Hey Reddit!

I'm Keanna and I currently compete in stage rally here in the States, as well as in France.I drive a M-Sport-built Ford Fiesta R2T (a 2018 JWRC car) here and a Renault Clio R3T in a single-make trophy in the CFR.I just finished the Southern Ohio Forest Rally and am headed off to the Oregon Trail Rally tomorrow.

Apart from stage rally, I've competed in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in Morocco; am a former endurance racer, ice racer, short course autox competitor, track day enthusiast, and student; and I am the lead judge of Land Rover 4x4 in Schools, and I judge F1 in Schools here in the USA.

AMA! I'll be back at 9 to start answering questions!


8:17 - Okay, I'll start now! So many questions already... 😊

12:33 - Quick break!

12:45 - Change of scenery and a outlet and I'm back!

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14:47 - Break time! I need to get home and pack for my next rally, I'll keep answering throughout the afternoon and in transit tomorrow... Thank you all for being here!!!

06:03 - I’ll be working on getting some more questions answered today. Sorry if I haven’t gotten to yours!


(If you have no idea what stage rally is, you're not alone... but you should know about one of the most obscure kinds of racing in our country, it's one of the coolest (and most insane)! These are the basics...

TL;DR We drive as fast as we can on dirt roads while our passenger tells us where to go and we occasionally jump things

>>Rallies consist of a crew (driver and co-driver) and a series of special, and super special, stages. These stages are segments of road, anywhere from a mile to over twenty miles long, which have been closed to the public. In the USA, these are gravel, but tarmac rallies exist elsewhere. (The French rallies we compete in are tarmac).The stages are separated by transit or liaison sections, which is just a fancy way of saying that the crews drive along the normal road, which remains open to the public.One-by-one, the crews start the stages (typically in one minute intervals) and drive as quickly as possible to the finish. Each crew receives a time for that stage, and all of that crew's stage times (plus any penalties) are added for a cumulative time, which decides the winner of the rally. There are also a handful of different classes to enter, depending on your car.>>Meanwhile, the co-driver must read a book of pacenotes, which tell the driver massive amounts of information about the road: corners, straights, crests, road position, and more! The crews have only one or two passes of driving down the roads before racing on then, and there can be around 200kms of stages at some rallies. The driver creates pacenotes with the co-driver on the reconnaissance passes, to be read later during the race. These allow the driver to drive as quickly (and safely) as possible.)


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Afk94605 karma

Good morning,

I was curious as to what your daily driver is and what is your dream car?

Also, any plans on racing F1 or indycars?

All the best

ReallyQuiteDirty87 karma

I'm sad this isnt answered. Someone holler at me of she does answer it, please.

KeannaEChang138 karma

Sorry, all! Trying to get to all the questions!!!

u/cisiowian is correct, I'm not on that open-wheel path. I think it would be so cool to have the opportunity to drive an open-wheel car someday, but just for fun!

Thanks, u/nonstopflux, for linking!

On the topic of OW racers going to rally... Simon Pagenaud has stated Rallye Monte Carlo is on his bucket list!

Iceman_2595 karma

Ever do any dirt track racing? That'd probably be slightly more transferable.

That's been a stepping stone for Indy 500 one-offs in the past (Ed Carpenter for example, but he runs more than just Indy), although it's fading away now.

KeannaEChang6 karma

I have not

utspg1980596 karma

does your co-driver call you Samir and tell you that you're breaking the car?

KeannaEChang302 karma

I would laugh, so hard.

Goofalo328 karma

What is your daily driver?

KeannaEChang607 karma

Audi TTRS (last manual year, before the first discontinuation)

It's blue!

ShrimpYolandi234 karma

How does the average person get into something like this?

KeannaEChang312 karma

Just go for it!

Spectate or volunteer (they sometimes get the best viewing spots!)

