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Go journos!

And the question is how much faith so you have in Australia's justice system?

Did you witness "interference" from political, religious or other groups and in your opinion has that changed or is changing?

Also, I was glad to hear a victim of pells say she was happy with the sentence - was that sentiment shared by the handful of journos who endured what I can only imagine was a difficult witnessing?

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Thanks for doing an ama! How have you gone with eating? Did you have an feeding tube for a while or iv therapy or did you just start using it? Speedy recovery anyways :)

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Given the tension between self-care (kindness to self) and service ( kindness to others), do you have any ideas about why self-care is seen as a strength and service to others as a weakness?

I mean in the mainstream narrative (motivations/blogs/gym/finances etc) not in movies which have single acts of hero kindness. Is that because of my individualistic culture and how can that change?

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Do you have any challenges in mind?

I’ll start- bet you can’t draw a grumpy quokka!!

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They are the heckin cutest animals in australia! Have fun trying not to smile (placeholder for image link edit later)image link