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There are so many incredible masterpieces e.g. Beethovens 9th, Mahlers 2nd. What is your choice as the ultimate composition?

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I only have a simple question. I've simply enjoyed all the roles I've seen you play. Do you ever get tired of hearing that? I spent just shy of 20 years working in radio and sometimes it would become tedious if someone brought it up. I don't want to sound ungrateful but to me I was just doing the job I loved, playing music every day of my work week. I'm happy that people enjoyed what I had done. May be that I'm a pretty shy person and attention left me a little uncomfortable. Of course this has all been decades ago. Thanks!

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Something I've been very curious about because of the invasive species problem with the pythons have there been any known populations of dangerous species e.g. cobras, mambas, etc. I'm curious due to the number of escaped cobras that have happened around the country with as far as I know all being found. What concerns me is with the ease of acquiring these highly venomous species and knowing how things work there are without a doubt a lot of underground collectors who operate without the proper licensing I have no doubt that there have been escapes that have gone unreported. What is your thought on this?