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I had no idea what to make of your comment until I read further down the thread. The Baker Act is Florida's mental health law that allows families to provide emergency mental health services and temporary detentions on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

So when goatfuckr69 says "baker acted" it's not a typo like I thought (bygones) but the act of having this law used against you (or in your best interest depending on circumstances I guess)

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Shelly Miscavige: is there as much internal speculation amongst regulars of Scientology as there is externally, or is it something that nobody talks about?

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What affect does out gut and intestinal biome have on our health, nutrition, and metabolism? I know this is a relatively new area of research, but is there anything we know for sure?

Or maybe this is a better question: how does our digestive system come into play in regards to nutrition and weight loss?

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I've had 2 friends (30s) get sick with classic coronavirus symptoms in the past 3 weeks. Their doctors seemed pretty blase and told them to stay home and seek treatment if they get worse.

Cool. The system's overloaded no worries.

My question - is anyone tracking the "presumed but not confirmed" cases like this? Is that helpful to understanding infection and death rates if they're not officially tested and confirmed?

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Jesus measles is terrifying in so many ways I didn't even know.