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What is the fine dividing line between being yourself and just being one-sided? For instance, accepting and owning yourself is a great way to attract a significant other, but relationships take work, sacrifice and comprise between partners, together. Obviously communicating is a huge key to it, but what is a self “red flag” that you might need to look inward to solve a relationship problem?

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Disclaimer: I didn’t scroll very far to see if this was asked yet.

As a woman that has grown to be successful in a previously male dominated field, what did you parents do to encourage you to try things other than stereotypical girl hobbies and what advice would you offer a father of a young daughter who is getting to the age of being able to try everything and pursue what she likes?

Note: I am all about whatever my daughter wants to do, I just don’t want her to look back when she’s older and think that she missed out on something because of her gender

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Likely far too late for a response, but feel inclined to ask:

Why only 18+?

Just as simple as trying to attract either the childless or those on vacation away from kids?

No judgement. Just curious.

Similarly, small businesses in the us tend to network with each other within a region (and a lot of times, within the same industry but with different specialties), do you know of any like resorts that host families as well?

Sounds like a great business with a good niche. Kudos on picking a size for your resort that is big enough to make it worth it but small enough that you arent having to run crazy deals to keep rooms full like a lot of places.

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Hi Gray!

What gets you through your tough times/how to you get your mind off of the negatives?

There are a lot of people that don't face the same adversities that you do yet tend to always be downers. How would you advise them to continue on and turn it around?

You must be an amazingly strong individual with the right support around you to make it all happen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.