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Audi TTRS (last manual year, before the first discontinuation)

It's blue!

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Just go for it!

Spectate or volunteer (they sometimes get the best viewing spots!)

Rally schools, rallycross, and rallysprints are all good ways to get started driving-wise

Taking a co-driving course such as OzRallyPro is a great way to start co-driving!

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Hey! In my rally career, just one. It was a pretty simple crash, too much speed for the corner and went wide... hit a stump and just did a bit of a pirouette over the nose. We needed to borrow a forklift to get the car on the hauler and my co-driver was very briefly unconscious. The car was a rental and needed frame-work done, it was fixed but hasn't done a rally since!

Before that, I had 2-1/2 barrel rolls over the wall in the downhill at Lime Rock Park in a MX-5 cup car, that one messed me up a bit.

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I would laugh, so hard.

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There are a few other women who are rally drivers as well, but I wish we saw them more often!

Being young and female, it can be difficult to be taken seriously. Those who know, know, but there are many people who walk right by and many others who are shocked that I drive (and not co-drive).

It makes me sad (not personally, but societally) when young girls are going to get driver autographs and skip me. Many of my peers are great at exclaiming "she's a driver too," but as someone who wants that exact scenario to change, it's such a downer when you see it happening in front of you!