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Could Jagex have the same for International Men's Day?

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Disappearing bird habitat


Oregon timber harvests have been between 4.3 and 4.5 billion board feet over the last several years. This is well below the 5.0 billion board feet considered to be sustainable under current policies and regulations.

You must be referring to wetland? The only problem with that is wetlands are heavily protected/regulated.


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It would behoove you to do some research into the party. They take the best traits from both majaor political parties and combined them into one. They're against church and state, they're for reducing military size, they aren't completely against social programs, but would like them to be a little more self-sufficient, (i.e. government health-care that is truely a government ran not-for-profit, but still has modest fees to cover it's employee's and expenses,) they are pro-choice, they are for lower taxes for lower-middle class, and higher taxes for corporations, and also completely disagree with a lot of the tax breaks large corporations unfairly get, they are for right to privacy, they want to end the war on drugs completely and turn it into a health issue, they want less governmental power over citizens, they want to restore the US treasury, and end federal reserve and much more. (Ending the Federal Reserve is what gets them the most opposition, talk smack about America's banking cartel and you're gonna have a bad time.)

The only things I could see people having and issue with is the fact that they want a less regulated free market, but that would include supporting (in ideology, not with laws) ideas like Google fiber, where as now cable companies like Comcast and telephone companies like AT&T have a lot of governmental protection. They're also for gun ownership, which as someone who was previously liberal, was one of the few things about the party I disagreed with. I have the mentality of "I prefer a dangerous freedom to a peaceful slavery." That and failed governmental healthcare programs like obamacare, which increased the cost and reduced the coverage of my already ridiculously priced health-care. I like the idea of a governmental health-care option, but it should be a government ran not-for-profit organization and not government sponsored enterprise, which is truely fascism. They get a lot of negative press because they are one of the larger threats to the politically dominating two-party system we have now.

Think about it, the only person I know of in Congress who has been associated with the liberatarian party was arguably the most trustworthy Senator in Congress, Ron Paul. One of the only ones to openly state he supported Edward Snowden and thought that our government attempting to try him with espionage was a sign of the dark road our country is headed on.

NINJA EDIT: I figure I should throw in the fact that I'm a 22 year old college student. Also, I realize there are probably a lot of typos and grammatical errors, but I wrote this on my phone and it's too finicky to try to go back and correct them now so I'll just have to do it when I get home.