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Are you selling user data?

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Everyone thinks that they alone are special, that the rules of basic psychology, sociology, groupthink, and social influence do not apply to them because they "are smart and can see through them".

And then something like this happens and they realize that they are the same as everyone else.

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Do you know any medical workers in the city, how are they doing?

While we are here:

Just to save internet sleuths some time: 4222 is the Chinese National ID code for Xiaogan, a surburb/town immediately west of Wuhan proper--it's basically the same city.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Central_China_administrative_division_codes_of_the_PRC_(Division_4)

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To be faaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr...... Resumes don't get you jobs. They get you interviews.