Over the last four years, we've made Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies, and You've Got Crabs, and have sold more than 8 million total games. We make tabletop games because we think it's more fun to play with our friends than with our screens. Our newest game, Throw Throw Burrito, takes that idea one step further as the world's first dodgeball card game. We've learned a ton about game creation since 2015 and made all of the mistakes, so please ask us anything.




EDIT: Thanks everyone! Check out our new game on Kickstarter that’s half card game, half dodge ball! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/throw-throw-burrito

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squid50s13 karma

How do you feel card games have changed with the rise of videogames?

P.S. can Matt draw me a squid (as my username is squid50s)?

squid50s13 karma

Thank for very much for the awesome squid (with the 50 and ‘s’) drawing. It’s really cool that you’re taking drawing requests during an AMA; that was a great idea!

GiantBatFart23 karma

Your semicolon usage is on point.

3aTroop8 karma

I just want to say thank you for the games you have created. My daughter loves them and anxiously awaiting Throw Throw Burrito. she’s learning to draw in your style, do you have a words of saucy advice on creativity?

P.S. Matt: Would you draw my daughter in your artistic style? Please and thank you.

my daughter and her love for the upcoming game.

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bjc29257 karma

What is the best thing you've ever drawn ?

MsNewKicks6 karma

@Matthew, what is the MFing Pterodactyl here to do?

GiantBatFart7 karma

ptero you a new asshole

3aTroop6 karma

Our cat and family our big supporters of your games over the years.

Elan: are their more games in the pipeline coming up?

Matt: would you do us the honor and memorialize our cat Boots? If not he’ll make me wear the cone of shame.

our master Boots eating breakfast.

creemeemeemee5 karma

What was your guys’ reaction when you saw exploding kittens getting so much recognition on Kickstarter? (ps can Matt draw shrek for me for a pfp if not that’s cool)

xspikeshadowsx3 karma

Dodgeball card game? How does that work? Gimme some rules, I'm curious!

elanlee4 karma

our friends made a pretty great video of the rules and gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpRcxZZW-dU

xspikeshadowsx2 karma

I'll check it out! Thank you! And can Matt draw me a demonic kitty? I like evil stuff

lolthai2 karma

Matthew - how do you come up with ideas to draw about, like the Mantis Shrimp?

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GiantBatFart6 karma

I place my head into the deep dark ocean and wait for the creatures to find me.

cherrytarts2 karma

I have made a child cry by mentioning Exploding Kittens. I don't regret it. Matt can you draw me a pie?

davehutch19842 karma

I met Matt a few years ago at Beat The Blerch and he was beyond friendly. My friend and I mentioned we were Canadian and he chuckled at how many Canadians enjoy The Oatmeal and Beat The Blerch.

Have you guys ever thought of doing “safe for Canadians” content?

BlakeBoy211 karma

i fucking love this

GiantBatFart4 karma

mind your language there are canadians about

ElizabethX091 karma

What do you like most about exploding kittens?
(Can you draw a cat in a rocket ship?)

yakshack1 karma

Matt, I'm training for my second marathon and remember your comic about ultra running. My question is, why do we do this to ourselves?

Can you draw a cake for me because I miss sweets so much.

BetsiLuli1 karma

First, we supported Kittens & Bears & LOVE both games. THANK YOU! Butttt with Burritos, I have what may be a dumb question,...

If there are only 2 burritos, how do you have a burrito War? It sounds like you could only have a 2 person duo—can players re-throw the burritos? I would love to have many Burritos so no player is safe! Is there a backup plan for when Burritos disappear? (Ya know-high shelf, dog thief’s, the pond outside ,etc)

-Burrito War Enthusiast

PS Llama’s are also my fav if your hand is not abt to fall off from drawing-overload ;)

Fycf1 karma

Would you ever consider doing a kickstarter exclusive expansion so you could draw anything even if it’s copyrighted? Matt-Please draw my chicken Yoda. He is a light brown and loves pecking people. I think we wants to take over the world.

taeminjpg1 karma

My family loves your game! Why exploding kittens (as opposed to exploding donkeys or penguins)?

GiantBatFart3 karma

why a spoon, cousin

why not an axe