Hi, I am Matt, I worked a 9-5 and didn't earn much...my passion was and still is traveling so I had to figure out ways to save mula on my trips.. I was literally searching for cheap flights every min of the day... I have now become an expert at it, even found that airlines make MISTAKES!!!!... I quit my job and now find cheap flights for a living and help others book for huge savings! I started helping people find cheap flights...(if you're interested you can check out Matts Flights here no pressure at all, it's free)

AMA let me help you book a flight or trip! Call me crazy (lol), but this is fun for me! Here to talk travel! Share your travel story!

This is me :D https://ibb.co/4gyq45R

Recent media: lifehack.org - how to quit your job and travel the world after 40, offers.com best times to book travel if you want to save big

Over the last 4 years I have traveled to over 30 countries and 25 states on discounted airfare. Throughout my travels, I've met countless people who have been consumed by wanderlust but just cant afford it. I knew something had to be done, so I am here to save the dayyyyyy!

AMA, I am here to help :)

** Update - its 9:52pm EST - I am still here to help AMA, just had some great dinner and coffee, lets keep it going! I have another 1-2 hours in me before I fall asleep at the keyboard! TWUI (typing while under the influence**of coffee)

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freebase1ca45 karma

How do you differentiate yourself from "Scott's Cheap Flights"?

MattsMiles9 karma

Call me your personal travel agent! I am always here... I offer personal custom searches for any/all trips.. i'll do all the searching for you... just like now for this AMA!

We also do domestic / US flights.

Scott is awesome btw!

Gemmabeta24 karma


DaveLanglinais23 karma

Actually it does answer the question, it just doesn't do so in an obvious manner.

Scott's does international only. Matt, as he pointed out, does Domestic.

MattsMiles10 karma

Thanks :)

MattsMiles9 karma

As mentioned I offer personal searches.. I don't just send flight alerts... I work with anyone at anytime to help them with their specific flight / travel search. I am available everyday at all times as well as my team! I also share my personal experiences and places to visit, etc...

MattsMiles4 karma

I also do domestic flights!

misterbondpt1 karma

If that was his answer then you should accept those characteristics as differences between both services. Don't understand why you chose not to accept his answer.

MattsMiles4 karma


MattsMiles-5 karma

Hi digitalmediaworld - no need to spam links...I’ve answered this question a few times already today. It only takes a little reading ;) There are many great options out on the web, however I am a travel fanatic and I offer 1 on 1 support to help anyone with their individual needs. I also have unique travel giveaways along with a lot of other cool fun stuff!

k_9011 karma

Don’t you think saying you’re free is kind of a lie? The free service looks like it loses 90% of the advantages and a high % of the cheap deals.

MattsMiles8 karma

Not at all!!! I send alerts each week for free, you can join that list and stay forever if you'd like... I also constantly promote travel giveaways which you can join (and actually win!!!)

HoneyBloat9 karma

I just want to understand, if your service is free and you quit your job it really doesn’t matter how cheap the flights are if you have zero coming in. How does this work? Then maybe you can get a little more credibility.

MattsMiles11 karma

Hi HoneyBloat... great question.... I offer anyone to join for free which will get you cheap flight alerts and access to travel giveaways (last one we did we partnered with a few other companies and it was a $5,000 value)

I give everyone the option to upgrade to a low cost premium plan, only a few bucks... and you can get specific departure options, more emails each week of special cheap flights, direct access to me for personal searches and exclusive giveaways etc.. I also own a food tour in Delray Beach Florida ;)

justforgord6 karma

Is it true, that airline company’s see when you are looking at flights online. and if you don’t book one they increase the price. So you panic and think they will continue to go up?

MattsMiles7 karma

hi justforgord - - great question, funny you asked... I always think about this and so do a lot of others.... it "could" make sense with tracking, remarketing and "cookies", but I've never been able to prove it with any real research or data.... so I don't think it's happening...

I do know flights are more expensive certain times of the week, etc.

Anyone else want to chime in here with supporting data?

Shibereddit3 karma

you probably fly a lot of different airlines so i wonder what was the airline you had the worst experience with and why?

