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I prefer Roland's Band.

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Ok fuck it, I guess I'll ask the hard question. How do you feel about your daughter uploading that infamous video?

Edit: I hope you don't feel bad about that video by the way, I think it showed everyone that even a living legend like David Hasselhoff has his moments.

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Right there with you. Deeply traumatized from an early age (abandoned by mom) and only got worse from there (abusive alcoholic father who blamed the kids). It's not the depression that gets me, it's the despair. It's knowing that even if I do manage to get better I have nobody in my life who will even notice. I just feel numb all the time. I've thought about suicide but I don't even see the point in that.

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" I love class warfare because there are more of us than there are of them. "

Is this a serious bid or did you get high and decide to write an AMA?

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They just saw recently on phone, think it is photos of things that are not real.

These Maasai dudes learn pretty fast. =)