Rally schools, rallycross, and rallysprints are all good ways to get started driving-wise

Taking a co-driving course such as OzRallyPro is a great way to start co-driving!

notvery_clever91 karma

Is it possible to be a co-driver if you get carsick?

KeannaEChang186 karma

I know co-drivers with motion sickness, but they use something that prevents or relieves it. Scopolamine patch, anti-nausea pills, etc!

I don't know quite how severe...

I also know some that have stepped away with issues that they haven't been able to get over.

Usually, technicality (twisty) roads, darkness, and heat are three big factors in making co-drivers ill.

Kyguy0144 karma

You can volunteer, a base non-turbo rally car is about $10k to make, and then about $2k per race for entry fees, maintenance, wear and tear, but then hotels/travel/transport/food need to be taken into account. It is a rich person’s hobby until you get sponsors!

KeannaEChang164 karma

It's not cheap, but I know plenty who have come from rallycrossing and built their car up (so not as much at one time). They started with one event a year, then two, then three! Depending on how far the rallies are, you might do it less expensively. Renting a house, bringing friends for crew duties. No, still not cheap, but it's difficult to get any support until you start!

SaltyPlumYumYum160 karma

Do you have a female co-driver? Also, I've always wondered if co-drivers also compete. Is this a role you've undertaken yourself?

KeannaEChang214 karma

I work with both female and male co-drivers. This year with Rhianon Gelsomino and Alex Gelsomino, respectively.

Some of the other female co-drivers I've worked with: Claudia Barbera-Pullen, Krista Skucas, and Alison LaRoza!

SaltyPlumYumYum57 karma

Rhiannon and Alex are siblings? If so, how cool is that!?

As far as I'm concerned. You're a hero to me. I absolutely wanted to be a rally driver. You have my support all the way. Go for it!

tdgrim89110 karma

Rhianon and Alex are married actually.

KeannaEChang33 karma



Rhianon also co-drives for her brother Brendan Reeves (Australia).

She was Rhianon Smyth when she began rallying in the USA.

Nonstopbaseball82613 karma

Holy shit! Fellow co-driving with your husband and co-driving with your brother, if that aint living the dream i dont know what is!

KeannaEChang18 karma

When you're so deep in the sport, it helps to have a SO who wholly "gets it!"

ThecamtrainR612 karma

Does Alex have a lot of crazy stories from his time with Block? Do you rub elbows with those guys much like the SRT guys and all of them?

KeannaEChang25 karma

He doesn't tell me too many random stories, more just tidbits about rallies and such when they are relevant!

Though on our last couple rallies he's made a few "that's exactly what Ken would have responded/said" comments 😆

KeannaEChang10 karma

And yeah, know SRT fairly well... I also live 15 minutes away from VSC

KeannaEChang104 karma

Some co-drivers drive as well! I think I would be a good co-driver, if I didn't have horrible motion sickness!

trisiton42 karma

Oh the irony

Sence30 karma

I have horrible motion sickness, always have. I drive a tuned, turbo hatch and never get car sick if I'm driving. Something about being in control of the vehicle negates it.

JeneeInTheCloset32 karma

It’s because the reason you get motion sickness is that your senses are ‘out of alignment’. When someone else is driving your brain might be predicting x amount of acceleration, but they hit the gas more/less then you predicted, leaving a slight dissonance between expectation and reality. The more times this happens, like when they’re gonna brake but they do it later/earlier than you would have by a few microseconds, the bigger the disconnect and you start getting nauseated.

For me this means I get suuuuuuuuper sick when people drive like old people—that thing where they’re driving an automatic (yuck) and they keep their foot just above the gas, pressing it a few seconds and then letting off. That slight motion of off, on, off, on the gas makes me nauseated just thinking about it. I’m better when someone has a manual transmission and are more aggressive/confident drivers.

I feel sorry for anyone who rides with me, and would really rather take no passengers. I try t be nice, but I have a 6-speed manual with AWD, so in my brain I’m the OP on a giant tarmac course every day, lol.

