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My partner went to shovel snow this morning (and came home with an awesome hoodie!!!) and he said they ate at Captain Hard Times.

If you’re curious, my partner had the chicken and waffles.

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Why did you reply to me on the internet when I'm resting my feet on you at the other end of the couch?

I meant you should tell them about everyone having the chicken and waffles, but this has been fun.

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I watch F1 and am sad that it took this long to do it, but proud they finally removed the “girls in sexy outfits for the winners to spray champagne on”. They now just have people who assist, some men, some women, some younger people, no sexy outfits.

How can I seriously compete in any competition where my only representation is wearing a bikini and bouncing around cheering? It’s about fucking time we cut this stupid shit out so we can get some REAL competition.

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It’s because the reason you get motion sickness is that your senses are ‘out of alignment’. When someone else is driving your brain might be predicting x amount of acceleration, but they hit the gas more/less then you predicted, leaving a slight dissonance between expectation and reality. The more times this happens, like when they’re gonna brake but they do it later/earlier than you would have by a few microseconds, the bigger the disconnect and you start getting nauseated.

For me this means I get suuuuuuuuper sick when people drive like old people—that thing where they’re driving an automatic (yuck) and they keep their foot just above the gas, pressing it a few seconds and then letting off. That slight motion of off, on, off, on the gas makes me nauseated just thinking about it. I’m better when someone has a manual transmission and are more aggressive/confident drivers.

I feel sorry for anyone who rides with me, and would really rather take no passengers. I try t be nice, but I have a 6-speed manual with AWD, so in my brain I’m the OP on a giant tarmac course every day, lol.

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I've just started doing standup comedy ( here's my first, awkward, try at it) and I've realized that it's not just about humor- it's about being able to talk about the things I can't talk about politely or write about. It's about talking about the most embarrassing, fucked up, and really sad things but making them into a punchline- so, is that why you joke so much about age? Because it's the most fucked up thing that happens to all of us and laughing about it makes it easier?

There is also a huge bias against women in the industry when we get older, but you're still going strong and vivaciously doing you- can you give any insight into how you accomplish that?