

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Ever farted on a plane and blamed it on someone else?