KeannaEChang25 karma

I think my inner ear fluid got messed up on the stick-to-the-wall fair ride when I was young. Serious.😂

MrNestux159 karma

Hey, Thanks for doing AMA! How much crashes have you experienced in your current career and how bad were their?

KeannaEChang305 karma

Hey! In my rally career, just one. It was a pretty simple crash, too much speed for the corner and went wide... hit a stump and just did a bit of a pirouette over the nose. We needed to borrow a forklift to get the car on the hauler and my co-driver was very briefly unconscious. The car was a rental and needed frame-work done, it was fixed but hasn't done a rally since!

Before that, I had 2-1/2 barrel rolls over the wall in the downhill at Lime Rock Park in a MX-5 cup car, that one messed me up a bit.

pengu14616 karma

What corner at lime rock did you manage to do a barrel roll from?

KeannaEChang20 karma

Downhill exit

TKZenith148 karma

What inspired you to take up rally-car racing?

KeannaEChang202 karma

After I went to my first rally (New England Forest Rally), I knew that was what I needed to be doing and left circuit racing! I already had some gravel experience from rally school, just for fun, and a rally sprint.

anderhole136 karma

Do you worry about how close people stand to the course?

KeannaEChang197 karma

Moreso depending on where they stand...

But having nearly hit people running across the road, that's even more worrisome. Just because you think it's clear, doesn't mean it is. Cars do catch other cars, and the first car is sometimes louder than the next.

schizoschaf67 karma

Watched a video lately about Walther Röhrl. They found fingers stuck into the car after a stage. Compared to that it's pretty safe today.

3 days ago a rally driver from my home town and his co driver died at a local rally (stage 1 of ADAC Rally Saxony, Germany) that's the other side of it.

Love that sport.

KeannaEChang40 karma

Oh, gosh.

ImpatientPedant113 karma

Is there a dream circuit, not just in the US, that you'd want to race at?

KeannaEChang128 karma

I would love to do Azores and Whangarei

henrypribadi87 karma

If there's any, what are the challenges of being the only female rally car driver in the country?

KeannaEChang230 karma

There are a few other women who are rally drivers as well, but I wish we saw them more often!

Being young and female, it can be difficult to be taken seriously. Those who know, know, but there are many people who walk right by and many others who are shocked that I drive (and not co-drive).

It makes me sad (not personally, but societally) when young girls are going to get driver autographs and skip me. Many of my peers are great at exclaiming "she's a driver too," but as someone who wants that exact scenario to change, it's such a downer when you see it happening in front of you!

tiempo9017 karma

Probably feeling lonely as being the only female rally car driver in the country

KeannaEChang44 karma

There are lots of women co-drivers (and honestly far more women around than I ever saw active at the track!) I love when there is another lady or two competing, but it doesn't always happen.

Chinoiserie9166 karma

Hi, I am a fan of F1 and I was wondering what your opinions of it are. And do you think it would be likely for there to be a female F1 driver one day?

KeannaEChang131 karma

Hi! One, day, yes!

The goal, today, is to get more girls in at a younger age. That creates a talent pool which is large enough to find her!

How great it is that Jamie Chadwick just became a test driver for Williams?!

I'm not an F1 watcher most days, but I follow it. I think it's awesome.

JeneeInTheCloset59 karma

I watch F1 and am sad that it took this long to do it, but proud they finally removed the “girls in sexy outfits for the winners to spray champagne on”. They now just have people who assist, some men, some women, some younger people, no sexy outfits.

How can I seriously compete in any competition where my only representation is wearing a bikini and bouncing around cheering? It’s about fucking time we cut this stupid shit out so we can get some REAL competition.

KeannaEChang40 karma

The new Future Stars program is wonderful... for kids in karting, aspiring to F1, how great is it that they get to experience it so up close!

