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I had no idea what to make of your comment until I read further down the thread. The Baker Act is Florida's mental health law that allows families to provide emergency mental health services and temporary detentions on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

So when goatfuckr69 says "baker acted" it's not a typo like I thought (bygones) but the act of having this law used against you (or in your best interest depending on circumstances I guess)

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Shelly Miscavige: is there as much internal speculation amongst regulars of Scientology as there is externally, or is it something that nobody talks about?

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What affect does out gut and intestinal biome have on our health, nutrition, and metabolism? I know this is a relatively new area of research, but is there anything we know for sure?

Or maybe this is a better question: how does our digestive system come into play in regards to nutrition and weight loss?

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Hi Professor! I LOVED your book Why Nations Fail as I think it laid out a really understandable reasoning as to why some nations lean autocratic and why some don't throughout history.

I'm having a hard time deciphering what's really going on in Bolivia due to disinformation campaigns in social media and media. Knowing what to believe is getting more difficult. Based on your work and research what can we expect to see as the country moves forward? Do you think Bolivia will remain on a democratic projection or do you foresee it falling into autocratic rule?

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Hi Dina, thank you for the AMA! I had only heard about this issue from a random news story a few weeks ago about a man getting caught at an airport trying to smuggle birds into the U.S. and CBP caught him.

My question is, what are some signs individuals can be aware of top help find and report illegal activity?