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My mom and I have it too! It doesnt seem to be genetic so it must be a fluke.

Did you ever have a shower where you ran out of hot (luke warm) water halfway through? That was always the worst for me.

Did you try "patting" yourself dry instead of rubbing with a towel? Putting on lotions, oils, ointments and gels? I remember trying everything and screaming in frustration when nothing worked.

My dad used to think I was insane for going outside in my underwear in the winter after a bad shower. It helped calm down the itchiness. A little, but never enough.

Thanks for the product recommendation, I'll have to go look for it!!! I would love to be cured!

Tough growing up and not wanting to go to pool parties with friends, or the beach. I'm so happy to hear you are better!

Edit: since many people dont have it, it's hard to explain. Imagine having an active mosquito bite / poison ivy EVERYWHERE on your body simultaneously for an hour non-stop. Scratching does nothing - it provides no relief. Pain relief does nothing, because it's not painful. Just itchy. I would be lying if I didnt half-consider suicide during a particularly bad episode.

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Do you guys use any mame (raspberry pi) machines or are they all originals? I own a vr arcade and we have a couple of.mame machines. They do ok, but i mostly just throw on free play while clients wait for their friends to show up or if there's a birthday party

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My wife and I are opening up a VR arcade in Tahiti in a few months and a constructed adventure could be a fun way to get the marketing out there.

I would assume you are a pretty busy guy - especially after an AMA. How much of a heads up would you want before getting started on a new project?

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I understand that you have treated this as a hobby. Seeing as it is so rare and well done, I'd be curious to know what someone would be willing to pay for it... I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a buyer who would pay over $10,000.

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I'd like to thank you and Phish for coming up with my favourite ice cream flavour of all time.