That kind of thing wouldn't distract me from doing what I need to do. But some have done market research and the umbrella girls really didn't bring a good ROI.

MoltoAllegro10 karma

How do you feel about the new FIA W series?

KeannaEChang16 karma

I answered this below, somewhere! If I can find it and this again I will link it!

KylarSternn64 karma

Why is there no circuit on the twisted gravel fire lanes in the forests of northern Wisconsin?

KeannaEChang85 karma

The most likely answer: because no one is running one!

Rallies are independently run, so to get one going requires a group of people who want to do the legwork and run it (like a business). They are the ones that get the permits and road closures, organize the schedule, etc. They operate under the sanctioning body for the insurance and to be a part of a regional or national championship.

demonspawn790 karma

Oregon does it better. We have thousands of miles of logging roads covering about 1/3 of the state.

KylarSternn1 karma

Mhm. And as a spectator, would you get to watch someone haul their car out of a swamp, bog, or lake because they screwed up on a turn? Sure you might have a few logging lanes, but how many dozers are sunk in swamps from making them?

KeannaEChang1 karma

Look, we've a rally in the lake region of Minnesota... And no matter the region, people still get pulled out of rivers and occasionally, lakes!

noonearya60 karma

Hi Keanna, rally aficionado from Portugal. Are you planning on trying out any cool European rally soon?

Last year I was working with a small team who aimed and got a 3rd place on rally azores. The fan base is incredible and it's definitely very fun, but everyone is losing money. Do you feel the same happens in autos sports in the US?

KeannaEChang70 karma

Rallying is so grassroots here, there are far more teams that do 1-2 rallies a year than running a championship schedule. Everyone is definitely losing money. The only manufacturer involved is Subaru and those seats are filled by... non-Americans! The fan base here is not like it in Europe, but it is not bad.

Azores is on my list of rallies that I would love to compete in!

Our next European rally is Rallye Vosges Grand-Est.

lostbutambitious56 karma

Why did you choose rally?

KeannaEChang91 karma

I started out with performance driving via winter driving schools and ice racing, and have always found more joy in driving in areas where higher levels of car control are required! Gravel rallies were a way to take how I started out further!

the_real_cheat14 karma

Where did you ice race? I do it with AMEC in NY and it is an amazing grassroots motorsport, really special.

KeannaEChang16 karma

You've got it!

In 2014 and 2015 in SL4

EndsWithJusSayin45 karma

If you could physically manifest yourself as a sandwich, what type of sandwich would you be?

KeannaEChang29 karma

This is a fantastic question and I cannot decide on an answer. And suddenly... a recent maple-mustard, turkey, cheddar, tomato, heated on pumpernickel (normally not the biggest fan) comes to mind!

ender_wiggin198840 karma

You are a wonderful surprise to find on AMA this morning!

For someone aspiring to be a racer, what might be the biggest overlooked factor or aspect of the sport I should be aware of?

KeannaEChang37 karma

There is so much work that goes into preparing for a rally when you are doing it the best you can, for both driver and co-driver. Many, many hours watching videos, mapping, preparation of recce plan, etc.

The co-driver also spends a lot of time cleaning up the notes after recce and there are many hours of video-watching for both after that!

pjrocknlock37 karma

Hi! I haven’t raced before, but will you say there’s any difference in trying to improve your racing skills vs something that’s slower, say singing?

KeannaEChang24 karma

Personal philosophy is "if you're not getting better, you're getting worse"

I think rally is interesting, in the USA particularly, because it is rare to test or practice on a real stage. There are places (facilities/schools), you could rent, but they are pricey and not representative. We go in between each rally not having the opportunity to do rally driving. You could do another form of motorsport, but again, not the same. (Certainly can still learn something). I guess where I'm going with this is many improvements come not from directly practicing the skill you're trying to improve, but working on things like pacenotes.

At a higher level or a much bigger budget, the options are more vast... but for most of us, we need to do things that way.

