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3aTroop8 karma

I just want to say thank you for the games you have created. My daughter loves them and anxiously awaiting Throw Throw Burrito. she’s learning to draw in your style, do you have a words of saucy advice on creativity?

P.S. Matt: Would you draw my daughter in your artistic style? Please and thank you.

my daughter and her love for the upcoming game.

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3aTroop6 karma

Our cat and family our big supporters of your games over the years.

Elan: are their more games in the pipeline coming up?

Matt: would you do us the honor and memorialize our cat Boots? If not he’ll make me wear the cone of shame.

our master Boots eating breakfast.

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Thanks for the reply, we’re just chomping at the bit for more of your games. They are so great for families I believe because we can play for hours and we’re off our phones and no tv.

Any expansion possibilities for Exploding Kittens?

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I've read that you love to play video games, and a lot of your tweets reference that. Are there any games that you are looking forward to play this upcoming year?