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Look at this nutter lads, thinks 'spoons is an Italian joint.

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Can confirm as an Englishman. Nandos is the place to go for a cheeky bit of banter or a scran on the go.

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Can you give any examples? I'd love to do a bit of digging into these things and find little niche communities.

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I once went for an interview at Jagex, one of my dream companies to work for, when I was 18. The office and staff are incredible and it is my inspiration for doing my computer science degree (Integrated Meng) now, as my advice given to me by the community manager who interviewed me at the time was to get back into education (Which I was messing up a bit at the time.)

I spent a few years discovering myself, starting my own business but nothing really piqued my interest or give me hope for a great career than that little interview at Jagex, when I reflected on that it pushed me into getting to university and I took the long steps of building academic credentials I had been avoiding for years.

I'm now on my second year of university after fully re-engaging with education and I couldn't be happier, while I can't say with certainty I'll ever join Jagex in the future, I at least want to thank you guys and the wonderful team you have there for the little bit of inspiration you guys give without even realizing it. Jagex rocks.

However this is an AMA so I suppose I should ask something, so, do you guys have summer internship positions at all, or still do internships? I know it was a thing a long time ago but not so informed now days.

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Why is it that only Italians or Sicilians can be made men, and have you heard of any large scale organized family that does not adhere to this rule?