DisraeliGearsX33 karma

Are you independently wealthy? If not how did you raise money initially? They say the way to make a million dollars in racing is to start with two.

KeannaEChang46 karma

I talk elsewhere on this thread about my path through motorsport, but I started ice racing in a $600 Audi - and paid $50 each winter Sunday for a practice session and three 20 minute races. Crapcan racing, then proper endurance racing. I had sponsorship and crowdfunded for my Fiesta build, I was also partnered with a safety supplier (from enduro stuff), which cut equip costs. The remainder was then funded by an individual sponsor.

To be frank, as a then-uni-student getting into the sport, I did have better support and than most. But... my racing budget is just that, a racing budget. Every day I am not in a car I am preparing for a rally and working on funding.

KeannaEChang26 karma

But yeah, that sentiment is pretty much the truth 😂

LOBoob26 karma

Welcome from /r/Battlecars! What reasonable used automobile do recommend for casual rallying?

pelvicmomentum18 karma

I'm not the OP, but you can't go wrong with a N/A AWD impreza. Reliable cars with a huge parts market.

KeannaEChang16 karma

This is a very common choice!

I believe in the power of skill honing in rally via FWD, which is why I went the Fiesta route, but the parts market u/pelvicmomentum mentions is a major draw of the Subie.

chadowmantis26 karma

Even in video games, you can tell that rally driving requires skill, strength and reflexes that need to be honed for years. What advice would someone like you, who operates on another level as far as driving goes, give someone who failed the driving exam three times?

I'm asking for a friend :(

KeannaEChang13 karma

Skills test? The best thing I could say is to practice in the areas where you are losing points.

I wish I had better advice for you. u/morefetus has some good points!

If you can tell me more what you're struggling with, I'll see if I have anything else I can contribute!

monogamousrhinoceros25 karma

Hi! What are your thoughts on the W series?

KeannaEChang48 karma


Oh this is a good one.

So, on the most basic level, I think that the money could have been used far more effectively and it's a shame that this is what they allocated it to.

But... for the women who are competing in it, it's a great opportunity. It was the last shot at open-wheel for many competitors, and for others came at the perfect time in their careers. It's great that they earned their spots, and that the spots are funded.

I was a little upset that a couple of the girls are on such different paths in their careers and that it was more of a marketing opportunity or opportunity to race for free than to further what they are pursuing. I know of at least one of the girls who is done pursuing open-wheel racing after she missed the cut, and she might have lost her spot to a girl who doesn't really care about it. But, at the end of the day, the girls still all earned their spots, and any kind of driving or racing makes you better! It just would have been nice to see a bit more filtration on the career side.

(Bit about me: I love playing devil's advocate... all about liking/not liking bits and pieces rather than just choosing a side!)

I have a friend in it and it has opened so many doors and pushed her harder than ever!

I'm more impressed with it than I expected to be. There are still a few shortcomings (like with the broadcasting), though it seems like they are being proactive at improvements. At the end of the day, it's still a first-year series.

PapaChain20 karma

What type of pacenotes do you prefer? Called early, more detailed, numbers for the turns? What’s your style?

KeannaEChang50 karma

I take my pacenotes 2-3 calls in advance. I use a lot of precision/measurements in my corner lengths. And I just transitioned to a 1-8 system (hairpin-least severe) from 1-6 (how the "Jemba" comes in the USA). Also, I take Severity first and then direction. And I like using meters (over yards, though it makes little difference), because metric is such a clean way of doing things.

So a sample would be "7L/100>4 120 ! brk HPR 30 3+R1/2 ... "

KeannaEChang27 karma


See here. They are critical!!!

We do use our vision, but you still must trust the notes 100%. Some rallies are better able to be "read" based on treeline, etc., but there are still deceptive bits. It is more important to be using vision and other senses to pick up any smaller changes in conditions. So making the notes is kind of like writing your vision down so that you can "free up" your processing power. Great pace notes allow you to commit more than your vision alone.

