Hey Reddit,

Happy International Womens' Day 2019!

To celebrate, we'll be taking your questions - we are asking for an array of questions: whether it be what we do in our roles, how we came to be working at Jagex, our favourite RuneScape quest, or why does ModMaz like squirrels so much?!

We'd love to inspire more women to join the games industry and we're excited to talk about all the different and awesome skills that are needed to make video games! As such, we are from all sectors within the business from HR and Recruitment to Development and Marketing - you can see all of our roles below!

We are:

  • JagexAethra - Project Manager
  • JagexDio - Systems Engineer
  • JagexET – Senior HR Business Partner
  • JagexGee – Old School RuneScaper Junior Character Artist
  • JagexGemini – Localisation Team Leader (Portuguese)
  • JagexIlly – Data Scientist (Helping out)
  • JagexJZ – Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • JagexJam - QA Analyst
  • JagexLottie – Senior Product Analyst
  • JagexLuna – Publishing Partner Manager
  • JagexMarie - Senior Systems Designer
  • JagexMathilda – Localisation Specialist (French)
  • JagexMaylea – RuneScape Content Developer
  • JagexMaz – RuneScape and Old School Training and Developer Lead
  • JagexMeadows - Community Management (I'm a guy, this was something I suggested and championed - so I'm here for moderation!)
  • JagexMohawk – Senior Technical Developer
  • Jagex_Noodles – Customer Support Specialist
  • JagexOsman – Head of Business Development
  • JagexRads – Campaign Executive

Note: Not all of us are in this picture, but here is a large group of us! Also, today we launched a video on YouTube to celebrate IWD with some of the team – be sure to check it out here!

We look forward to taking your questions, and we hope to inspire your greatest adventure.

Ask Us Anything!

EDIT: We're closing this up now, thank you all for your questions and being so civil; we are so proud to work in an awesome industry and we hope to see some of you in here soon! You may get the odd answers here and there trickling in over the weekend if they were directed at certain people, but consider this AMA done.

Thanks everyone, you're all awesome!

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Debate_Everything14 karma

Gz JagexMeadows on your transition gg

Who's your favorite OSRS youtube streamer?

JagexMeadows30 karma

(I'm not trans, just an advocate for women!)

EdwardoSuperTramp11 karma

Could Jagex have the same for International Men's Day?

JagexMeadows9 karma

We could do, is that something you would like? :)

freddy_storm_blessed6 karma

is it even possible to break into the industry without a B.S.?

JagexMeadows9 karma

Yep! I have no degrees :)

MTG_Leviathan3 karma

I once went for an interview at Jagex, one of my dream companies to work for, when I was 18. The office and staff are incredible and it is my inspiration for doing my computer science degree (Integrated Meng) now, as my advice given to me by the community manager who interviewed me at the time was to get back into education (Which I was messing up a bit at the time.)

I spent a few years discovering myself, starting my own business but nothing really piqued my interest or give me hope for a great career than that little interview at Jagex, when I reflected on that it pushed me into getting to university and I took the long steps of building academic credentials I had been avoiding for years.

I'm now on my second year of university after fully re-engaging with education and I couldn't be happier, while I can't say with certainty I'll ever join Jagex in the future, I at least want to thank you guys and the wonderful team you have there for the little bit of inspiration you guys give without even realizing it. Jagex rocks.

However this is an AMA so I suppose I should ask something, so, do you guys have summer internship positions at all, or still do internships? I know it was a thing a long time ago but not so informed now days.

JagexMeadows4 karma

This is a lovely story, what role did you apply for? CM?

A_Feathered_Raptor2 karma

What are some of your favorite movies?

JagexMeadows2 karma

"Arrival" it's awesome!

sir_gucci_cx2 karma

Do any people of color work for jagex as a player the jagex team as a whole seems to have an extreme lack of diversity so my question is why?

JagexMeadows1 karma

Yes, we do have. :)

PixieLana1 karma

hi there!! i’ve always been curious as to what a typical work day is for each of you within a gaming industry? is it strict put your head down? do you have dress down fridays? i have my degree in games development (working on building my portfolio at the moment) and i’d love to someday work at jagex and join the girl squad!

JagexMeadows2 karma

So, I used to work for a bank - and I can tell you this is so different haha. People have Nerf gun wars all the time, it's very laid back and you're encouraged to do your own thing... it's great!

Also: every day is dress down, in the summer I'm usually rocking shorts or dungarees! I often wear political tee's as well, and nobody bats an eyelid!