MattsMiles2 karma

Worst experience I had was TransAir... price was good, I even paid to get the first row.... I COULDN'T FIT!!! My butt couldn't fit lol, I was squeezed in and sooo uncomfortable.

How about you?

Shibereddit1 karma

well me myself hasnt done much flying (yet! im becoming an aircraft mechanic) but the worst experience has to be Norwegian when i was flying from Oslo back home to Bodø, there was this massive line to the single desk that was open to check in our luggage.

there was people cutting and nobody gave a single shit it was horrible. we barely reached the plane haha

MattsMiles1 karma

haha I actually have had great success with Norwegian. I have flown them 10x probably and 0 problems.

Shibereddit1 karma

to be fair it was probably a one time thing but i personally prefer SAS over Norwegian any day of the week

MattsMiles1 karma

Yea SAS is great!

kdcowled2 karma

I am looking to travel from Kuwait to Orlando and maybe one other city in the USA this April, but its hard to find a multicity ticket because airports in US vary in terms of distance.

What tips would you give an international passenger while looking at flights in and to the US?

MattsMiles2 karma

Hi kdcowled - I think you are on the right track considering Orlando has a big international airport. That would be my first advice when flying into US from an international spot... (better deals sometimes to the bigger more active hubs)... depending on where else you may want to travel, try finding a central spot to come visit first like Texas or Colorado. If you are sticking to Florida/Orlando... Atlanta and Charlotte are close and very fun. I always read a lot of blog articles of fun things to do and close places nearby where I am traveling, sometimes take a train to visit other cities.

kdcowled1 karma

Thanks Matt, that helps alot.

I visited the US for the first time last year and had an amazing time in California especially. Had also gone to Miami and New York. Any recommended places for a solo trip?

MattsMiles1 karma

In the US?

kdcowled1 karma

Yes, I have a visa for the next couple of years so I want to make the most out of it.

MattsMiles2 karma

Austin and the Texas area may work great for you considering you can visit Dallas and Houston as well.. all fairly close....another option New Orleans... try their beignets soo delicious!

What did you like about California? If it's the beaches then check out South Florida... Miami & Fort Lauderdale!

erystl1 karma

Do you fly by hidden city pricing aka Skiplagged? Also, your thoughts on this method.

MattsMiles4 karma

Hey, I do not. I think it is a smart method but a lot of airlines are catching on and there was a recent lawsuit. I would be cautious!

Alec9350 karma

Completely True

MattsMiles3 karma

have you ever tried? or know anyone who was successful?

albk19930 karma

I have done so from Chicago to Arizona and had no issues, granted, the flights I chose never actually had me blatantly getting off at a stop that was supposed to just be a layover.

MattsMiles2 karma

So you did two different roundtrip flights and used one for departure and one for your return?

I think with the layovers the airlines take it really serious and keep track of passengers so when you're supposed to be in your seat from the layover, things get messy for them!

I remember one time I had checked-in at LAX but didn't realize the time and they were buzzing me on the loud speaker a few times.. hearing my name out loud was hilarious I was the last one on the plane, everyone was staring (probably upset I made them wait)..

albk19930 karma

Hahah no no I just bought one roundtrip ticket through them, just happened to be the cheapest I could find anywhere but there were no layovers that I was skipping amidst the flight there and back. There are definitely flights you can buy where the flight going out could be just a layover for all other passengers at your actual destination or vice versa, so I think it just depends if you go with that or not. I have not attempted that before

MattsMiles1 karma

ha! got it... any good places in Chicago or Arizona I should visit next or feature?

AnotherDrunkCanadian1 karma

Hey Matt, can you help me out? I've got a huge flight to do in April. Toronto > Los Angeles > Papeete (Tahiti).

I can't seem to find anything less than $2000.

What is your secret?

MattsMiles1 karma

What are the exact dates? I see 1,100 for select dates. That is US dollars though. CAD that would be around 1,400.

AnotherDrunkCanadian1 karma

Exact date is TBD - I was thinking somewhere around 15 April - one way :)

Maybe I should get my schedule sorted out first then come find you on your site.

MattsMiles1 karma

Yeah just reach out to me :) I would love to help!

RickyRuler1 karma

what kind of mistakes are you referring to?