While transitioning my notes we are definitely using vision more, but we also know to leave a little more on the table.

skusey6616 karma

Have you ever been a situation where you've either crashed or very nearly had a disaster during a race?

KeannaEChang24 karma

"Moments" at every rally!

Sometimes we have a soft "off" and get a bit stuck.

And yes, we've crashed too. Bit more on that above!

CongregationVJackals16 karma

How many ARA events have you won the race??

KeannaEChang26 karma

Just once in my class with ARA. I think we had four other wins with Rally America when it was still around.

North of 15 podiums since I began, though.

HigherThanAvg15 karma

Does traffic especially irk you when you’re driving around town?

KeannaEChang23 karma

Whoever is not annoyed by traffic is a lunatic 😆

IAmRigamortus13 karma

Ooh I’m excited about this AMA!

How’d it feel when you found out you were going to be a full time rally driver?

Who’re you sponsored by?

How many rallies are you going to do for this set (I’m not sure what the group of races are called 😅)

KeannaEChang18 karma

Thanks for being here! It was pretty exciting to figure that we'd be able to do a full season. We didn't plan full championship runs the past two years and split between two series last year, but still have placed on the podium in a national championship each year 😊

I'm sponsored by Molecule Sports and the Eastern USA distributor of Tomcar.

We're doing 8 American rallies and 3 French rallies this season. We also did "recce" (pacenote writing) on Tour de Corse (World Rally Championship in Corsica). And a couple things TBA!

jokr12810 karma

Is the name Keanna the female version of Keanu?

KeannaEChang5 karma

Maybe? But probably not.

Mine is adapted from Keana (adapted off Kiana) and Hawaiian.

Keanu is Hawaiian as well, but also they have different meanings!

truthpooper10 karma

What exactly makes one a "full-time" rally driver? Also, I'm jealous of your job.

KeannaEChang7 karma

Competing for a championship!

taaadaaa9 karma

  1. Ever been carsick?
  2. What got you into the sport?
  3. When driving around town and approaching a turn, do you yell at your passenger?

KeannaEChang6 karma

All the time!

I started out attending winter driving schools, then got into ice racing and hpde/track days, then circuit racing. Did a few rally schools and such as crosstraining, but after seeing my first rally, it brought me back to why I loved driving. Racing was never the goal, but a byproduct of constantly wanting to improve!

I do not haha

EazymotherfknE8 karma

What’s the scariest/craziest rally moment you’ve had?

KeannaEChang8 karma

The scariest situations are surprisingly a couple of very sketchy car recoveries after soft "offs," where we were simply stuck in the first place and wound up sliding down a bank later on.

willworkforicecream8 karma

Have you thought about putting on a fake mustache and a Subaru hat to see if you can get on an episode of Launch Control?

KeannaEChang8 karma

HAHAHAH thank you. I am sending this to one of the SRT ("SMSUSA") photographers.

WorstVolvo6 karma

Is there a way to get into racing without having rich parents?

KeannaEChang9 karma

For sure! I started driving a $600 Audi 90 and paying $50 on a Sunday for a practice sesh and three 20 min races.

Grassroots rallycross and ice racing are great ways to hone your skill, make results, and gain sponsorships.

I've been fortunate with the budget I've been given / had access to since, which has helped me rise through the ranks more quickly, but have many friends who grow their budget and have new support every year... and it's the best way!

Lauriejerome5 karma

Are there part-time rally car drivers?

KeannaEChang12 karma

There are many competitors who participate in only one or a few events a year, most of the rally base in the USA actually.

OmniaMors5 karma

What else do you do for fun?

When eating cereal, milk first or second?

Do you have any pets? (Pics!)

If you had to rob a bank, how would you do it?

Favorite food?

KeannaEChang14 karma

Cereal as a dry snack only!

