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He received the package, and then sent us a photo of the package in the garbage (unopened). 9 months after that Carreon was still trying to sue a blogger who created a parody site about him. Eventually a judge ruled that he was wasting court time, and Carreon had to pay $46,000 to said blogger.

Apparently being a jerk is really expensive.

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When we were playing the original version of the game, instead of a kitten there was a bomb card, so the whole time we played everyone was stressing and worrying about "the bomb." I thought it'd be funnier to make the bomb a kitten instead, that way you wind up with a room full of people all living in fear of a kitten.

Plus it's right in the nexus of funny and horrible, which is my favorite place to be.

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The mantis shrimp is still my favorite animal, ever. Even though its eyes don't work in the way that I wrote they did -- back in 2012 it was still thought that a mantis shrimp could see a "thermonuclear bomb of light and beauty." That's since been disproven, but now their eyes have been shown to detect cancer cells.

All hail the mantis shrimp.

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enough to buy my first house, but i'm not a millionaire or anything like that. People hear "my company was acquired" and assume I own a swimming pool shaped like a dollar sign that's filled with supermodels and prime ministers.

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Yeah, they took the post down immediately and never wrote me back. I was hoping they would - it would have been a comedy gold mine.

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Yes, as of October I no longer have to do any client work because of the money I get from TheOatmeal.