MattsMiles2 karma

hey, great question... since i am looking at flights every min of the day.... i see immediately when new flights come available and sometimes they mark the wrong price and we can get them for steal!!!! just have to keep your eye on things often! Once I saw a flight to paris from new york for $119.. roundtrip, should have been like $700+

RickyRuler5 karma

since i am looking at flights every min of the day

Do you use any particular platform to monitor new flights or are you simply on the airlines' homepage?

MattsMiles5 karma

I have a personal software I built with my programmer. It scrapes the internet for the best price possible. That is why people love my service because they no longer have to waste time and money looking for flights.

ED_wizz3 karma

My friend found a TLS-ORD return flight for $75 before taxes, $150 after taxes! We got 4 tickets before it didn't work anymore.

MattsMiles3 karma

It is CRAZY what mistakes you find when you are looking all day :)

misterbondpt1 karma

Did you went to Paris?

MattsMiles2 karma

I have been to Paris! Have you?

misterbondpt1 karma

Yeah, I'm European. Do you work with European flights? Any service that can compete with the aggressive low cost flights that are taking over this continent?

MattsMiles1 karma

Not really. The flights in Europe are significantly cheaper than in the states and Canada.

RichoTam331 karma

Matt I live in Mexico, ( Monterrey, Nuevo León) is there any way I could get cheaper flights to Mexico City ( Distrito Federal ) ? The cheapest airline in Mexico I’ve found it’s Vivaerobus And also can i get a job at your online page ?

MattsMiles2 karma

Love Mexico City! Just got back last week from MEX. That is the cheapest airline. I like interjet as well. What kind of job are you looking for?

ilem31 karma

Do you have any advice on how to find cheap(er) first/business class flights? Especially internationally.

MattsMiles2 karma

when it comes to first/business class.. it's the same approach when searching... however one tip is looking into credit cards with travel perks.. most first/business class flyers or frequent flyers take advantage of this! I know AMEX offers great perks.

ED_wizz1 karma

I get that your having a blast hunting airlines mistakes/treasures for us. But how does your business model work?

MattsMiles3 karma

I already do this all day for myself so I share with others, free service... I also offer a service where I can help you with your specifics (like your personal travel agent) or just send weekly updates!

ED_wizz1 karma

Do you specialize in certain parts of the world? For examples do flights have to arrive or leave from a North American airport?

MattsMiles3 karma

I specialize in flights departing from all over the US and Canada.

ED_wizz-1 karma

Shame, I'm based in Europe! But I'll check out your website and spread the word.

Good luck!

MattsMiles3 karma

Not a problem, that is why I offer the 1 on 1 like this and to anyone interested!

Do you have a flight you need to book? Let me know and I can help.

2ducks4geese1 karma


MattsMiles0 karma

Sure can definitely help.. what prices have you seen?

What is your budget?

Ideally to get prices down, since you are traveling for over a month... you may want to try 1 way tickets.

nitelotion1 karma

Hi! I need to book my mom a flight from Portland ME to Seattle wa in late May. Any tips?

MattsMiles1 karma

For this flight there will be a layover involved. The more flexible you are the cheaper the flight will be for sure.

irishfro1 karma

Hi Matt,

I travel from Korea to Boston at least once a year. Have you found any tips or tricks of securing upgraded flights to first class or premium economy or economy plus etc. for a discount? I usually pay between 900-1300 $ round trip for economy. But any upgrade is well over 3,000$ which is out of my price range.

MattsMiles2 karma

Typically not really. You have to be lucky and searching all day. Set up a tracker on something like google flights and it will alert you.

anunwithagun1 karma

Hello Matt, I'm a 100% service connected veteran whose two kids live in another state. I travel approximately 600 miles one way at least 6 times per year. Many circumstances make living this far apart an ideal option and my two kids also agree with that. However, I pay nearly 1/3 of my income on child support and the costs of travel cost nearly the same amount as child support per year. Can you find cheap flights for this scenario?

MattsMiles2 karma

It really depends on where you are located and where you are traveling to. If you can book well in advance that will help with the cost.

randomsnuffle1 karma

What is the best time to book a cheap flight?