I'm gone from home too much to properly have a pet 😢

I've never thought about it!

Breakfast. All of it.

OmniaMors25 karma

Cereal as a dry snack only!

hello 911, id like to report a psychopath

KeannaEChang11 karma


I'm not completely dairy-free, but am lactose intolerant. I'd rather snack on it on the occasion than use almond milk or something. Also if I get cereal it's usually in a hotel or something and Hampton Inn isn't really a stock-er of alternative milks!

SilentDudee5 karma

Have you ever built your own car (of any spec) in your garage?

KeannaEChang10 karma

I have not. I don’t have the mechanical knowledge. I do like to learn, take direction well, and have learned to do some things in friends’ shops over the years, but haven’t done anything too big or on my own.

simsim1514 karma

When it comes to the lack of women drivers, would you say it's due to obstacles facing women specifically or there aren't many women joining in general?

cumulus_humilis5 karma

I'm a lady co-driver, trying to get all my friends into the sport. The men have too much driving confidence and the women have too little. We're in our 30s and I truly hope the "joke" that "women can't drive" died with our generation because it is absolute bullshit, and a lot more damaging than we realize.

KeannaEChang9 karma

So sorry to hear this!

u/simsim151 I think two big aspects are:

-not enough getting into it young enough (because they never saw it as an option, or didn't know about it)


Rally is relatively obscure in the USA

Also, to reach the top level, there needs to be a bigger talent pool, which goes back to more girls getting into it at a younger age!

Thebillweneed4 karma

Disclaimer: I didn’t scroll very far to see if this was asked yet.

As a woman that has grown to be successful in a previously male dominated field, what did you parents do to encourage you to try things other than stereotypical girl hobbies and what advice would you offer a father of a young daughter who is getting to the age of being able to try everything and pursue what she likes?

Note: I am all about whatever my daughter wants to do, I just don’t want her to look back when she’s older and think that she missed out on something because of her gender

KeannaEChang4 karma

Hi! I grew up with my mom, a sister (8 years younger), and with close family mainly female! I really wasn't exposed to cars or racing growing up, either. I took a winter driving school for safety and later fell in love with the driving aspect. At the time I was a total ballerina, honestly! (Albeit also a snowboarder, which was somewhat tomboyish, but I'm a def girlie girl at heart)

I think it's great you want to expose your daughter to a variety of activities! I think just that... going to different kinds of events, owning a mix of toys, trying new things, are all good ways to nurture this! Also, just having good female role models and doing outdoors activities. I love to hike and go swimming and find recreation is a great way to be strong (and simultaneously engage in non-gendered activity!).

YuriBarashnikov4 karma

Do you ever get scared/nervous when spectators are grouped really tightly around the road?

I grew up watching rally in the Scandinavian forests and people would sometimes stand in the actual road and only get out of the way as the car came flying towards them, I've always thought this must be so distracting for the driver

KeannaEChang5 karma

It does make me nervous when they are too close in a bad spot and have nearly hit people running across the road when they didn't realize we were catching the car ahead of us.

guitarhero6664 karma

What's the weirdest or most memorable call you co pilot has had to say?

In a more serious note, do you think simulators (like DIRT Rally 2.0, Richard Burns Rally, etc) could help in the process of helping new drivers in learning the basics, as a complement to actual seat time?

KeannaEChang5 karma

Even practicing reading to a playing video of driving on a dirt road at the speed limit (sped up 2-3x) will help new co-drivers learn good pacing! :-)

AdVoke3 karma

What are your feelings towards Jutta Klineschmidt?

KeannaEChang7 karma

I don't know Jutta, but I think she's badass and know that she is a tough cookie!

MLaw20081 karma

Thanks for doing this! I was wondering if you've ever used Virtual Reality to practice, and if so how effective it was in comparison to the real thing?

KeannaEChang2 karma

You're welcome! I have horrible motion sickness and get sick in VR and simulators, unfortunately!