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the whole "fake gamer girl" thing doesn't even make sense to me. it's like people saw one photo of an attractive woman pretending to play video games with the controller unplugged... then suddenly any girl who casually played video games was probably just doing it for attention. why else would they spend their free time engaging with one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world?

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I saw a video of a volcano's dome collapse and subsequent pyroclastic flow the other day. it looked like rocks collapsing and then seemingly out of nowhere morphs from what looks to be a landslide into a full on cloud of superheated gas and ash. what's going on there exactly?

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ayy bassoon players unite.

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is it even possible to break into the industry without a B.S.?

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I'm pretty sure that's the one. there was a guy running for his life and an emergency vehicle doing the same as the flow tears down the slope and engulfs the valley behind them.

thanks for the explanation because I've had this question for years now - when I saw the AMA I was like well it's now or never. definitely makes sense.