MattsMiles1 karma

3-6 months prior to the flight. International only goes up now as the date gets closer.

tlcgogogo0 karma

Hey Matt! So I’m looking to go from Florida to NYC in June. How would I set up an appointment to find cheap flights for that? How much is your fee?


MattsMiles1 karma

Hi, surely would love to help.... Florida & NYC are hot spots, so I am always sharing these specific deals.. almost a few times a month.... you can get these by just checking out my site and joining the list (no pressure, check the link in the original post)... I have an option to upgrade which will give you direct access to me, we can email back and forth and I can help you book it!

WheresTheButterAt0 karma

Whats the biggest steal youve personally gotten on a ticket and whats the biggest one youve helped a customer make?

MattsMiles3 karma

The biggest steal I have personally found is a one way ticket from Miami to Madrid for $89. It was definitely a mistake and I was going to Europe for a month so I was just searching for the cheapest one way over there.

For a subscriber hmm. I do so many probably Iceland for $109 RT, New Orleans $39RT, Honolulu $149 RT are ones that come to mind.

ThreatconDelta0 karma

Hey Matt.

Have you ever noticed a fall-off point with the price as the flight gets closer because the airline is trying to fill seats? What are good indicators that this will happen?

MattsMiles2 karma

This USED to be the case. Not anymore. I always recommend to book international 3-6 months in advance and domestic 2-6 months in advance. As the date gets closer, prices only tend to go up nowadays. Really have to book as soon as a great price is presented.

angelface_kermit-1 karma

Can you find me a cheap flight from NYC airports to SEA? Aug 16-24th?

MattsMiles0 karma

Yes! I cover JFK, LGA and EWR in my newsletter and Premium custom searches. Typically Alaskan Air is the best for that route.

michiru957-1 karma

Me and my girlfriend are hoping to make a trip around 4th of july this year to boston from sacramento, recommendations where to look for cheap good tickets? Or ideas how to keep prices low and affordable on airlines?

MattsMiles1 karma

Hi michiru - i can help you personally when you're ready for your specific trip just reach out then... some tips for now while your just looking... tuesday nights are best to book for lower rates... always book at least 2 months in advance if possible, prices only tend to rise as the date gets closer... you can also sign up to different airlines newsletters to get their promo deals (they run them often).. also look for budget airlines like frontier, etc.

becelav-1 karma

is there a way to search for specific flights?

SO and I are planning a multicity trip in June from little rock to Milwaukee, from Milwaukee to Denver and back home.

MattsMiles1 karma

Yes, I cover personal custom searches to whatever my subscriber needs. I love MKE had a buddy move there and have been 3x since. Also Love DEN went twice last year :)

becelav1 karma

OK thank you, I take it I must be a paying subscriber to take advantage of that offer?

MattsMiles1 karma

Yes, usually but that is why I am doing this. Check your messages ;)

beefstockcube-1 karma

Got some flight to book in Australia. Can you get me cheap business?

MattsMiles1 karma

What is your departure airport. I run custom searches for business class too.

albk1993-1 karma

Hey Matt!

My best girlfriends and I are going to Las Vegas in August for my Bachelorette Party. Was thinking and hoping flights would drop down and be low booking early, definitely not the case seeing as most are in the upper $500s range from Chicago to Las Vegas and Minnesota to Las Vegas (where most of us will be travelling from). Any tips on where to look for cheaper flights and when? Thanks!!

MattsMiles2 karma

Hey! I would educate yourself on airline hubs and if they have budget airlines that fly in and out of that city. For example, Las Vegas is a hub for Spirit and with MSP Sun County airlines. Be wary for the upcharges but typically can still save money.

Also, with a destination like Vegas try to find package deals with hotels. Especially if you have a large group coming. You can ask for a nice group rate and get hooked up.

Check Southwest as well! Chicago has 2 airports look at both if you haven't.

MattsMiles2 karma

Frontier, United, American I can see the 1st weekend in August all under $300.

orangepotter-2 karma

Why do you require people to be paying members in order to enter your travel giveaways? Isn't that against the law?


MattsMiles1 karma

Free members have access to all giveaways!!!! No requirement...did you have a travel related question?